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If you’re in the market for a new mirror, you might not have enough space for a large, freestanding design. To optimize your space, your best bet is a door mirror.

Door mirrors remain popular for their space-saving designs, but that’s not all they have to offer. Many designs feature adjustable heights, which means no more getting “cut off” at the head or knees when checking out your outfit. Other door mirrors have ventured into organization, making them multipurpose solutions that also provide storage and organization for accessories, makeup, or jewelry.

To learn more about door mirrors, read our buying guide, which features a few of our top picks. Our favorite design, Best Choice Products’ Mirrored Hanging Jewelry Organizer with LED lights, functions as a mounted mirror armoire and has a lockable door.

What to know before you buy a door mirror


For the most part, door mirrors fall into three categories: simple, expandable, and multipurpose.

Simple door mirrors are by far the most affordable. They’re hung by mounting hardware or over-the-door hooks. Expandable door mirrors have more involved designs that feature one to three additional mirrors to allow multiple vantage points. The most advanced designs are multipurpose door mirrors, which may have LED lights or storage compartments.


Full-length door mirrors range in size from 14 x 48 inches to 16 x 60 inches. Most door mirrors fall toward the shorter end of this range, and the larger they get, the more expensive they become.

There are also half-length mirrors that measure approximately 14 x 24 inches. They’re best if you only need to view your look from the waist up or intend to use it to apply makeup or style your hair.

Hanging vs. mounted installation

Hanging door mirrors are easy to install and won’t cause any permanent damage to your door. Unfortunately, you need to use tack or mounting brackets to secure the bottom of the mirror, as they’re notorious for slamming against the door when you open or close it.

Mounted door mirrors require a bit more effort for installation, but when they’re properly hung, they have clean lines and look like they’re built into the door. One of the pitfalls of mounting the door mirror is that the drilling leaves permanent holes on the door that can be somewhat challenging to repair.

What to look for in a quality door mirror

Frame style

The most common frame style for door mirrors features a simple, thin edge. Black, white, and brown remain the most popular, and some mirrors are available in vibrant colors. Decorative frames have a high-end look, especially those with ornate detail like engraving or unique staining. Frameless door mirrors have grown in popularity and look attractive if you prefer a streamlined or minimalist design.

Frame materials

Door mirrors usually have frames made of plastic, metal, or wood composite. The most affordable door mirrors have plastic frames, but they’re known for being flimsy and low-quality. Those with metal frames are more durable, though they can have sharp corners.

Door mirrors made of a wood composite can be hit or miss with quality. Some are well-made and stained to look like real wood, while others might be poorly assembled and eventually splinter.

How much you can expect to spend on a door mirror

Door mirrors with basic designs and plastic frames usually cost $40 and below. Better-quality mirrors with ornate frames and more secure mounting hardware run closer to $75. If you prefer a multipurpose door mirror or one with storage, be prepared to spend $150-$200.

Door mirror FAQ

What’s the best place to install a door mirror?

A. There are pros and cons to each location. Bathroom door mirrors are convenient if you do makeup or style your hair there, but they can fog up from hot showers. Door mirrors hung in bedrooms also work, but that means they aren’t always in a well-lit location.

How do I clean a door mirror?

A. It’s recommended to wipe the mirror down with a streak-free glass cleaner. As far as the frame goes, you need appropriate cleaning products for the material. Unless otherwise specified, you can use most alcohol-free surface cleaners on them.

What are the best door mirrors to buy?

Top door mirror

Best Choice Products’ Mirrored Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Our take: This well-made cabinet design is for the fashionista with plenty of jewelry or makeup.

What we like: Countless storage options including drawers, cubbies, and plenty of pegs. Mirror quality is superb, includes LED lights, and the overall construction of the unit is solid.

What we dislike: Unit must be secured to the door or it rattles against it and jiggles around its contents.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top door mirror for money

Americanflat Over the Door Mirror​​​​​​​

Our take: Decent option if you’re on a budget and prefer a sleek, near-frameless design.

What we like: Tough, shatterproof glass and the MDF frame are well-made. Doesn’t distort images like similarly priced mirrors.

What we dislike: Needs assembly. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

MCS’ Over-the-Door Two-Tone Mirror

Our take: Attractive design with a wide, bronze-finished frame. Popular for master bedrooms.

What we like: Adjustable door hanging height. Consumers love the convenient no-tools installation system. Looks great whether it’s hung horizontally or vertically. 

What we dislike: Mirror and frame are more fragile than expected.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

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