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10 best fall centerpieces to add flair to your next get-together

Spring and summer may hog the spotlight when it comes to outdoor fun and sunshine, but for those who enjoy decorating, autumn has it all. From Halloween’s spooky aesthetic to Thanksgiving’s warm appeal, the embellishment opportunities come in quick succession once the leaves begin to turn.

Thankfully, you don't have to be an interior designer to bring the spirit of the season indoors. The right centerpiece can greatly change the vibe of your kitchen or dining room when used as a focal point. 

In this article: Winemana Knit Pumpkins24-Inch Fall Lighted Maple Tree and Shymery Electronic Halloween Candles.

Decorating for multiple holidays

While some people revel in rapid-fire changeovers from one fall event to the next, you may not be so keen on having to extensively refresh your decor on a monthly basis. If you prefer to keep things simple, look for accessories that can accommodate multiple holiday themes.

Pumpkins, pinecones and corn husks, for example, are just as appropriate for Halloween as they are for Thanksgiving and can be displayed all autumn long. If you wish, you can extend the life of these general decorations by accessorizing them in small, holiday-specific ways. 

For example, October might see your pumpkin centerpiece adorned with fake spiders or cobwebs that you can trade for a few sunflower blooms or maple leaves come November.

Traditional vs. whimsical

When it comes to decorating, there are two schools of thought. Some prefer to adhere to traditional accessories and fill their spaces with seasonal items that harken back to yesteryear. Others opt for cartoonish characters and over-the-top animatronics.

Plan ahead so you can easily select a centerpiece that captures the mood you want to achieve, but don't be afraid to explore outside of your comfort zone to discover new ways to get creative.


Colorful lighting can be used to change the theme of a room with minimal effort. Many centerpieces include LEDs you can use to great effect. Choose ones that run on batteries to avoid having to deal with a potentially hazardous power cord dangling onto the floor.


Consider the size of the table or countertop where you plan to have your centerpiece. Large decorations make a bold statement, but they can become an obstacle if placed where people are passing food to, or conversing with, those across from them. Unless you plan to serve your meal buffet-style, away from the dining table, keep decorations in busy areas small to prevent annoyance.

Candle considerations

Many centerpieces accommodate candles and tea lights. While a flickering flame never goes out of style, fire can be especially hazardous when foam pumpkins and crispy, dried leaves and husks are in close proximity.

Today’s LED candles closely mimic the look and motion of a real flame and can be placed safely amid your other adornments. If you must use real candles in your centerpiece, be sure to carefully keep flammable items at a safe distance. Additionally, make sure burning candles aren’t placed in areas where people may accidentally injure themselves or knock them over. 

Best centerpieces for the fall season

Nearly Natural Pumpkin, Gourd, Berry and Maple Leaf Artificial Arrangement Candelabrum

Realistic leaves and artistically interpreted vegetables and berries surround a glass vase, making this centerpiece a unique and colorful addition to your fall display.  You can fill the glass container with additional items or place a candle inside to complete the look.  

Sold by Macy's

Celebrate Together Happy Fall Table Decor

Made of iron and wood, this festive sign gives your table a crafty, quirky feel. Brilliantly painted with the colors of the season, this sign also looks great on a shelf or above a fireplace. 

Sold by Kohl's

Winemana Autumn Harvest Decorations Set

This collection of 57 pumpkins, leaves, acorns, berries and pinecones contains everything you need to build a festive, harvest-themed display. The vegetables and acorns are realistically detailed and made of durable foam. 

Sold by Amazon

Mercury Glass Pumpkin Lights

These three mercury glass pumpkins are ornately sculpted, provide a sparkling glow and are powered by three AAA batteries. There's a timer you can set to turn them on and off automatically.  

Sold by Amazon

Winemana Knit Pumpkins

Topped with felt stems and an assortment of faux leaves and berries, this pair of wool pumpkins has a charming, handmade look. Light and stuffed like pillows, these are a great option for anyone looking for a centerpiece that won't break. 

Sold by Amazon

Shymery Electronic Halloween Candles 

Halloween lovers can enjoy moody lighting without any risk of fire with these battery-powered candles. Operated by a remote, they are printed with raven, skull and spider graphics and look as great in the dining room as on the porch for trick-or-treaters. 

Sold by Amazon

24-Inch Fall Lighted Maple Tree

This miniature maple tree will imbue your interior space with gentle light, thanks to its 24 LEDs and brilliant orange leaves. It's 2 feet tall and also available with illuminated pumpkins or acorns.  

Sold by Amazon

Winlyn Bulk Assorted Artificial White Pumpkins Fall Centerpiece

This kit includes everything you need to build and customize your centerpiece. It includes artificial pumpkins, leaves, pinecones, berries, sunflowers and a wooden box you can use to arrange them in.

Sold by Amazon

Brwoynn 18-Inch Halloween Willow Tree with LED Lights

Make your dining room eerie with this tabletop willow tree. Featuring 24 bat-shaped LEDs that emit a purple glow, fans of everything spooky may be tempted to make this decoration a permanent fixture.  

Sold by Amazon

Martha Stewart Sage & Pumpkins Collection Centerpiece

This is great for those who want to decorate festively but aren't fans of the reds and oranges most people associate with the season. It features four pumpkins across a generous 26-inch bed of blue leaves and berries. 

Sold by Macy's


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