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These plant subscription boxes will liven up your space

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Have some greenery delivered to your home each month 

From makeup to food to jewelry to clothes, there's a subscription box for just about anything these days. So if the warm spring weather has you thinking about adding some flowers or greenery to your home, it may be time to try a plant subscription box.

With a plant subscription box, you’ll have plants delivered to your home regularly, with all the guesswork of choosing the right varieties done for you. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first plants or a plant expert with the greenest of thumbs, the best plant subscription box can help spruce up your home.

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Why should I sign up for a plant subscription box?

Aside from making your home look more lively and beautiful, there are other reasons to add houseplants to your living space. They can improve air quality, reduce stress and boost your overall mood, making them a welcome addition to any house.

But your local garden center or nursery probably has a large selection of plants and flowers to choose from, so you may be wondering why you’d want to sign up for live plant delivery. It’s really a matter of convenience — if you’re looking to increase the number of plants around your home, a subscription box makes it easy to build your collection gradually, with a plant arriving on your doorstep each month or quarter.

A plant subscription box can also help you save money since many brands offer their plants at a discount when you sign up for a subscription, including benefits like free shipping. It also lets you experiment with new plants without having to do any research yourself.

Not sure how green your thumb is? A subscription service is a particularly good idea if you’re new to caring for plants because you don’t have to do any of the work of picking out the right varieties or determining the proper care for them. The plants in a subscription box come with care instructions, so you can successfully maintain your houseplants even if you don't have much gardening experience. Subscription services also include pots for your plants, and some even come with planting tools and accessories to make caring for them even easier.

These subscription boxes also make excellent gifts for plant lovers. You don’t have to splurge on a year-long commitment, either, since many boxes have shorter subscriptions designed especially for gifting.

Best plant subscription boxes

The Sill Easy-Care Subscription

This subscription is ideal for beginners, revolving around plants that are easy to take care of. It's also great if you simply prefer low-maintenance plants. Each month, you'll receive a new plant nestled in a white or gray ceramic planter. The subscription is available in three-, six- and 12-month plans. The Sill offers orchid and pet-friendly plant subscriptions, as well. 

Horti Month to Month

This plant subscription box can boost anyone’s confidence in their plant care skills. Each shipment contains a plant with a clay pot and saucer and easy-to-follow care instructions. You can choose from new to planting, pet-friendly and Horti’s pick options and even select the color for your pots. You can skip a month or cancel at any time, too. Horti also has other plans, including six-month, 12-month, quarterly and rare plant options, as well as a three-month kids subscription. 

BloomsyBox Plant Subscription

This subscription box brings a new plant to your door each month straight from a farm. All the plants arrive in a white ceramic pot that works well with many types of décor. The brand chooses low-maintenance varieties and provides care instructions, so your plants can thrive even if you don’t have much gardening experience.

Cratejoy House Plant Box Succulent Box

This succulent subscription box is ideal for beginners since succulents are easy to care for. Each plant arrives in a plastic planter with soil and offers a detailed care card to keep it growing. You can choose from three-month, six-month and 12-month subscriptions or a single-month shipment if you want to give a plant as a gift. Cratejoy offers other plant subscriptions, too, such as houseplant, air plant and vegetable seed boxes.

Lively Root Culinary Plant Subscription

If you’ve always wanted to start your own herb or vegetable garden, this subscription box is for you. Each month, you get a 4-inch culinary plant, such as an herb or veggie, that you can add to your favorite recipes. The plants ship for free, and you can skip a month whenever you need. Lively Root has other subscriptions to choose from, too, including pet-friendly, easy-care, rare plant and air plant boxes.

Harry & David Bulb-of-the-Month Club

For those who want to try growing plants and flowers from seeds, this bulb subscription box is the perfect choice. Every month, you receive a set of pre-planted bulbs for varieties like lilies, tulips and daffodils, as well as care instructions to help them grow. Your first shipment includes a decorative planter, while subsequent shipments contain a grow pot.

Rooted Mystery Hanging Plant

If you want to build your plant collection, but don’t have any specific ideas about what you’re looking for, this plant subscription box sends you one large mystery plant each month. The plants come in an 8-inch grow pot, and the varieties change monthly. You can even opt for a one-time shipment to see what the service is all about. Rooted also offers a few more affordable mystery boxes containing small or medium-sized plants.

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