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Best nightstand

Which nightstand is best?

A nightstand should be practical and functional, blending your sense of style with convenient features. Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern or something more, you need a reliable, well-built stand. The Home Decorators Collection Chennai White Wash Nightstand is made from real wood and comes with a high-quality style that will freshen up any bedroom.

What to know before you buy a nightstand


Most nightstands are constructed from traditional wood or manufactured wood such as pressboard or medium density fiberboard. Occasionally, nightstands are made from mixed materials such as fiberboard and plastic or wood and glass.

The legs are built one of two ways. Either they are constructed from the same wood or faux wood material as the drawers or they are made from a sturdy metal, likely steel. When it comes to handles, some nightstands feature cutout handles but most use metal or glass hardware.


A standard nightstand usually measures 24-38 inches tall, making it level or a little taller than the average bed which stands at about 25 inches tall. Keep in mind that some mattresses go up to 30 inches in height and you should choose your nightstand accordingly.

The width for a nightstand is 21-29 inches and the depth falls between 12-30 inches. A narrow bed usually looks better with a narrower nightstand to match. A twin-size bed pairs well with a smaller nightstand while full- to king-size beds do best with a wider nightstand.

Designated storage space

There are a few ways a nightstand provides you with storage space. Some nightstands use one of these methods while others mix and match or twice the organizational space.

  • Drawers are usually featured at the top of the nightstand for easy access. There can be one drawer or up to three.
  • Shelving typically rests at the bottom of the nightstand with one or two shelves divided into two to four sections.
  • Cabinets are great if you want shelves but you don't want them to be visible. One or two doors open at the front of the nightstand to reveal the inner shelving. These doors can also add additional stylistic details.

What to look for in a quality nightstand

Built-in outlets

You might recognize nightstands with built-in electrical outlets from hotel furniture, but it's also a convenience you can enjoy at home. A nightstand like this has two outlets on the front or the side in an area that is easy to access. You use a cord in the back to plug the nightstand into the wall and then you can plug lamps or other devices directly into the easy-to-reach outlets.

USB compatibility

In recent years, nightstands have started to come with two built-in USB ports. This is great for people who like to charge phones, tablets or other smart devices near the bed where they'll have easy access to them.


Some nightstands feature a built-in lighting system for lower-level shelving. It's great because it helps you find things in the dark and in some instances can prevent the need for a bedside lamp. It also functions as a night light to give the floor some visibility if you have to get out of bed for anything after you've turned the light off.

How much you can expect to spend on a nightstand

A single nightstand usually costs $35-$300. A matching set of two costs $80-$500.

Nightstand FAQ

How is a nightstand different from an end table?

A. While some small tables can be used as a nightstand or an end table, the biggest difference is storage space. A nightstand features drawers or shelves while end tables tend to be more simplistic with fewer extras.

Do nightstand drawers lock?

A. Unless the listing specifies a locking drawer, most nightstands usually don't have locking mechanisms. If you are confident with tools or woodworking, you can customize your nightstand with a fingerprint or manual lock.

What’s the best nightstand to buy?

Top nightstand

Home Decorators Collection Chennai White Wash Nightstand

What you need to know: This nightstand is crafted from whitewashed mango wood and outfitted with brass hardware. It measures 29.5 inches by 35 inches by 18 inches in size.

What you’ll love: It's very sturdy and there is no assembly required. It features two intricately carved doors that open out to interior storage space. There is a removable shelf on the inside.

What you should consider: The white is brighter and less distressed than the photos indicate.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top nightstand for the money

Vasagle Industrial Nightstand

What you need to know: This nightstand is made from manufactured wood with a steel frame and matching metal hardware. It measures 21.7 inches by 25.7 inches by 15.7 inches in size.

What you’ll love: There is a top drawer and a bottom shelf for optimal storage. It comes in three attractive wood-inspired colors. You can purchase a single nightstand or a matching set of two. It's sturdy and offers a lot for the price.

What you should consider: It is difficult to assemble.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rolanstar Nightstand With Charging Station

What you need to know: This farmhouse nightstand is made from engineered wood with a built-in charging station and metal hardware. It measures 25.2 inches by 15.7 inches by 17.5 inches in size.

What you’ll love: It's sturdy and easy to assemble. It plugs into the wall and has a charging panel on top with two outlets and two USB ports. There's an edge around the top to keep items from falling on the floor. There's a top drawer and a door that opens to two lower shelves. It comes in gray and rustic brown.

What you should consider: It looks great but it's not built to last for a long time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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