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Michaels is practically giving lighted holiday wreaths and garlands away


Grab this festive must-have now at up to 70% off

The holidays are right around the corner, and before you know it, it'll be time to celebrate. One way to get into the holiday spirit is to spruce up your home or workplace with holiday décor, and although it can be expensive, Michaels is practically giving away wreaths and garlands. They're now on sale at massive discounts, and a new wreath or garland is a great way to kick off your holiday preparations.

Some of the best wreaths, such as the 30-inch Mixed Pine Pre-Lit Wreath by Ashland and 24-inch Wintry Pine Wreath, are currently available at a significantly lower price than normal, and garlands such as 6-foot Pomegranate and Mixed Pine Garland by Ashland are on sale up 70% off. 

Shop this article: 30-inch Mixed Pine Pre-Lit Wreath by Ashland24-inch Wintry Pine Wreath and 9-foot Pre-Lit Pine Garland by Ashland

How to choose the right wreath or garland

It might seem effortless to shop for a wreath or garland, but there are a few key things to consider before buying them. You must consider the size of your door when buying a wreath and the length when buying a garland. If a wreath or garland is too large or long, it can look awkward and might not even fit. You'll also want to ensure a wreath is made with high-quality materials that will guarantee it lasts a long time.

There are many wreath designs, but it's a matter of preference as some are flashier than others or feature more ornaments, such as bells, bows, berries, pine cones or fake snow. Also, consider whether you want a pre-lit wreath, which can add a nice touch at night or in low light.

Best wreaths, garlands and other holiday décor

30-inch Mixed Pine Pre-Lit Wreath by Ashland

50% OFF

This mixed pine pre-lit wreath isn't as glamorous as some of the other wreaths Michaels has dropped prices on, but it's one of the most affordable, looks fantastic and adds a nice holiday touch wherever you want to hang it. It has two spare bulbs and a fuse and is suitable for indoor use.

24-inch Wintry Pine Wreath

58% OFF

This online-only deal offers this wreath at a nice discount, making it a fantastic bargain for those who want a charming decoration with delightful details. It has mixed branch tips trimmed with red berries, pine cones, holly leaves and snowflakes and is pre-strung with 50 warm white LED lights. Plus, it operates on a timed cycle of six hours on and 18 hours off for energy efficiency.

Glitzhome 24-inch Pre-Lit Ornament

65% OFF

What gives this wreath its elegant look is its various greeneries, such as pine needles and large pine cones, and the red berries and plaid ball ornaments add a nice touch. It comes pre-lit with 20 warm white battery-operated LED lights, and it's suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use.

24-inch Frosted Pine Berry Collection Wreath

50% OFF

With white-tipped pine cones, red berries and eucalyptus leaves, this wreath adds a much-needed holiday touch to any setting and can be hung indoors or outdoors. It's pre-strung with 50 battery-operated warm white LED lights, and although laden with exquisite details, it's not too bulky or flashy.

24-inch Feel Real Liberty Pine Wreath

60% OFF

Some people like snow, others don't, but whatever your stance on the fluffy white stuff is, there's no denying this wreath boasts an elegant look thanks to its snow-sprinkled design. It's a mixed-tip wreath trimmed with pine cones pre-strung with 50 clear lights that stay lit even if a bulb burns out, and it can be hung indoors or in any covered outdoor setting.

30-inch LED Berries and Plaid Bow Wreath

60% OFF

The best thing about this wreath is that it's eye-catching. It has thick evergreen branch tips trimmed with holly leaves, berry clusters and pine cones, and for a pleasant touch, it's adorned with a red plaid ribbon and bow with bell decorations underneath. It's pre-lit with 50 warm white battery-operated LED lights for added sparkle, and the combination of green and red details makes it one of the best holiday wreaths.

9-foot Pre-Lit Pine Garland by Ashland

50% OFF

This green garland is pre-lit with 50 lights and is perfect for adorning your windows, mantel or wall. It's made with durable, high-quality materials, including polyvinyl chloride, iron wire, copper and plastic, measures 9 feet long, and comes with two spare bulbs and a spare fuse.

18-ct. Warm White LED Crafting Lights by Ashland

40% OFF

These LED crafting lights consist of pine cones and glittery red berries and can be paired with garlands and other décor accents in your home. It has a 6-foot lighted length and a 7-foot total length and has exquisite red and brown details with 50 warm white lights on a brown wire. Plus, a built-in timer lets it run on a cycle of six hours on and 18 hours off for improved energy efficiency.

6-foot Pomegranate  and Mixed-Pine Garland by Ashland

50% OFF

The pomegranate and mixed-pine design make this garland an excellent choice for those who want to spruce up their home or office with holiday cheer. You can also hang it on a fireplace mantel for a warm, touching look or use it as a table runner for a gorgeous holiday display. 

5-foot Pine Leaf LED-Lit Garland by Ashland

40% OFF

This garland has a somewhat bare and straightforward look, but it'll add a touch of holiday spirit to any place you set it up. At 5 feet long, it's suitable for displaying on a mantel, window or door, and the 15 warm white LED lights make it stand out. 

12-foot Pre-Lit Pine Garland by Ashland

50% OFF

This 12-foot garland is pre-lit with 50 white lights and is excellent for displaying on a fireplace mantel or setting up as holiday décor on a wall or window in your home. It's green with white lights and has two spare bulbs and a spare fuse.

6-foot Hanging Pine and Eucalyptus Garland by Ashland

50% OFF

If you're interested in undecorated garland, you can't go wrong with this 6-foot hanging pine and eucalyptus garland by Ashland. It's got a classy look that isn't too ostentatious, making it perfect for adorning your home or office, and even if leaves fall out, the design makes it easy to slip them back in.

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