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Best shoe organizer

Which shoe organizer is best?

It's great to have shoes for different outfits and occasions, but even a basic pair of shoes takes up room. Whether you don't have the floor space to spare or are simply tired of tripping over stray shoes as you're getting ready to go out, a shoe organizer could be the answer. It's practical and functional and helps shoes look tidy while organizing them in such a way that makes them easy to browse.

For a classy, durable bench organizer that pulls double duty, check out the Prepac 24-Pair Shoe Storage Cubby Bench .

What to know before you buy a shoe organizer


There are three primary types of shoe organizers from which to choose, depending on the room's layout.

  • Hanging organizer: Usually constructed from fabric such as canvas with plastic or metal components, this organizer is fastened to the top of a door or on a clothing rack inside a closet. It takes up more vertical space than it does horizontal.
  • Stackable organizer: This plastic, metal or wooden design features tiered shelving on the floor. It takes the form of a rack or bench and is a cross between a hanging organizer's height and an under-the-bed organizer's surface area.  
  • Under-the-bed organizer: This is a large but flat organizational system that fits underneath a bed or sofa out of sight. It's usually constructed from hard plastic or flexible fabric.
  • Storage cabinet: This organizer functions as a piece of furniture with shelves, drawers or doors and can hold more shoes than most other organizers. It's made from wood or manufactured wood. It's durable and often serves more than one function, but it also takes up the most space.


The size depends on the design. A hanging organizer is about 20 to 30 inches across and 30 to 70 inches from top to bottom. A stackable organizer or storage cabinet can be up to 60 inches across and up to 70 inches tall. An under-the-bed organizer is around 20 to 40 inches across but is usually less than 6 inches tall. 

Collapsible vs. non-collapsible 

Hanging and under-the-bed organizers are collapsible when not in use. This makes them easy to remove and easy to transport. Storage cabinets are more permanent, and moving them even from one room to another can take some effort. 

When it comes to stackable organizers, whether it is collapsible depends on how it's made. The more complex the assembly, the less likely the organizer will be collapsible. 

What to look for in a quality shoe organizer


A great shoe organizer serves more than one function. This can mean it has compartments for other accessories or even a bench for seating. More elaborate organizers feature built-in shelving, a coat rack or cubby storage.


An organizer helps keep shoes tidy, but that doesn't guarantee they'll stay clean. The best organizers have protective covers, drawers, pockets or closures that prevent dust from accumulating on shoes that don't get a ton of use. 


Convertible elements give your organizer a more customized feel to better suit specific needs. Some convertible organizers are extendable, with the option to add shelving or length. Others feature adjustable shelves that can lay flat or angled to better accommodate high heels or wedges. 

How much you can expect to spend on a shoe organizer

The cost typically ranges from $10-$80, depending on its size and the materials involved. Some wood or faux wood organizers cost over $100.

Shoe organizer FAQ

How many pairs does it hold?

A. An organizer holds 10 to 50 pairs of shoes, depending on its size.

Is there a weight capacity?

A. Most organizers have a weight capacity, especially hanging organizers and tiered shelving. The capacity depends on how many shoes it can hold and whether the organizer is meant to serve as a piece of furniture, such as a bench. 

Is assembly required? 

A. Hanging and under-the-bed organizers require minimal assembly. Stackable and cabinet organizers require at least some assembly. 

What's the best shoe organizer to buy?

Top shoe organizer

Prepac 24-Pair Shoe Storage Cubby Bench

What you need to know: Available in four colors, this faux wood bench is 20.25 inches tall and 60 inches wide with 24 cubby holes.

What you'll love: It's sleek, stylish and durable. The bench can hold up to 200 pounds, making it perfect as front entryway or back door seating. It keeps shoes organized and accessible but mostly out of sight. 

What you should consider: It can be difficult to assemble.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top shoe organizer for the money

Aooda 28-Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer

What you need to know: Available in three colors, this fabric hanging organizer is 65 inches tall and 22.6 inches wide with 28 shoe pockets.

What you'll love: It has breathable mesh pockets to prevent odor buildup, and four non-slip metal hooks fit over the standard bedroom door. It's easy to put together.

What you should consider: The pockets can fit a pair of smaller shoes, but for larger shoes, you might only fit one shoe per pocket.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Vasagle 5-Tier Shoe Rack

What you need to know: Constructed with steel and engineered wood, this rack is 36.6 inches tall and 29.5 inches wide and can hold up to 25 pairs of shoes.

What you'll love: It's attractive and durable with adjustable feet. The wooden top is great for displaying photos or holding trinkets. The shelves can be displayed flat or at an angle. Assembly is easy.

What you should consider: One of the five tiers is suitable for storage, but not shoes. The weight capacity is 59.4 pounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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