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Yes, you can buy an Advent calendar for your dog (or cat)

Himalayan Dog Chew/Kederwa

Give an Advent calendar to your favorite being this year: your dog

When you do your Christmas shopping this year, there's someone to make sure you don't leave off your list — because he (or she) has undoubtedly been a very good boy (or girl). Of course, we're talking about your pet, who definitely belongs on Santa's nice list this year (and every year). You can make sure they feel the holiday spirit by gifting them their own Advent calendar, so they can join in with the rest of the family in counting down the days until Christmas.

That's right — there are Advent calendars for dogs and cats. And you're going to want to grab one of these right away for your furry friend, so it'll arrive in time for this year's holiday season. Merry Christmas to all — Fido and Fluffy included.

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Advent calendars for dogs

Dreambone Holiday Advent Calendar

The chews behind each door of this Advent calendar are made from real chicken, pork, beef, bacon, cheese, sweet potato and vegetables, so they're easy to digest, good for your pup's teeth and completely rawhide-free.

Midlee Christmas Advent Treat Box

This empty Advent calendar features 24 empty drawers. Each can be filled with your pup's favorite snacks, treats or even small toys, so you can customize it with whatever your dog loves best.

Himalayan Dog Chew 24 Joyful Days Dog Advent Calendar

The 24 days in this Advent calendar feature assorted treats made from freeze-dried meats, cheeses, cookies and more, so each day will be a unique adventure for your dog.

Rudolph Treat Advent Calendar

From pork and apple jerky bites to pumpkin spice soft-baked cookies, each treat in this Advent calendar is seasonal and made fresh for your dog to enjoy. The calendar includes 25 treats: one for each day leading up to Christmas plus a bonus treat for Christmas morning.

Advent calendars for cats

Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Wet Cat Food and Savory Cravings Cat Treats Advent Calendar

If your cat loves wet food, this is the Advent for them. It features 24 days of tasty treats from Fancy Feast, including savory purees, broths, sample wet food cans and other surprises.

Midlee Cat Advent Calendar

Does your cat love to play? This Advent calendar comes with 12 days of toys to unbox, from rattling balls to stuffed mice and kick toys. This Advent calendar will make December the most fun month of the year.

Larchio Cat Advent Calendar 2023

For the most active cats, this Advent calendar comes with 24 days of toys, including balls, mice and wand toys to make sure each day is a fun new surprise for your cat.

Empty Advent Calendar to Fill Yourself, Cat Advent Calendar 2023

Cats are notoriously picky, so make sure their Advent calendar is filled with something they love. This empty Advent for cats has 24 drawers that you can fill with food, toys or treats, so you can be sure your cat will love whatever is behind every door.

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