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Best Disney candle

Which Disney candles are best?

Disney World regulars and repeat guests tend to love the magic and the atmosphere the park evokes as well as the joy it brings. They also adore the sights, the sounds and even the scents of the park. Scent evokes memory more powerfully than almost anything else due to the olfactory proximity to the brain’s memory hub. Familiar smells can trigger a memory so real it almost transports you to when you last smelled it, which is where the immense popularity of scented Disney candles come in. 

For Disney lovers, there are specialty candles that offer either Disney memorabilia or scents from the park. The Walter & Rosie Candle Co. Mouse Keeping Candle Inspired by Disney Scents is one such candle that boasts the happiest smell on earth with a magical orange scent reminiscent of the housekeeping services used at Disney resorts.

What to know before you buy a Disney candle


Candles are generally made of several specific types of wax: paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm wax, gel wax and synthetic wax blends being the most common. There are benefits to each type of wax, with paraffin being ideally suited to pillar candles and having the ability to hold a scent well. However, soy or beeswax are arguably the healthiest wax options as they are natural organic compounds.


Some Disney candles, particularly higher-end selections, come with additional accessories. The most common accessories you might find in a Disney candle include jewelry like rings, charm bracelets or necklaces and specially-made candle holders, which can often be reused to decorate Disney-themed rooms. In addition, some candle holders can be thoroughly cleaned out once depleted and then repurposed as candy dishes, which display your love of Disney.

Candle Sets

For candle lovers who’d prefer to purchase more than one candle at a time, candle sets make wonderful holiday presents for the person in your life who needs some extra self-care. Candles also make a wonderful addition to a pampering gift basket. If the Disney candle you love isn’t currently available as part of a set, you can curate your own candle set by purchasing several scents from the same line of Disney candles separately. Then, simply include a few other on-theme knick-knacks for a bespoke Disney basket.

What to look for in a quality Disney candle


Fragrant candles can do wonders for your stress levels, providing calm aromatherapy after a long day. Disney candles are available in a wide variety of truly amazing scents; you can select a Disney-themed candle with a soft and soothing scent or choose a candle that actually smells of Disney. There are Disney candles scented to be reminiscent of their bakery, rides and attractions, resorts, housekeeping supplies, popular menu items, shops and districts. The Disney memorabilia-themed candles have more traditional candle scents like coconut, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla and more. However, the scents of Disney are designed to be so familiar that they make you feel like you’ve traveled there without leaving your living room.

Disney theme

Candles designed or shaped in Disney themes will often feature characters from Disney movies or television shows like Mickey, Minnie, Genie, Belle or a combination of characters. Other Disney candles might be physically shaped like Mickey or Minnie’s heads, be colored to match princess dresses, carry a tropical theme to remind you of warm vacations or be Disney holiday-themed ones, like Christmas or Halloween.

Burn time

The burn time of your new candle will usually depend on the size of the candle and the length of the wick. As an estimate, you should get around 5 hours of burn time per ounce of candle wax in a larger candle. In general, 40 hours is the most common burn time for most medium-sized candles, provided you trim the wick. Longer wicks burn much more rapidly than shorter wicks.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney candle

A. Disney candles are a bit of a niche market, with slightly more elevated prices than regular ones. That said, you don’t have to spend a large sum on a beautiful Disney candle. The price ranges from around $25-$45 and $65 or more on the higher end.

Disney candle FAQ

What kind of metal is the ring in a Disney Charmed Aroma candle, and how many accessory items are included?

A. It depends on the specific Disney Charmed Aroma candle you select. For example, the Mickey Mouse Disney Charmed Aroma candles contain one surprise ring made of 925 sterling silver with a two-piece Disney-themed candle holder. Other Disney Charmed Aroma collections will include different surprise accessories.

What are some tips for extending the burn time of a Disney candle?

A. While the approximate expected burn time of your candle is typically stated on the label, there are a few ways to extend the longevity: avoid lighting the candle near a draft like a fan or a vent, try to avoid lighting the candle for just a few minutes at a time and always keep the wick trimmed.

What are the best Disney candles to buy?

Top Disney candle

Walter & Rosie Candle Co. Mouse Keeping Candle Inspired by Disney Scents

What you need to know: This candle will appeal to Disney lovers who are frequent guests at their resorts. The scent promises to transport you right back to your hotel room.

What you’ll love: This 11-ounce soy blend candle has a luscious orange, grapefruit and bergamot scent and has a lengthy burn time of 40 hours.

What you should consider: While the scent is very Disney, the packing aesthetic is subtle. If you’re seeking an overtly Disney visual, this might not provide the look you’re going for.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top Disney candle for the money

Disney Mickey Mouse Tropical Scented Candle

What you need to know: This adorable Mickey-shaped candle is poured into a “coconut shell” holder that has a fun tropical vibe for a good price.

What you’ll love: The coconut scent of this authentic Disney candle brings warm, sunny vacations to mind and is part of their Tropical Mickey and Minnie Collection.

What you should consider: The coconut shell holder is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe if you plan to use it as a bowl after the candle has burned out.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Charmed Aroma Disney Mickey Mouse Candle

What you need to know: This iconic Mickey Mouse candle from Charmed Aroma is officially licensed and comes complete with an authentic Disney-themed ring inside.

What you’ll love: The shape of this candle is exquisite. The wax is made of a premium soy wax blend with a 100 percent cotton wick. Finally, it has a burn time of 40 hours and makes a truly fabulous gift for any Disney lover.

What you should consider: This candle is on the more expensive spectrum

Where to buy: Amazon


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