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Best boho home decor

Which boho home decor should I get?

You can distinguish the bohemian style, or “boho,” by its bright colors, global influences and eclectic groupings of decor and furniture. Designers source inspiration from a lifestyle that emphasizes travel, adventure, spirituality and cultural appreciation. The interior design iteration of the boho style has been popular for several years, and there are many ways to use boho decor in your space. You can create a fun boho aesthetic through colorful art, rustic or vintage furniture and personal touches. 

Elements of the boho style

Global culture 

A hallmark of boho decor is the celebration of travel. It incorporates items from different parts of the world into the same space. African wall art, Indian textiles and Chinese vases are all popular choices. You can even use your travel souvenirs as part of your decor. You can frame maps from different cities you have visited as wall art, and you can place small vacation mementos such as wooden carvings or jewelry boxes on shelves as accent pieces. 


Eclecticism is the practice of drawing ideas or tastes from varied sources, so have fun combining whatever colors, patterns or prints that excite you. Boho decor is the ultimate mix and match, and with this decor style, more is more. Grouping pillows from broad genre styles is a simple way to give your bed or couch the eclectic boho feel. You can paint one wall pink and one wall green or match geometric fabric with bright blue velvet. 


Most boho spaces include natural elements. One popular form of this is indoor plants. You can place trailing plants on top of bookshelves or place larger palm plants throughout to add some life to your room. Natural elements often appear in the furniture choices as well. Rather than using metal or plastic, boho furniture often uses natural or raw materials like wood or rattan. 


When selecting significant items like lamps or couches for a boho space, vintage is the way to go. This decor frequently pulls from the mid-century-modern and hippie-inspired styles. You can pair macrame chairs with a structured, mid-century modern couch in a bold color. Statement lamps, pouf ottomans or even a hammock can be great choices. For more information on selecting the right outdoor pouf, check out the BestReviews buying guide on the best Outdoor Poufs

Best boho furniture 

RISEON BoHo Handmade Faux PU Leather Handmade Moroccan Pouf

This pouf is a comfortable place to sit and will look great inside any boho room. It is durable enough to use outside, though you should not leave it in wet weather. It is 23 inches in diameter and available in either blue, brown, green or pink.

Sold by Amazon

Lindel Velvet Square Arm Sofa with Reversible Cushions

This sofa upholstered in velvet is perfect for a boho space. It comes in the bold, unusual colors of gold, blue, grey, orange or teal. The legs are solid wood, and all the cushions are removable and reversible. It comes with two-cylinder toss pillows.

Sold by Wayfair 

Sand & Stable Saxon Macrame Chair Hammock

This macrame chair is stylish and the ultimate boho furniture piece. It is made from cotton and has a 600 pounds weight capacity. It is recommended that you only use this chair indoors. The chair does not come with a hanging stand or hardware.

Sold by Wayfair 

Manhattan Comfort Liberty Mid-Century-Modern TV Stand 

This TV stand from Manhattan Comfort features a distinct and bold mid-century-modern design. It features open shelving, a closed cubby and a drawer, and the doors have an eye-catching geometric pattern. It is 70.86 inches long and fits a TV between 50 and 69 inches.

Sold by Macy’s and Home Depot 

Best boho decorative items 

Montreal Tappassier Cotton Indian Wall Decor

This affordable cotton tapestry will add a bright splash of color to any wall. It is available in a round or rectangular shape and comes in many different colors, including blue, purple and tie-dye. You can clean this tapestry by dry cleaning or gentle hand wash.

Sold by Amazon

Stonebriar Gold Geometric Wall Mirror

A gold geometric frame encases this mirror that would be a stylish addition to any boho space. The gold wire has an antique finish that gives it a vintage look. It is approximately 30 inches in diameter and has two keyhole mounting brackets on the back.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot 

CDWERD Throw Pillow Covers 

This set of pillow covers comes in a set of four. Each pillow cover is unique and incorporates the boho elements of geometric patterns, leather and tassels. They are 18 inches by 18 inches and do not come with pillow inserts.

Sold by Amazon

BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket 

This basket has woven natural seaweed. It comes in small, medium and large sizes, with the largest being 12.6 inches tall. The colors available are straw or straw and black. The basket works as a laundry basket, pot cover or storage bin.

Sold by Amazon

Best boho lighting 

Safavieh Lush Kristi 3 Light Beaded Pendant 

This beaded pendant comes in a natural cream color in the Moroccan style. The beads use acrylic, and the frame is sturdy metal. It would be great in a boho space above a dining table, in an entryway or as a centerpiece.

Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot

Kenroy Home Torus Fixture

This lighting fixture features natural rope detailing, perfect for boho decor. It comes with a 6-foot chain. The three required 60-watt candelabra bulbs provide soft, ambient lighting.

Sold by Amazon

COTULIN Bedside Table Lamp

This table lamp features a geometric cage and a mix of modern and vintage elements that will fit right in with the rest of your boho decor. It is 17 inches tall and provides enough light for studying or working.

Sold by Amazon

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