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The 6 best rimmed baking sheets

Which rimmed baking sheets are best?

A rimmed baking sheet is a kitchen workhorse and a baker's best friend. For everything from one-pan meals to elaborately rolled cakes and dozens of cookies, a rimmed baking sheet does it all. 

The best rimmed baking sheets are durable, heat evenly and can withstand heavy use. Taking the time to select one that fits your baking and cooking style is important.

Rimmed baking sheet material

Each type of rimmed baking sheet material has pros and cons. 

  • Stainless steel: Stainless is the go-to metal for cookware, but baking sheets need a better heat conductor. However, this is a sturdy option that can be cleaned up in the dishwasher. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is an inexpensive choice. It is lightweight and resists rust. Some aluminum rimmed baking sheets are flimsy and may a warp during baking
  • Anodized aluminum: Anodizing aluminum uses a chemical process to increase the thickness of aluminum. It makes the sheet stronger. Be aware that baked goods may brown more quickly on this material. 
  • Carbon steel: Carbon steel is a high-end choice that conducts heat well and bakes evenly. They cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. 
  • Aluminized steel: This material is a compromise between carbon steel and aluminum. it is resilient, with even heating. Take care when cleaning to protect the surface of the sheet.

Buying a baking sheet set vs. open stock

If you are just starting to outfit your kitchen, baking sheet sets are a good way to go. Some offer multiples of the same size, while others include a range of sizes for all of your baking needs. The main issue with buying a set is that you may find you use just one or two sizes, with the third and fourth pans completely neglected. 

To really tailor your kitchen to your specific needs, choose open stock rimmed baking sheets. This lets you buy exactly what you want in which sizes you use the most. 

How many rimmed baking sheets do you need, and what size?

The number of rimmed baking sheets that you need really depends upon how much you bake — and what you focus on. Baking sheets are available in four standard sizes (as well as other sizes, too).

  • Full sheet: These measure 26 inches by 18 inches and are too large for most home ovens. As with other rimmed baking sheets, the rim is approximately 1 inch high. If it fits in your oven, one does the trick.
  • Half sheet: Half sheets are the most common size for home bakers. They measure 18 inches by 13 inches. Most bakers can get by with two of this size of baking sheet, but for the most flexibility, especially during cookie baking season, a third sheet can help. 
  • Quarter sheet : Measuring just 13 inches by 9 inches, you can use two or three of these for a quick half-batch of cookies or small jelly roll. 
  • Jelly roll: A jelly roll pan measures 15 inches by 10.5 inches. Any rimmed baking sheet can be used to make a jelly roll, but this is a traditional size.

Which rimmed baking sheet is best?

Artisan Professional Classic Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan 

This 13-by-18-inch  rimmed half sheet is  made of 18-gauge commercial-grade aluminum that resists rust and warping. Take note though: The sheet should be hand-washed for best results.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Nordic Ware Baker's Delight Set 

This set includes a half sheet, a quarter sheet and a jelly roll pan. These are made from formed aluminum that is left uncoated for heat conduction. These must be hand-washed.

Sold by Amazon  

Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Cookie/Jelly-Roll Pan Set 

Both pans are made from nonstick aluminum steel for durable, consistent performance. The nonstick coating is silicone-based and food-safe. This set comes with a cooling rack that nests inside the sheets.

Sold by Amazon

Wilton Ever-Glide Nonstick Cookie Baking Sheet Set 

This set of four baking sheets covers pretty much anything you might want to bake. They are heavy steel with a nonstick coating that is durable and resists scratching. The handles are embossed with the pan size for easy reference. These should be hand-washed to preserve their nonstick coating. 

Sold by Amazon

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware Baking Sheet 

This 15-inch rimmed baking sheet is an odd size that nevertheless gives you plenty of flexibility in all of your baking needs. It is made from aluminized steel with a nonstick Interior and exterior. The rolled edge also resists warping.

Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Chefmade Rimmed Baking Pan 

It is a 13-inch-by-9.7-inch carbon steel sheet with a food-grade, nonstick silicone coating. It is commercial grade, with even heating and baking. This rimmed baking sheet is also available in eight other sizes.

Sold by Amazon


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