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These kid-safe fireworks alternatives will make your Fourth of July party pop

Firework alternatives for kids

Fireworks have become somewhat of an Independence Day tradition, but they can be risky around children.

As any parent knows, keeping kids safe is one of the most important parts of raising children. While playing with fireworks in the yard can be a fun way to celebrate the birth of the U.S., there are many safer activities that can be equally fun.

So, this Fourth of July, try skipping the backyard fireworks in favor of something a little safer. You’ll see how much fun your kids have without fire risks or loud noises.

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What to consider when choosing fireworks alternatives

Fireworks alternatives vs. games and other fun

Certain activities meant to simulate playing with fireworks work better than others. For example, you can find several toys that light up or can be thrown in the air like fireworks. These kinds of activities may be particularly fun for young kids. However, if you aren’t married to pretending there are fireworks, games and other activities may also be an acceptable alternative.

Age range

The best fireworks alternatives can depend on how old the children around you are. For those who are younger, safety is even more important. You’ll want to avoid anything dangerous or designed for older kids. Alternatively, older kids may not find simple items such as pinwheels, bubbles or purely-decorative displays as fun as fireworks. In this case, activities to keep older kids entertained are likely to be more successful.


Cleanup plays a role in any backyard activity — even fireworks. However, you can still choose items that make it easier for your future self. Silly string, for example, may be a worthy activity for your children in place of fireworks, but it also requires a hefty amount of cleanup. Items that involve water often do not have to be cleaned up.

Features to look for in fireworks alternatives

Lights and colors

The easiest way to replicate fireworks is to choose activities that feature lights and colors. You can find many options to create colorful displays in the sky, with your hands or on sidewalks and other ground-level surfaces. Simple items such as streamers or glow sticks are good candidates for creating a colorful light show of your own.


Choosing fireworks alternatives that are safe is most important. While some kid-safe options can be used for any age range of kids, some still may require supervision. For example, you can use flame-dying substances to create beautiful light shows out of a backyard campfire. However, you would want to make sure an adult is present.


Fun is probably the second-most important feature to consider when choosing an activity to do in place of fireworks. Even if you aren’t trying to mimic fireworks, choosing an activity that’s Independence Day-themed can be equally as fun as fireworks. Ultimately, whatever your children tend to find the most fun is a safe bet.

Kid-safe firework alternatives for the Fourth of July

Beishida No-Mess Multicolored Popping Streamers

Combining the feel of party poppers with colorful streamers, this no-mess solution lets kids feel powerful without risking their own safety. While they can also be purchased in white, the multicolored streamers are the way to go this Fourth of July.

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PartySticks 8-inch multicolored Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are completely safe for kids and can be worn, turned into shapes or waved around for your very own “light show.” This pack comes with 100 glow sticks in assorted colors, each of which is about eight inches long.

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Tekno Bubbles UV Blue Black Light Nontoxic Glowing Bubbles

Paired with a black light flashlight, these bubbles offer a bright display of blue that kids can chase instead of listening to loud fireworks. This bottle contains 4 ounces of safe, nontoxic bubble solution made in the U.S.

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Bunch O’ Balloons Rapid-Filling Red, White and Blue Water Balloon Pack

This rapid-filling water balloon pack will keep kids busy running after each other for hours. They come with red, white and blue water balloons for the ultimate fourth of July celebration.

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Habelyi Flying LED Slingshot Light Copters

These colorful slingshot-style helicopters are another way to add some color to the night without fireworks. They aren’t very durable, but they do offer some beautiful light displays that aren’t too far off from a fireworks experience.

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Magical Flames Colorful Vibrant Fire Pit Pack

A fire pit with these added flame colors is an excellent alternative to fireworks if you’ll be supervising. This pack comes with 25 separate additives, but you can buy them in quantities ranging from 10 to 50.

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AuKing 1080p Miniature Projector With Remote Control

An outdoor movie night is a great way to celebrate Independence Day, and you can use it to watch virtual fireworks online if you really want to. This projector is very affordable and offers a 1080p picture suitable for HDMI, VGA, USB and AV connections.

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Loohuu Tall Patriotic Independence Day Bald Eagle Inflatable

For something really different, this inflatable bald eagle may be a good decorative option that’s quieter and safer than fireworks. At 6 feet tall, and with its beautiful LED lights, this inflatable is a real head-turner that can add atmosphere to any backyard fourth of July party.

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GoSports Stars and Stripes Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

This giant toppling wood tower is fun for older kids and adults who aren’t at risk of being hurt by falling wood blocks. It also comes with an American flag design that can help you stay on the theme while filling your time with something other than fireworks.

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