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What is the best cordless pool vacuum?

Which cordless pool vacuum is best?

When you own a pool, you must devote a sizable chunk of time to cleaning and maintaining it. You should aim to vacuum your pool weekly, to remove dirt and debris, and a cordless pool vacuum will make your life easier. 

They might not be as powerful as corded models, but the convenience might make you more likely to vacuum your pool regularly. 

What is a pool vacuum? 

A pool vacuum is a pool cleaner that agitates debris, such as silt, stones and leaves, and removes it from the water. It does much the same thing as a vacuum cleaner does for your floors, collecting debris in a container that you manually empty. 

Types of pool vacuums

You can choose from two main types of pool vacuums: robotic pool vacuums and handheld pool vacuums. 

  • Robotic pool vacuums: Robotic pool cleaners are similar to robotic vacuum cleaners, but they work underwater. They move around the bottom of the pool, sucking up debris as they travel. 
  • Handheld pool vacuums: These are like handheld vacuum cleaners but they come with long poles that you can use to reach the bottom of your pool. It takes more effort to vacuum your pool this way, but this type of pool vacuum is more affordable. 

What to consider when buying a cordless pool vacuum

These are some of the other factors you should consider when selecting your pool cleaner. 

  • Cordless vs. corded: Corded vacuums are usually more powerful than cordless ones, especially robotic models. So, you may also want to consider corded pool cleaners unless you have a good reason to go cordless. 
  • Battery life: Most cordless pool cleaners have run times of roughly 30-90 minutes. This is more than enough to clean most pools without needing to recharge partway through, but it's a good idea to recharge after each use to avoid running out of juice.
  • Capacity: All pool vacuums have a container or filter bag in which they trap debris. The larger the capacity, the less regularly it needs emptying. 

Best cordless robot pool vacuums

Aiper Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Suitable for aboveground pools and in-ground pools with flat bottoms, this robot pool vacuum makes light work of leaves, silt and other debris. With an impressive 90-minute run time, it can tackle pools up to roughly 35 feet long. 

Sold by Amazon

Kokido Delta 200 Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you're looking for an effortless way to clean your pool, this robot vacuum does all the hard work for you. It's great for both in-ground pools with flat bottoms and above-ground pools and has a "stop-and-go" system for more efficient cleaning. 

Sold by Amazon

Ramos SK Cordless Pool Cleaner

Working on flat surfaces and at depths of up to 6.6 feet, it's a good choice for aboveground and some in-ground pools. When it's done or when the battery is almost flat, it stops along the edge of the pool so you can easily haul it out with the floating rope. 

Sold by Amazon

Paxcess Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

With a battery life of 60 to 90 minutes, this vacuum can remove debris from a whole pool of up to 860 square feet before it needs recharging. It parks itself at the edge of the pool when the cleaning cycle is done or the battery is low for easier removal. 

Sold by Amazon

Wybot Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

A great choice for compact pools, this vacuum can handle areas of up to 500 square feet with a 50-minute run time. It has an extremely fine mesh filter so it effectively traps small particles, such as sand and silt. 

Sold by Amazon

Best cordless handheld pool vacuums

Pool Blaster Max HD Cordless Pool Vacuum

With its large capacity debris chamber and impressive suction power, this is an excellent handheld pool cleaner. The scrub brush cleaning head is effective for most parts of the pool, but you can also remove it to get to hard-to-reach areas. 

Sold by Amazon

Pool Blaster Fusion PV-10 Handheld Lithium Pool Cleaner

The powerful suction and included scrub brush make this a great choice for removing debris and cleaning the bottom of your pool. It charges quickly and has a run time of around 45 minutes, letting you easily clean your whole pool with the included four-part pool to reach the depths. 

Sold by Amazon

Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Rechargeable Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum

Perfect for all kinds of in-ground and aboveground pools, this vacuum comes with a long four-part pole and a removable scrub brush cleaning head. It's extremely simple to use, with a basic on/off switch to operate and a 45-minute run time. 

Sold by Amazon

Efurden Handheld Pool Vacuum

The telescopic pole measures 69 inches at its longest, so you can reach deep into your pool to clean from end to end. It has impressive suction power and a 60-minute battery life, to easily vacuum your whole pool before it needs recharging. 

Sold by Amazon

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