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The best bladeless fan

Are bladeless fans worth it?

Bladeless fans are a great way to stay cool on hot summer days. They are less costly to run than air conditioners and less noisy than traditional fans. Bladeless fans also offer an exciting aesthetic that adds to a room’s decor.

If you are thinking about buying a bladeless fan, you may have some questions about them. Whether you want to know how they work, which is the best one for you or anything else necessary to make an intelligent purchase decision, you can find the information you need here. This handy buying guide covers all the essentials. Our top recommendation, the Dyson Pure Cool DP04, is Alexa compatible and offers complete 360-degree oscillation.

What to know about bladeless fans

How bladeless fans work

Despite the name, bladeless fans aren’t bladeless. They simply hide the blades. Inside every bladeless fan, often somewhere in the base, there is a small motor with very tiny blades. They rely on physics and aerodynamics’ various properties to produce high-volume airflow, despite the blades’ small size. Smaller exhaust vents than intake ports increase the pressure at which air exits the system, and the fluid dynamics principle of inducement multiples the volume of airflow generated.

Advantages of bladeless fans

Bladeless fans have many advantages over their traditional counterparts. Because they only need to rotate small blades, they are more energy-efficient. It also makes them quieter. Bladeless fans are ideal for homes with children, as there is no chance of curious fingers getting hurt by exposed, fast-spinning blades.

If trying to achieve a modern aesthetic in your home, a bladeless fan’s sleek design will fit in better than a traditional model. Frequently, they are more compact, too, allowing for more placement options. Bladeless fans also over the benefit of smoother airflow. Traditional fans produce a choppy airflow, which can be annoying to some. 

Key considerations when buying a bladeless fan

Cooling capabilities

One of the most important things to look at when choosing any fan is airflow. The more air a fan moves, the better suited it will be to cool a large space. If the manufacturer doesn’t list any airflow or room size specifications, check user reviews to ensure it is powerful enough for your needs.


The more settings a fan has, the more versatile it will be. Ideally, you want a minimum of three speed settings, but some models offer as many as 12. If spreading the air evenly around a space is essential, look for a fan that offers automatic oscillation. Additional features that can be useful include a night mode and timer settings.

Connectivity and controls

Basic models will just have buttons on the unit itself. Some may include a remote control. More advanced fans will be equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and offer smart home compatibility for voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.


Some bladeless fans include HEPA or other types of filters to purify the air as they circulate it around a room. This can be very helpful for those with asthma or allergies. Highly advanced models like our top choice include pollution sensors and increase airflow accordingly to help return air quality to optimal levels.

How much can you expect to spend on a bladeless fan

You can find basic bladeless fans for as little as $50. Highly advanced models with smart connectivity and a lot of features can cost well over $200.  

Bladeless fan FAQs

Where should I place my bladeless fan?

The best spot to put a bladeless fan depends on your desired results. If you want even airflow across an entire room, corner placement is generally recommended. However, if you want to target airflow to a specific area, it is best to place the fan close to the space you want to cool. If choosing a tower model or any other kind with a slim base, avoid spots where it may potentially get knocked over.

Are bladeless fans challenging to clean?

Bladeless fans are not hard to clean and require less maintenance than traditional models. Depending on the fan, you may be able to wipe down the exterior. If it has a filter, this will need to be removed periodically for washing or replacement. Using the wand extension on a vacuum can be a quick and easy way to remove dust from the grille.

What is the best bladeless fan to buy?

Top bladeless fan

Dyson Pure Cool DP04

What you need to know: This highly advanced model offers Siri and Alexa compatibility and smartphone connectivity for convenient operation. It also features HEPA filtration and can purify the air without cooling if desired.

What you’ll love: The ability to monitor and respond to pollution levels in real-time helps ensure there is always clean air circulating in your home.

What you should consider: It doesn’t provide enough airflow for large spaces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot and Best Buy

Top bladeless fan for the money

Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan

What you need to know: The Wind Curve’s small footprint allows for placement versatility, while the oscillation feature evenly spreads its cooling power across a room.

What you’ll love: The nighttime feature automatically decreases the noise and dims the control panel lights.

What you should consider: The grille can be difficult to clean if you don’t have a vacuum.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Best Buy and Home Depot

Worth checking out

GreenTech Environmental PureFlow QT7

What you need to know: This model’s unusual aesthetic will make it a favorite of many. It includes a remote control and comes for a reasonable price considering its range of features.

What you’ll love: Oscillation and 90 degrees of vertical tilt make it easy to get airflow wherever you want it.

What you should consider: It is noisier than many others when at the highest setting.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot, Amazon and Staples


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