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Best fall kitchen decor

Which fall kitchen decor is best?

There are a variety of fun fall decorations that can be purchased and placed throughout the home. Fall kitchen decor is especially enjoyable for this time of year as countless hours are spent cooking and entertaining. When shopping for new fall kitchen decor, consider what decor is functional and avoid anything that might become clutter and take up valuable kitchen space. Along with the top choice for functional fall decorations which are the Artoid Mode Home Sweet Home Gnome Pumpkin Decorative Kitchen Mats

What to know before you buy fall kitchen decor 

Kitchen decor for fall

The kitchen, inevitably, is the staple of many home gatherings, since guests enjoy socializing with the host while they prepare food and drinks. Investing in quality fall kitchen decor gives that space a cozy and welcoming feel for guests and those living in the household. Kitchen decor for fall comes in a variety of items, all with varying styles and features. Decide what decor works well in the kitchen and what would be better utilized in other areas throughout the house. It is important to be mindful and to match existing home decor with seasonal touches when purchasing fall kitchen decorations.

Fall kitchen decor ideas 

There are a variety of ways that everyday home decor can be matched to seasonal decorations. The easiest way to match decor is purchasing fall decorations of the same style. For instance, if a kitchen has a farmhouse theme then fall kitchen decor crafted in the farmhouse style is a great choice. Another option is matching all fall kitchen decor around a central theme such as: pumpkins or plaid.  There are no firm rules when it comes to matching home decor to seasonal decorations. So have fun with fall kitchen decor and choose pieces that bring the most joy to the home for the season. 

Kitchen decor for fall dinner parties 

Dinner parties are the ideal time to show off fall kitchen decor. Guests enjoy the decorative touches seasonal towels, tablecloths, mats and signs add to a home. Anyone who hosts regular dinner parties will benefit from investing in quality fall serving plates that can be used throughout the season. Fall dinner parties can be a great time to unwind with friends and family, so it’s important to know what good wine and beer pairings entail.

What to look for in quality fall kitchen decor 

Types of seasonal decor 

There are several options for incorporating seasonal decor into the kitchen. Here are the top choices for fall kitchen decor:

  • Towels 
  • Rugs 
  • Signs 
  • Garland 
  • Table runners 
  • Decorative mats 
  • Linens 
  • Serving Plates

Several retailers sell matching kitchen decor sets that include rugs, tablecloths, towels and more. However mixing and matching kitchen decors from a variety of brands offers a more unique look. 

Functional fall kitchen decor  

The kitchen is the ideal location to stock with functional decor. While other seasonal decor adds to the aesthetic of the home with no obvious function, kitchen decor can be both decorative and useful. The top choices for functional fall kitchen decor are serving plates, tableware, hand or dish towels and rugs. 

Seasonal decor storage 

Whenever possible, purchase seasonal decor that can easily be stored away during the offseason. Large plastic bins are incredibly useful for keeping seasonal decor organized when the season is over. A number of fall kitchen decor items currently on the market can be neatly folded for storage.  

How much you can expect to spend on fall kitchen decor 

The price of fall kitchen decor will vary depending upon the type, expect to spend between $10-$100 on an individual piece. Towels, decorative mats and table runners tend to cost less than serving plates, rugs and signs.

Fall kitchen decor FAQ

Is there a difference between fall decor and holiday decor?

A. Holiday decor leans heavily towards a specific event while fall decor is general, with nods to the season. For instance, decor for the Thanksgiving holiday might feature a turkey or a Thanksgiving cliché incorporated into the design. While holiday decor can be used for the entirety of the fall season, it typically works best during the specific holiday. Conversely, a more general piece of fall decor that features fall leaves or pumpkins can be used during the Thanksgiving holiday and will not feel out of place if displayed in the home for the whole season.

What is the best piece of kitchen decor to invest in for fall? 

A. There are so many options when it comes to fall kitchen decor. Most shoppers will choose a couple of fall pieces for the kitchen rather than swapping out all of their everyday decor. What pieces should be added to the kitchen for fall and what decor is redundant? Kitchen towels are both the easiest and most inexpensive option for fall kitchen decor making them a great investment. Seasonal rugs and signs are also great choices for the kitchen because they can be easily stored in the off seasons. Fall serving plates carry a higher price point and may not be the best investment. unless they will be used several times for entertainment. Fall garland is another decorative piece to be wary of in the kitchen as it might pose a fire risk.

What’s the best fall kitchen decor to buy?

Top fall kitchen decor 

Artoid Mode Home Sweet Home Gnome Pumpkin Decorative Kitchen Mats

What you need to know: Two seasonal kitchen mats for fall with gnome and pumpkin designs that are the perfect size for any kitchen. 

What you’ll love: Durable construction with a non-slip rubber back and easy to clean.

What you should consider: Lacks thick cushioning or memory foam pad. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top fall kitchen decor for the money

Pumpkin Pie Recipe 3d Sign 

What you need to know: A laser-cut and 3D-engraved sign with a pumpkin pie recipe that can be used to decorate the kitchen for fall.

What you’ll love: A good size that easily fits on the kitchen counter or a table.

What you should consider: Easel sold separately, can be hung with a command strip. 

Where to buy: Etsy 

Worth checking out

Celebrate Fall Together Hello Fall Kitchen Towel 2-pk

What you need to know: Two machine-washable kitchen towels with colorful fall leaf graphics that are soft, yet thick enough to be durable. 

What you’ll love: A perfect match to Kohl's brand “Celebrate Fall” line of seasonal decor. 

What you should consider: The design is only printed on one side. 

Where to buy: Kohl’s


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