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Best quiet box fan

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Which is the best box fan that operates quietly?

Box fans are one of the most efficient ways of cooling a room. With powerful blades and fast motors, box fans can blow a lot of air throughout a space very quickly. One of the biggest issues with box fans, however, can be the loud noises they produce when running. Box fan noise can be especially disturbing especially for users who use one while sleeping. Finding a quiet box fan can make all the difference. The list below will help you find the best box fan for your needs. 

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Features to consider before buying a quiet box fan

Before buying a box fan, there are a few different factors to take into consideration. 

Noise levels

Obviously, the biggest concern when looking for a quiet box fan is how loud it is when it runs. Most box fan producers will list the decibel level that the fan emits when set at the highest speed. Ideally, the decibel level should be below 30 to 35 decibels.


Another major factor to consider is the fan’s power, and thus cooling ability. Box fans generally have a substantial amount of power, meaning that the air can be circulated throughout a room very quickly. However, many quiet box fans tend to sacrifice the overall power of the box fan for a decrease in noise. 


The size of the fan can also make a significant difference to a potential buyer. For users that need to cool off a big room, a larger box fan is best. However, for a smaller bedroom or an office space, a small box fan will get the job done just as well and at a lower price point. 

Speed settings

Some box fans come with several different settings which can help create a more versatile device. Additionally, lower level speed settings will lower the noise levels of the fan. Some box fans even have timers or settings to reduce the speed over the course of several hours. 

Remote control

One of the last major features to take into consideration is if the box fan has a remote control. Remote controls can turn on or off the fan from anywhere in the room, which is beneficial to users who are not as mobile or are about to go to sleep. Some remote controls can also control other settings on the box fan including power levels, a sleep timer and more. 

Best quiet box fans

Top quiet box fan

Lasko Air Circulating 20-Inch Box Fan

What you need to know: This classic and well-built Lasko box fan features three different speed settings and quiet noise levels.

What you’ll love: Both durable and easy to use, there will rarely, if ever, be a problem with the fan’s function. 

What you should consider: The most powerful setting on the fan can range on the louder side, especially in a room with poor acoustics. 

Top quiet box fan for the money

Black + Decker 9-Inch Tabletop Quiet Box Fan

What you need to know: This cheap box fan works perfectly for an office or desk. It provides incredibly quiet, yet solid airflow for the user.

What you’ll love: The control panel has three different speed settings, making it adjustable for different temperatures. Weighing less than an ounce, the fan is also lightweight for easy travel.

What you should consider: Due to its smaller size, the Black and Decker fan does not offer nearly the same level of power as larger box fans. This model is best for small rooms. 

Worth checking out

Air King 20-Inch 3-Speed Box Fan

What you need to know: Another classically designed box fan that comes with incredible power, the Air King circulates air well in any sized room due to its three speed settings. 

What you’ll love: The Air King fan comes equipped with a handle for easy movement along with snap-on feet for extra stability. 

What you should consider: At around $50, this is one of the more expensive box fans on the market.

Vornado Small Flat-Panel Air Circulator Fan

What you need to know: While a less traditional pick, the Vornado fan still offers top-of-the-line circulation due to its unique design. 

What you’ll love: Equipped with an adjustable tilt head, the fan can be angled in different directions for optimal circulation. 

What you should consider: The fan becomes noisier over time if it is used without regular cleaning due to dust accumulating on the blades. 

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