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Best pastry board

Which pastry board is best?

Pastry boards are indispensable kitchen accessories that are just as important for professional chefs who require quick, consistent results as they are for aspiring bakers who are looking to start on the right foot. A proper pastry board can save you valuable cleanup time and help to ensure that your final result turns out as expected. The Marble Pastry Cutting Board and Marble Rolling Pin provide pros and amateurs alike with a thick, heavy pastry board and rolling pin that are easy to clean. 

What to consider before you buy a pastry board


The biggest choice you will encounter when considering a pastry board is determining which material will best suit your needs, both when it comes to what you intend to use the board for as well as how easily you can integrate it into your kitchen workflow and space.

  • Wood pastry boards are traditional-looking and won’t hold heat. They are often built with channels around the edge to prevent flour and other ingredients from being pushed off the board and onto your countertops. Wooden boards are light, but require special care to keep them in good condition, as they need to be properly sealed and oiled to prevent stains and damage. They are not dishwasher safe.
  • Marble pastry boards are beautiful to look at, making them a bit easier to store for those who find them attractive enough to leave out on display. Marble is easy to clean and many models are dishwasher safe. These boards are heavy and tend to remain cool which makes them excellent for dough that is especially heat sensitive.
  • Plastic pastry boards are light, easy to clean and often more affordable than other models. Due to their weight, however, it’s important to choose one that has exceptionally sticky feet to prevent it from moving while you use it. Over time, plastic boards may develop scratches and chips in them that result in dough sticking.
  • Silicone pastry mats are a popular choice, as they are easy to both clean and store. They can be rolled up to fit just about anywhere and, as long as your countertop is clean, they grip most surfaces easily despite their light weight. 


While the amount of dough that you intend to roll out on your pastry board is crucial in determining what size will work best for you, it’s also important to keep in mind the amount of counter and storage space available to you. An oversized, wooden pastry board may work wonders while being used but will be a challenge to keep out of sight once it's time to clean up.

What you bake the most

Different types of dough work better with different pastry board materials. Carefully consider your favorite recipes to determine if one particular type of board will yield the best results for you. Some boards also feature measurements and diagrams on them which can be of great convenience for some common recipes.

What to look for in a quality pastry board


It’s important that your pastry board grips your countertop to prevent it from sliding around while you use your rolling pin. Rubber pads on the back of your board will help assure less fuss and less risk of your board slipping off the counter and potentially breaking or causing injury.

Diagrams and measurements

Some plastic, silicone and wood boards feature measurements and diagrams on them that can prove to be useful for anyone who likes to have information available to them in as many places as possible.


Choose a pastry board that is hefty enough to prevent it from moving underneath your rolling pin, but not so heavy as to pose a serious hazard. Dropping a marble pastry board can cause the stone to shatter into sharp pieces, damage your floor or cause potentially serious injury to anyone unfortunate enough to catch one on the top of their foot.


One of the biggest reasons people invest in a pastry board is to prevent them from having to clean flour, dough or other ingredients from their countertop. Select a board that is easily cleaned to make full use of this convenience. Silicone or plastic boards and mats are dishwasher safe, while marble boards wipe off easily thanks to their smooth surface.


Your ability to easily store your pastry board will depend on your available space and the type of board that you choose. Those who prioritize storage should consider silicone pastry mats, as these can be rolled up with no risk of damaging or deforming them.


Well-designed pots, pans and other kitchen tools are often used as functional decor, especially among cooking enthusiasts and chefs who take pride in their equipment. Pastry boards are no different, with wood and marble varieties in particular available in many designs and colors. If you prefer to keep your kitchen tools within reach, or simply don’t have the cupboard space to store your pastry board, consider a model that will fit your style and look great out in the open.

How much you can expect to spend on a pastry board

Silicone pastry boards are the least expensive, with some models costing as little as $10. Boards made from wood or marble can cost over $100 depending on the quality of the product. Most serious pastry chefs will find a board in the $40-$70 range that will suit their needs.

Pastry board FAQ

Do you really need a pastry board?

A. Pastry boards are built with preparing dough in mind, and are therefore designed to make this process as easy as possible from kneading to cleanup. While some people are content to use their countertop while baking, professionals find that a pastry board makes baking easier and yields better results.

How do you clean a wood pastry board?

A. Do not submerge your wood pastry board in water or allow it to soak up any soap or kitchen cleaning products. Users recommend allowing your wood board to dry and then using a plastic putty knife or scraper to gently remove any hardened dough or flour. Gently wipe the board with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely before applying a thin layer of specially formulated cutting board oil to the board’s surface. 

Can you put a pastry board in the oven?

A. No. Pastry boards are not designed to be baked. The high heat inside your oven will damage your board and could cause wood models to burn. 

What’s the best pastry board to buy?

Top pastry board

Marble Pastry Cutting Board and Marble Rolling Pin 

What you need to know: This marble pastry board looks great and includes a rolling pin.

What you’ll love: With its included rolling pin, this marble set has everything you need to start making dough. Aesthetically pleasing, it also makes a great serving platter for cheese and meat assortments.

What you should consider: Some users have had to polish their boards with fine sandpaper to achieve the smoothness they desire, and the marble rolling pin can break easily if dropped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top pastry board for the money

Creative Home Natural White Marble Pastry Board Set

What you need to know: This marble pastry board set is affordable and also features mango wood.

What you’ll love: The non-stick properties make it ideal for any baker. Its thick construction prevents bunching and rippling while being used.

What you should consider: The marble pastry boards require extra care while handling.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Zelancio Reversible Wooden Pastry Board

What you need to know: For bakers looking for a traditional wood pastry board, this reversible model includes measurement guides and a counter-gripping lip.

What you’ll love: Large and thick, this board stays put on your counter thanks to a lip that prevents you from pushing it away from you. Fully reversible, the lip on the other side also works as a wall that prevents flour and dough from escaping.

What you should consider: Some users have found that the wood used in this board warps over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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