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USPS announces price increase starting in October. Here’s what you need to ship your holiday gifts

Get your packages ready to send off right now with these must-have items

Shipping holiday gifts is usually pricey, but it may cost you more this year. The United States Postal Service has announced that it plans a price increase this holiday season, driving up the cost of sending gifts. But don’t worry about blowing too much of your holiday budget on shipping just yet.

There’s still time to take advantage of the current prices if you can get your packages ready to ship early this year. Here are all the essentials you need to get your holiday gifts wrapped and sent in time.

What you should know about the USPS price increase

How much is the USPS price increase?

The USPS price increases depend on the weight of the package and the distance it’s traveling. Most packages under 25 pounds will see increases ranging from 25 to 75 cents, but extremely heavy packages traveling long distances may see increases up to $6.50. 

When does the USPS price increase take effect? 

The good news about the USPS price increase is that it’s meant to be temporary as a way to cover extra handling costs that result during the peak holiday season. The increased rates will go into effect on October 2 and stay in place until January 22, 2023.

Holiday gift shipping essentials

Shipping supplies

Partners Brand Corrugated Boxes

These sturdy corrugated boxes can hold plenty of holiday gifts. They’re industrial strength, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down in the mail. They come unfolded, so it’s easier to store them.

Sold by Amazon

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Roll

This highly cushioning bubble wrap can protect all your breakable holiday gifts when they’re in transit. It conforms easily around most objects and features a unique nylon barrier seal that helps it hold onto air longer. It’s lightweight, so it won’t add to the weight of your package.

Sold by Amazon

Mighty Gadget Cushioning Foam Sheets

These low-density polyethylene foam sheets provide excellent protection for fragile and delicate items during shipping. They’re highly flexible, so they wrap easily around items of any shape. Each package comes with 100 sheets, so you can send plenty of holiday packages.

Sold by Amazon

Gorilla Heavy Duty Large Core Packing Tape

This split- and tear-resistant tape can keep all your holiday packages secure even over long distances. It’s crystal clear, so you can also place it over shipping labels to keep them in place. It’s easy to cut, too, allowing you to package your boxes more quickly.

Sold by Amazon

Avery Printable Shipping Labels 

Make sure your loved one’s address is clear and easy to read with these well-sized shipping labels. They’re optimized for use with an inkjet printer, but you can also write on them by hand. They stick well, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off in transit.

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Wrapping must-haves

Craft Craze 25 Assorted Colors Premium Tissue Paper

Whether you’re putting your gifts in a bag or a box, this 100-piece pack of tissue paper can make all of your presents look a little more special. It includes 25 assorted colors, so you can find an option that matches any wrapping paper. If you have any paper left over, you can also use it for crafts.

Sold by Amazon

Hallmark Large Gift Boxes with Lids

The pack of large shirt boxes is perfect if you’re sending clothing to family and friends. The set includes 12 boxes, and each box is large enough to fit a robe or sweater. They’re also sturdy, so they aren’t likely to break in transit.

Sold by Amazon

Hallmark 12-inch Large Paper Gift Bag Assortment

This set of 12 gift bags allows you to package your holiday gifts quickly and easily. They’re made from high-quality paper that comes from well-managed forests. The assortment includes both solid and patterned bags.

Sold by Amazon

Appleby Lane Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

These cotton gift bags make holiday gift wrapping as easy as possible. They have a drawstring top with a built-in ribbon that’s easy to tie. They’re reusable, so they’re more eco-friendly than other gift bag options. You can also choose from four color and pattern options for the bags.

Sold by Amazon

American Greetings Reversible Wrapping Paper Bundle

This set of four rolls of reversible wrapping lets you choose from multiple patterns and colors. The set contains enough to wrap 28 shirt boxes and is made of heavy-weight paper that doesn’t tear easily. The paper is recyclable.

Sold by Amazon

Creative Paper Co. Brown Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll

This 100% recycled wrapping paper is ideal if you prefer a rustic look for your gifts. It’s thick and durable to resist tearing. Each roll contains 100 feet of paper, so you can wrap plenty of gifts.

Sold by Amazon

Hallmark Bright Gift Bow Assortment

This assortment includes 36 brightly colored bows to dress up any wrapped gift. Each gift bow features over 20 ribbon loops and is about 3.5 inches wide for a full look. They also have a shiny finish for a particularly festive look.

Sold by Amazon

Olyphan Christmas Ribbon Set

These glittery ribbons can instantly make any gift look fancier. Each set includes red, green and white options that are sheer and embossed with a scroll design. The ribbons are wired, too, so it’s easy to make bows and other decorative shapes for your gifts.

Sold by Amazon

Koogel 200-Piece Gift Tag Set

Make sure your loved ones know which gifts are for them with this gift tag set. It contains tags in 20 colors, so you can find an option to watch any wrapping paper or bag. Each tag also has a piece of twine to attach to your gifts.

Sold by Amazon

Tesuivra Glitter Washi Tape Set

This set of glitter washi tape can make your holiday gifts look special with minimal effort. It includes 12 rolls in different colors, so you can customize your packages. The glitter doesn’t fall off, and the tape is repositionable without leaving residue behind.

Sold by Amazon


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