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Best vintage home decor

Which vintage home decor is best? 

Your home is your sanctuary and should be the ultimate expression of your style and interests. Vintage home decor that takes you back to your favorite period in history is the perfect way to decorate a room. The recent decades of American history have some of the most distinct colors, designs and styles of any time period. From the 1950s to the 1980s, you can discover some great finds that will transform your home into a time machine.

How to choose vintage home decor 

When you choose a vintage theme for your home, you should pick pieces that capture the essence of your favorite time period. Think about the colors and shapes of the decade you like, and incorporate them into the room. You may want your room to look like a snapshot of days gone by, or you might want to fill it up with subtle pieces that hint at the era. Furniture, throw rugs, wall tapestries, curtains, lamps and other home accents are just some of the ways in which you can add a retro feel to your home. You can buy antique items that were actually used in the past or purchase new things with a vintage feel. Do your research to be sure that the items you pick were truly popular during that decade. And don’t overdo it: there is a fine line between being retro cool and being tacky. Whether you like the outta sight ’60s or totally tubular ’80s, you will find a special match for your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

What to avoid

When you’re searching for vintage home decor, you should pick products that either are actually from the era, or look like they are. What you don’t want are items that are decade-themed that didn’t really exist in the era. For example, retro 1980s cassette tape-themed gifts are really popular right now, from pillows to cutting boards to phone cases. However, in the 1980s, cassette tapes were not nostalgic items, so while pieces like that might make for a cool 80s decoration, they wouldn’t qualify as vintage home decor. A truly vintage room looks like it was lifted directly from a home of that decade.

Home decor through the decades

The home decor of the 1950s was defined by pastel colors and vinyl, chrome and Formica furniture. Also called midcentury modern, this period had a simple, classic style. This changed in the 1960s when bright colors, unexpected textures and interesting shapes helped people to express themselves. In the 1970s, earth tones were popular, along with materials like wicker and wood. The 1980s brought the Memphis Design style, which included bright colors and geometric shapes. These styles have become so synonymous with the decades that people can look at a photograph or television show and recognize the exact era in which it takes place.

1950s home decor

Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox

Turn your kitchen into a classic 1950s diner with this countertop Bluetooth jukebox with a built-in speaker. Just like the tabletop jukeboxes of diner booths past, this 15-inch version plays your favorite song while you eat your hamburgers and fries and sip your milkshakes. 

Sold by Amazon, Kohl’s and Macy’s


Retro Soda Machine Cabinet

Celebrate the 1950s with a recreation of a genuine artifact from the time. The outside of the cabinet is hand-painted to look like an old-fashioned “ice cold” cola machine, complete with buttons, a coin return slot and a dispenser at the bottom. 

Sold by Amazon and Macy’s


Foxtop Retro Wall Clock

Turn back the hands of time with this 9.5-inch 1950s design clock which looks great in any living room, bedroom or kitchen. With its metal frame which comes in red or green, this quiet clock hearkens back to simpler times. 

Sold by Amazon

1960s home decor


Bring retro 1960s style to your home with these printed pillowcases. The bright-colored pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue and white flowers printed on a classic ’60s avocado green background will make you feel that you have been transported right back in time. 

Sold by Amazon


Retro Rotary Dial Landline Desk Telephone 

This black rotary landline telephone will take you back to the days before cordless phones and cellphones. The mechanical ringer sounds an old-fashioned chime that will take you back to the days before vibrations and ringtones. 

Sold by Amazon


Brewster Home Fashions Wallpaper 

This wallpaper will transport your space back into the 1960s with its ogee pattern printed in raised turquoise ink to give it texture. Give any room a ’60s ambience with this washable and strippable wallpaper that covers about 56.4 square feet. 

Sold by Macy’s

1970s home decor

Lava Lite Lava Lamp

Capture the mood and ambience of the 1970s with this new version of the classic lava lamp. Hypnotizing and mesmerizing, these retro lava lamps have a silver base with yellow wax floating in purple liquid. 

Sold by Amazon


Terracottanoon 70s Wall Art

Fill your room with the colors and patterns of the ’70s with this groovy poster. The poster features a stylized version of a woman with outstretched arms, dressed in and surrounded by flowers. 

Sold by Etsy


Macrame Plant Hanger 5-Piece Set

Channeling the boho style of the ‘70s, these macrame plant hangers hold 8-inch pots. They have a natural rope color and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

Sold by Etsy

1980s home decor

Remain Unique Tapestry

Splash your wall with ‘80s colors and shapes with this polyester-cotton tapestry. Choose from eight totally radical ‘80s designs that offer different takes on the Memphis Design style, including bright pinks, blues and yellows in bold geometric patterns. 

Sold by Amazon


Ambesonne Vintage Window Valance

This decorative valance for your kitchen or bedroom displays the classic Memphis Design style of the 1980s. With its bright colors and geometric shapes, this style is exciting, fun and totally ’80s. 

Sold by Amazon 


Ambesonne Duvet Cover Set

You’ll be dreaming of the ’80s when you sleep with this duvet cover set, printed in the classic Memphis Design style. Choose from twin, queen, king and California king sizes. 

Sold by Amazon


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