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The 10 best Himalayan salt lamps

The best Himalayan salt lamps

Rock crystals mined from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, India and Nepal are finding their way into homes as lamps. People love the natural ambiance they provide. Some people even maintain that they have therapeutic properties, including purifying the air of toxins. Whether you want to take advantage of the diffused light or see if your health improves, these salt lamps are some of the best.

What to look for in a salt lamp


Himalayan salt lamps can range in color from white to dark red. The most common colors are pinkish coral and amber. When illuminated, the color of the lamp deepens. Many of the white salt lamps even give off a slightly pink hue when lit. A few are available with color-changing bulbs. 


True Himalayan salt lamps are mined in the Himalayan mountains. Some of the best crystals come from Pakistan. Look for a salt lamp that includes its country of origin. Salt lamps also sweat when they absorb moisture, which is a sign that the lamp is made of pure salt.

Shape and style

Many Himalayan salt crystal lamps are handcarved. They can also be a natural crystal shape, which has rough edges and plenty of texture. Flowers, globes, bowls and other crafted shapes still allow the salt crystals to glow while showcasing the salt's polished surface.

Extra features

Look for included bulbs, dimmer switches with multiple settings and sturdy wooden bases to make using a salt lamp easier. Salt lamps can sweat after they absorb moisture, so you always want to have a surface, such as a base or pad, between the lamp and your furniture.

Best Himalayan salt lamps

The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp

This lamp is handcarved from high-quality salt crystals mined in Pakistan. It comes in three sizes and includes a dimmer switch, offering an adjustable glow that is suitable for different-sized rooms.

Sold by Amazon

Nevlers Natural Handcarved Himalayan Salt Lamp

With four styles and a wooden base, this lamp is one of the best values on the list. Some reviewers noted that they had broken cords or bulbs upon arrival, but customer service was exceptional and shipped replacement parts or entirely new lamps within hours.

Sold by Amazon

Himalayan Glow White Salt Crystal Lamp

The five-setting dimmer switch and white salt create a neutral ambiance that you can customize. It does still give off a slightly pinkish tint when illuminated. Because these are hand-carved and each product is unique, the intensity of the hue can vary.

Sold by Amazon

Pursalt Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

This smaller lamp comes in a globe or a rough crystal shape. It rotates between eight colors and is ideal for a night light or a colorful statement piece. However, you can't keep it on one color, something that some reviewers wished they could do. 

Sold by Amazon

d'aplomb Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Available in pink or white, the flower shape is structured and polished. Because each piece is hand-carved, there is some variation that makes these lamps more like art. It also has a dimmer switch and a dark wooden base.

Sold by Amazon

Pure Enrichment PureGlow Crystal Salt Lamp and Diffuser

This lamp has a built-in essential oil diffuser to add calming scents to the visual ambiance created by the five-setting dimmable salt lamp. It also comes with a five-year warranty and excellent customer service.

Sold by Macy's

Dakota Field Brasfield 20 Pound Salt Lamp

This lamp makes a big statement and is over 8 inches tall. It includes a bulb and dimmer switch, which is convenient because the color is often a rich amber color. It is ideal for a larger space, such as a family room or entryway display. 

Sold by Wayfair

Himalayan Glow 5-7 Pound Salt Lamp with Dimmer

Combining affordability with authentic Himalayan salt crystals from Pakistan, this lamp is smaller and includes a wooden base, dimmer switch and LED light. Some reviewers noted that they can vary widely in color from amber to almost white.

Sold by Amazon

Spantik Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks

The rough-hewn crystal chunks offer a more subdued glow when lit. The salt crystal bowl and sturdy wire cage over the included light allow the blocks to sit without spilling or touching the bulb directly.

Sold by Amazon 

Crystal Decor Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket

The added design on the metal basket brings structure, while the salt crystals inside glow from the included LED bulb. Eight designs incorporate a variety of interests and motifs, although the pricing can vary.

Sold by Amazon


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