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Mix these finds among your frames for a stylish living space

Matani/ZDHCLH/The art box

Mix these finds among your frames for a stylish living space

Hanging décor on your walls is a great way to inject some of your own style into a space, particularly if you rent and aren't allowed to paint or hang wallpaper. But, for many, this starts and ends with framed art or photos, when actually, you can go beyond this by hanging a range of decorative items, from textiles to vintage plates

If you're looking for some of the best decorative objects to hang on walls, it's time to get creative. Whether you want to hang something classic, like a planter, or playful, like a basketball hoop, you're sure to find something that fits your vibe. 

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Why look beyond frames for wall decor? 

There's nothing wrong with hanging framed art or photos on your wall, but why stop there? It's not an either/or situation. Think of it like pizza toppings — sure, you like olives on your pizza, but that doesn't mean you can't also have bell peppers in the mix or a nice handful of arugula. Framed art is great, but it can look boring if it's your only wall decoration. Finding other decorative objects to hang on walls brings extra flavor. It instantly makes rooms look more stylish because it shows you've thought beyond the usual. 

The best decorative objects to hang on walls can be personal ones. Maybe you have a vintage quilt your grandma made for you or a collection of antique plates that feel too special to use every day. Hanging objects like these is a great way to display them. 

But, of course, you don't have to have family heirlooms or collections of antiques to embrace this decorative choice. There are plenty of items you can buy to hang on your wall and show off your style. 

Best decorative objects to hang on walls

THE ART BOX Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Textiles are great for hanging on walls, adding texture and interest to a room, and while you hang any textiles of your choosing, wall hangings are light and usually easy to put up. This one has a tree of life design in a choice of seven colors, including yellow, orange and rainbow. 

Kazai Wall Planters

These ceramic hanging planters have backs that sit flush against a wall so they sit nicely. If you love plants and struggle to find enough space for all that you want, these are a great choice. They come in a set of three, which you can hang together or individually.

Hudeur Wall Hanging Baskets

Woven baskets look great on walls and these come in a set of 10 that are designed to be hung together. That said, you can hang them separately, if you prefer, and you can configure them however you like. There's a choice of four 10-piece sets, each with its own mixture of colors and patterns, as well as a smaller four-piece set. 

Royal Albert 100 Years Plate Set

Released to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Albert pottery, this plate set includes recreations of vintage and retro designs from the years 1950 to 1990. If you don't have genuine vintage plates but like the idea of hanging them on your wall, this set gives you a selection of modern vintage-style plates with striking floral patterns. 

Flber Macrame Wall Hanging

Measuring 59 inches across, this black, white and gray macrame wall hanging makes a striking decorative centerpiece for any room. It has a bold geometric design that's softened by the soft textile nature of the piece. You can also choose from five other designs in a range of sizes and hues.

HZDHCLH Wall Clock

You might think of wall clocks as practical items, rather than pieces of décor, but there's no reason why they can't be both. Simple yet stylish, we love this clock with a range of contemporary design schemes, such as Scandinavian and Japanese minimalist. It's great hung alone or as part of a gallery wall. 

VEBAVO Floating Bookshelves

These floating bookshelves not only look great, they also maximize space. They have a series of straps so that they can hold books below the shelf, then you can put your choice of items on top. Whether that's ornaments, plants or yet more books, they act as wall decoration in their own right. 

Matani Metal Dog Wall Décor 

Dog lovers will adore this wall decoration in the form of a sleeping dog. It looks like a line drawing, but it is really made from black metal. It looks contemporary and stylish and shows off the wall behind it, which looks especially great on light-colored walls because of the contrast. There are seven other cat and dog designs available. 

Cali Kiwi Pros Indoor Basketball Hoop

If you're a huge basketball fan, you can integrate your passion into your home décor by hanging a basketball hoop on your wall. This is one of the more attractive options available with a wooden backboard in a choice of four hues. 

Fdit Rabbit Head Wall Hanging

If you like your décor quirky, this metal-effect monocle-wearing rabbit will look great up on your wall. It hangs on a standard picture hook, so there's no special hardware required. 

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