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These elegant baby shower ideas are sure to turn heads

A baby shower is an excellent way to get essential items for your child. Many parents want their baby shower to be memorable. Decorations, games, and snacks are a few of the ways you can impress your baby shower guests. If you want a classy baby shower, it’s good to do your research for ideas.

How do you make a baby shower special?

In many cases, your guests will be people who are special to you, and you may want to make the event special for them. If this is your parents’ first grandchild or siblings’ first niece or nephew, they may be nearly as excited as you. Giving your guests a special keepsake to take home with them is an excellent way to make the event noteworthy. 

If you’re planning your own baby shower, decorating with baby photos of yourself and your partner is a great conversation starter — your parents and grandparents likely will enjoy helping you find pictures to use. Additionally, you can use ultrasound photos of your baby as decorations. If you’re planning an event for the mother-to-be, make sure you provide the pregnancy-safe snacks they can enjoy.

What kind of food do you serve at a baby shower?

When planning a baby shower food menu, an essential consideration is whether or not the mother-to-be is allowed to eat the food. Many mothers limit their intake of coffee, certain seafood and fried foods. Additionally, you’ll want to consider dietary restrictions the other guests may have. Charcuterie boards are an easy way to stock the food menu with a variety of things the mother will want. Tomato tarts, fruit skewers and stuffed pastries are great finger-food options.

If you plan to prepare an entire meal, aim for something nutritious and delicious. Chicken with rice and vegetables, ratatouille and pan-seared salmon are pregnancy-safe meals everyone will enjoy. According to the Food and Drug Administration, pregnant or breastfeeding women should consume between 8-12 ounces of low-mercury fish such as salmon per week.

Classy baby shower decor

Floral decorations are fun and attractive. Buying artificial or natural flowers that are in season is a great way to create a sophisticated environment for your event. Bright pinks and blues are typical for baby showers, but white, gold and lavender will help keep the party classy. If you want to stick with a blue or pink theme, consider using pastel colors. 

Diaper cakes may not sound sophisticated, but there are several stylish options that make great centerpieces. Baby photos can make excellent centerpiece options as well.

Classy baby shower games

  • Baby animal guessing: You’ll need various photos of animals for this game. As the host flips through each picture, the players must write down the correct baby name for that specific animal. For example, baby bears are called “cubs,” and baby cats are called “kittens.” It can be fun to throw in a few quirky animals like ferrets, hedgehogs or jellyfish.
  • Don’t say baby: This game requires participants to avoid saying the word “baby” and is played throughout the entire event. Guests are given a certain number of diaper pins. Each person who hears the word “baby” gets a pin from the person who said the word. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the baby shower wins.
  • Guess the baby: Ask the guests to bring a baby photo of themselves to the event. Place the pictures on a board or spread them on a table and have guests try to correctly guess who each baby is.
  • Guess the craving: Many expectant mothers begin craving foods they’ve never enjoyed before. For this game, the mother-to-be describes her unique cravings without saying the name of the food. Guests try to guess the craving correctly, and whoever gets the highest number of correct answers wins.

Best products for a classy baby shower

Baby Shower Boxes Party Decorations

These fun decor items can be filled with balloons, flowers or whatever you’re using for decorations. The boxes are pre-folded and easy to set up. Many parents love these boxes so much that they use them as nursery decorations after the baby shower.

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Cute Animal Fruit Baby Safety Pins

The “Don’t Say Baby” game is more fun if you have cute diaper pins. These durable pins feature adorable animals in various colors.

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Woodland Creatures Diaper Cake

This stylish diaper cake makes an excellent centerpiece. The cakes have laced fabric and pastel-colored ribbons that will fit most themes.

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SMIRLY Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

If you want to prepare a top-notch charcuterie board, you’ll need a quality serving board. This item features a drawer that pulls out for extra snacks and a side dish that can be used for fruit slices.

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