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Garage repairs you should prioritize for spring

Expertly reviewed by Beth Allen

How to get your garage ready for all your spring DIY projects

With the warm weather that spring brings, you’re probably going to be spending more time gardening, landscaping and doing other projects around your home’s exterior. That usually means working out of your garage, where you likely store your gardening tools, landscaping equipment and other supplies.

But if your garage is looking a little worse for wear after the winter, BestReviews’ home improvement expert, Beth Allen, a licensed contractor and founder of HIP Chicks, offered some tips for determining what repairs to tackle first. She also shared some of her favorite products for repairing, cleaning and organizing the garage.

In this article: Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer, Drymate Oil Spill Mat and Amazon Basics Four-shelf Adjustable, Heavy-Duty Storage Shelving Unit.

What garage repairs should be your top priority?

Winter weather can be tough on your garage, so you may have your work cut out for you. That’s why it’s important to identify which repairs should come first.

For Allen, it’s simple. “One of the most important things you can do for your garage is to give the door some TLC,” she said. “Wash away the winter dirt and oil its moving parts, that being the chain and roller wheels.” A pressure washer makes it easy to clean your garage door quickly and easily — and can come in handy for cleaning your deck, fence and other areas of the yard.

 Allen also recommends checking your garage door remote. She said, “So you don’t find yourself locked out or in, be sure to have batteries on hand for when they die. Check the size and style for the remote and/or the keypad.”

If you notice damage to your garage door, though, you don’t necessarily want to take the repairs on yourself. Instead, Allen said, “If your door is misaligned or has broken springs, you should call in a professional garage door service. If not handled properly, springs can cause deadly damage due to the sheer force of the tension.”

It’s also a good idea to clean up any clutter from winter, so you can tackle spring and summer projects in your garage without a mess getting in your way. Consider adding new shelving, pegboards or other storage units to help keep your tools and other items off the floor. You may also want to improve your garage lighting. Shop lights work well to illuminate the space and help you see what you’re doing when working in the garage.

Best products for repairing, cleaning and organizing your garage

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

This pressure washer makes Allen’s list as a must-have for homeowners. It’s ideal for cleaning your garage door, but she recommends using a low-pressure setting to protect the door’s finish. It has a 14.5-amp, 1800-watt motor that produces up to 2030 pounds per square inch, so you can also clean your deck, siding, fencing and more.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Drymate Oil Spill Mat

Allen recommends this car garage mat for anyone who regularly does car repairs in the garage because it can protect the flooring and hide previous oil stains. It is thick enough to trap liquids and fits neatly under the car to keep you from tripping over it. It’s easy to clean with soap and water, too.

Sold by Amazon

Hykolity 150-watt LED High Bay Light Fixture

This LED light is perfect for any garage because it plugs into a standard outlet and provides enough light for a single or double garage. It’s also dimmable, so Allen likes it for both ambient and task lighting. It’s even designed to stay cool in warm locations. 

Sold by Amazon

Wall Control BB Pegboard Organizer

This metal pegboard organizer makes it easy to organize tools, garden gear, crafts and more in your garage, so you can always find what you need. Allen likes how durable it is and how easy it is to mount. It also works with all standard quarter-inch peg hooks. 

Sold by Amazon

Amazon Basics Four-shelf Adjustable, Heavy-duty Storage Shelving Unit

This shelving unit can help reorganize your garage this spring, giving you easy access to all your outdoor gear. Allen likes the sturdy and durable shelves — and their organization possibilities. She said, “The 14-inch deep shelves give you more room for collapsible bins, boxes and milk crates.”

Sold by Amazon

Hurricane 20-inch Classic Series Box Fan

If your garage suffered any water or moisture damage in winter, this box fan can help you air it out. It provides an airflow of 2400 cubic feet per minute but is still energy efficient. The lightweight design also makes it easy to move around.

Sold by Amazon

Swopt Multi-Surface Premium Push Broom

If leaves and other debris accumulated in your garage over the fall and winter, this broom can help you clear it out quickly. It has flagged bristles that effectively clean multiple surfaces and a foam grip on the handle to prevent blisters. It works well for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Sold by Amazon

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