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Best living room wall art

Which living room wall art is best?

A living room without any wall art looks bare, regardless of the decor scheme. Fortunately, since people have come to grasp this fact, you have a wealth of options at your fingertips. Whether you prefer a pared-down, minimalist approach or an ornate, glamorous aesthetic, you can find living room wall art that’ll tickle your fancy. Alcott Hill Thicket Wildflowers by Timothy O' Toole ― Painting on Canvas is perfect for people who enjoy flowers, but prefer a slightly more abstract execution. 

What to know before you buy a living room wall art

Choose the subject of the artwork

When it comes to living room wall art, there’s a subject for virtually every preference. The subject is what the piece depicts. Examples include wildlife, plants, landscapes, beaches, buildings, vehicles, sports and motivational quotes. There are no rules about what kind of subject you should pick, although certain subjects are a better match for certain design styles than others. 

Decide between literal and abstract 

The subject of living room wall art isn’t always obvious. This is because abstract artwork takes an undefined and subjective approach. It’s covert rather than overt. Elements like splashes of color are used in place of defined, traditional lines and shapes. 

Literal pieces, on the other hand, leave nothing to chance when it comes to depicting the subject. It’s evident the instant you lay your eyes on the work of art. Literal art is the exact representation of its subject. 

Coordinate with your other decorations 

Since living room wall art contributes to your decor scheme in this space, coordinating it with your other decorations is critical. Doing so allows you to achieve a cohesive and pulled-together overall effect. Decorations to account for include area rugs, vases, figurines and accent pieces like throw pillows and table lamps. 

What to look for in quality living room wall art

Type of wall art

While paintings and prints are the most widely available types of wall art, you can find pieces that fall into other categories, as well. These categories include metal pieces and sculptural pieces. The latter is very similar to a sculpture you might see on a tabletop or the floor, but sculptural wall art typically has a flat backing that allows it to line up perfectly with the surface of the wall. 


The construction of living room wall art refers to the materials from which the piece is made. Paintings and prints are usually mounted on a canvas, the majority of which are composed of materials like cotton. Metal pieces are made of materials that include iron and chrome. And sculptural wall art might be constructed of plastic, glass, crystal, resin or acrylic material. 

Orientation and shape

These two factors typically refer to living room wall art that falls into the painting and print categories. These pieces are produced with a landscape or portrait orientation. The former is wider than it is taller, while the latter is taller than it is wider. 

In terms of shapes, a painting or print might be square, rectangular, round or oval. The first two shapes are the most common. 

How much you can expect to spend on living room wall art

Artwork for the living room ranges from $30 at the low end to thousands of dollars at the high end. 

Living room wall art FAQ

How many pieces of wall art should you hang in your living room?

A. The square footage of your living room is the main determinant of the suitable number. A larger room can handle more decorations overall. Above all else, avoid going overboard with the number of pieces. You don’t want your decor scheme to assault the senses. 

What’s the best way to hang living room wall art straight? 

A. You should bust out a tape measure for this task. It’s your best tool. First, take measurements of the length and height of the piece. From there, apply these measurements to the wall and place light marks in pencil to represent the edges. These marks will act as guideposts to ensure you hang it straight. 

What is the best living room wall art to buy?

Top living room wall art

Alcott Hill Thicket Wildflowers by Timothy O' Toole ― Painting on Canvas

What you need to know: This certified museum-grade painting features an explosion of wildflowers in a soft, multicolored palette. 

What you’ll love: Take a painting of wildflowers and make it abstract. That’s what artist Timothy O' Toole did when he created this piece.The beige, blue, purple and yellow color scheme will remain vivid for many years, thanks to the use of archival inks. These inks also prevent color shifting and over-saturation. 

What you should consider: At least one buyer reported that the backing started to pull away from the canvas, citing poor construction. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top living room wall art for money

Winston Porter Coastal Wall Decor 

What you need to know: Add a whimsical touch to your living room with this colorful wall art depicting a flock of birds on a wire. 

What you’ll love: Perched on a wire, this bevy of birds is rendered in a kaleidoscope of hues that are pleasing to the eye. The wire is black, creating a striking contrast against the other shades. Iron construction makes the sculpture sturdy. This piece complements several different design styles including bohemian, art deco and traditional. 

What you should consider: The avian theme of this piece is very specific, which some people might not like. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

 Worth checking out

Orange Awakening Three-Piece Photograph on Canvas

What you need to know: This three-piece recreation of artwork titled "Orange Awakening" features earthy tones, which blend well with neutral color schemes. and rustic decor.

What you’ll love: Each piece is printed on giclee canvas and together they create a lovely landscape. Hooks are included for hanging. It comes in three sizes.

What you should consider: Not much to complain about here, with a near five-star review average.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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