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Home security tips for when you're away on spring break

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Break-ins can lower neighborhood property value

Besides costing you directly, if your house is targeted for burglary, the crime can lower the property value of your entire neighborhood. It is important to protect your home, especially now, when vacations are starting and your property becomes even more vulnerable. Luckily, we have home security tips to move that target off of your home and help ensure you can enjoy spring break 2024. We rounded up the top home security systems and products you can buy, including those compatible with smart home devices.

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When do most break-ins occur?

Burglars aren't dumb. They are, however, often desperate. That means they strike when there is a low likelihood that they will get caught. The best chance of getting in and out without consequence is to break in when no one is home.

Most break-ins happen during regular work hours. During popular vacation times, such as spring break and over the summer months, home burglaries increase. If you live in a rural area, have a one-story dwelling and do not use a security system, the odds that your home will be burglarized rise even more.

Best ways to protect your home during prime crime months

When researching crime rates across the internet, whether the statistics are from the Criminal Justice Information Services Division or an independent insurance comparison site, one simple fact becomes apparent. If you do not have any type of visible home security system installed, the likelihood that your home will eventually be burglarized increases dramatically. Additionally, since burglars seek low-effort targets, the majority check for the presence of a home security alarm system before attempting a break-in.

One of the best home security system options, such as SimpliSafe’s nine-piece kit, might be all it takes to dissuade a would-be burglar from targeting your home. The DIY security system features door alarms, keypad locks, a high-definition camera and a 24/7 monitoring option added on.

Alternatively, Ring makes eight-piece security systems for homes that include one base station, one keypad, four contact sensors, one motion sensor and a range extender. For added protection, you can subscribe to a Ring plan that accommodates your needs.

What is the difference between newer wireless home security systems and traditional hardwired systems?

Before technology made it possible, it was standard to have your security system hardwired by a professional company that monitored your home for a monthly fee. Now, people have the option of choosing a smart home security system they can install and monitor themselves through a compatible device, such as a phone or tablet. Additionally, you can subscribe to have 24/7 professional monitoring with this type of setup as well.

The best candidate for a traditional system is a homeowner who isn't planning on moving and seeks protection without having any interest in DIY home security systems. Alternatively, the best candidate for an internet-based system is a renter or a homeowner who isn't planning on permanent residency. It is also a great option for the DIY enthusiast or someone who wants to start small and add features along the way.

Best traditional and smart home security systems

SimpliSafe’s 9-Piece Wireless Home Security System

This SimpliSafe home security system is ready to protect you straight out of the box. There are no tools required for installation, and it is available with 24/7 professional monitoring and cloud recording with police, fire and medical dispatch.

Ring Alarm 8-Piece Home Security System

This Ring home security system is suitable for one- or two-bedroom homes. The DIY installation makes this a desirable option for tech-savvy homeowners. The Alexa-compatible kit includes four contact sensors, one motion detector, one range extender, a base station and a keypad. You will receive mobile notifications whenever the system is triggered.

Eufy Security System

The battery of this Eufy security system lasts up to six months on a single charge. The advanced night vision delivers a superior nighttime image, while the weatherproof design means the two included wireless home security cameras are built to withstand the elements.

Blink Outdoor HD Security Camera System

This home security camera system lets you monitor every area of your property. You can set up the five cameras in minutes without professional help, and the long-lasting AA lithium batteries allow the system to run for up to two years. It's Alexa-compatible, and you can save events locally on a Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB flash drive (sold separately).

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If you want to start small, a Ring doorbell with video recording is the perfect smart home security device. It is simple to install, flexible and easy to use. This model can be hard-wired into your existing doorbell wiring and chime, so you will never have to worry about recharging. The two-way talk lets you communicate with visitors, even if you aren't home.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

This Arlo security camera will give potential burglars a shock, as its motion-sensing technology triggers an ultrabright flood light. The wireless outdoor security camera offers clear HDR picture, color night vision, two-way audio and 160-degree viewing angles. It's compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants, as well as other smart home integrations including Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

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