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With egg prices on the rise, plastic eggs seem like the obvious choice for Easter festivities


Egg prices have risen to more than $2.80 per dozen, on average, which is over double their price in March. This doesn't bode well for Easter celebrations if you normally use painted eggs for decoration or egg hunts.

Instead, consider plastic eggs, which are reusable, save a lot of time and effort and are a vegan-friendly alternative to real eggs. 

Why are egg prices rising? 

Several factors have combined to lead to the sharply rising cost of eggs. A serious bird flu outbreak has led to the death of many hens. On top of that, the war in Ukraine has resulted in a significant rise in the price of grain used as feed for laying birds — a cost that farmers must pass on to avoid taking a loss. To a smaller degree, pandemic-related supply chain issues are still causing some price increases across the board. 

What types of plastic eggs are available? 

You'll find a variety of plastic eggs available. The three main types are fillable, one-piece and realistic.

  • Fillable plastic eggs: Most plastic eggs come in two parts that fit together, so you can fill them with small toys or candy. However, some come in one piece, which is the obvious choice if you don't want to fill them. 
  • One-piece plastic eggs: These eggs come in one piece, so you can't fill them. They're a good choice for decoration or if you want to stick to the same egg hunt rules as you had with real eggs. 
  • Realistic plastic eggs: Realistic eggs are made to look like chicken eggs and come in white and brown varieties. These are great if you want to decorate them yourself or if you usually don't paint or dye eggs at Easter. 

Are there alternatives to plastic eggs? 

If you're not sold on plastic eggs, you can also buy wooden eggs as a more eco-friendly choice. These either come painted or plain so you can paint or decorate them yourself. This is a great choice if part of your Easter tradition is decorating eggs. 

You can also find squishy faux eggs made from a squeezable foam material much like stress balls. These are great for any kids in a throwing phase who can't be trusted not to launch hard plastic or wooden eggs at other kids or adults. 

Best reusable Easter eggs

Prextex Bulk Plastic Easter Eggs

These solid-colored fillable Easter eggs come in a bulk pack of 100, which is ideal for Easter events or anyone planning a large family egg hunt. They're hinged so the top and bottom parts won't get separated when kids rip them open to see what's inside. 

Sold by Amazon

Joyin Plastic Printed Bright Easter Eggs

Featuring a printed exterior that resembles hand-painted designs, this is a great choice for anyone who prefers painting eggs rather than dying them. They are fillable, and you get 48 in a pack. 

Sold by Amazon

Double Couple White Plastic Eggs

At first glance, these look like white chicken eggs, so they're a great choice for anyone who would buy real eggs if it weren't for the price hike. They are paintable and can be used year after year. 

Sold by Amazon

Importer AM Pysanky Hand-Painted Polish Wooden Easter Eggs

These beautiful hand-painted wooden eggs are part of a Polish Easter tradition, but you don't have to be Polish to appreciate their incredible design. They're on the pricey side, but they'll last for decades, and you'll be proud to display them every Easter. 

Sold by Amazon

Ufunga Slow Rising Squishy Easter Eggs

Made to look like painted eggs, these delightfully squishy Easter eggs are great alternatives to plastic or wooden eggs. You can choose from packs of 12 or 24. 

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