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14 WoodWick candles that are perfect for fall

Even before cool, crisp fall weather fully sets in, certain scents can get you in the right mood for the season. If you want to create the perfect fall vibe for your home, WoodWick candles can do the magic. Not only do they come in many comforting autumn-inspired fragrances, but they also make a soothing crackling sound that makes you feel like you’re sitting next to a roaring fire. Here are some of the best WoodWick candles for creating a cozy atmosphere this fall.

In this article: WoodWick Pumpkin Butter Hourglass Candle, WoodWick Autumn Comfort Hourglass Trilogy Candle and WoodWick Exotic Spices Trilogy Hourglass Candle.

What are WoodWick candles? 

WoodWick candles are a premium brand of scented candles made by Yankee Candle Company. The candles stand out from many other candles on the market because they feature an all-natural wooden wick. The wicks are short and wide, so when they begin burning, they start crackling like wood in a fireplace.

WoodWick candles also feature a blend of soy and paraffin waxes, so they burn cleanly and don’t produce much smoke. They come in many enticing scents and styles too, so you can find the perfect fragrance depending on your mood, personal preferences or the season.

Types of WoodWick candles

WoodWick offers several types of candles that come in various sizes and containers.

  • WoodWick Hourglass candles are the brand’s classic candles and come in a glass jar with a slight hourglass shape.
  • WoodWick EllipseCandles come in a short, wide glass jar that creates a larger wax pool to amplify their scent.
  • Trilogy WoodWick candles feature a blend of three of the brand’s scents in a single glass jar. They are available in both Hourglass and Ellipse jars.

Best WoodWick candles for fall with autumn-specific scents

WoodWick Pumpkin Butter Hourglass Candle

This candle can fill your home with a classic autumn scent with notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, maple, vanilla and almond. The large jar can burn for up to 180 hours and features the brand’s patented crackling wick.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Autumn Comfort Hourglass Trilogy Candle

This triple-layered candle offers up cozy fall vibes with its blend of WoodWick’s Sonoma Sunset, Pumpkin Butter and Apple Crisp scents. It contains notes of peach, cinnamon, balsam, vanilla, pumpkin, apple and caramel, so your house smells like you’ve been baking fall treats all day.

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WoodWick Autumn Harvest Hourglass Trilogy Candle

This candle features layers of three classic WoodWick fall scents: Apple Basket, Spiced Blackberry and Pumpkin Butter. It has warm spiced pumpkin, crisp apple and pear, rich blackberry and cinnamon notes that all melt into one another to create a delicious aroma. Best of all, it offers more than 150 hours of burn time.

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Best WoodWick candles for fall with food scents

WoodWick Exotic Spices Trilogy Hourglass Candle

This medium hourglass candle features three layers of scents that melt into one another as the candle burns. It features Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon and Spiced Rum layers for hints of cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and raisin that are perfect for fall.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Spiced Blackberry Hourglass Candle

This classic hourglass candle has notes of ripe blackberries, orange zest, cinnamon and vanilla sugar for a fragrance that’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The large glass jar also comes with a wooden cover to keep the candle clean when not in use.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Cinnamon Chai Hourglass Candle

Relax this fall with delicious spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and sweet vanilla to remind you of your favorite chai tea. The blend of premium fragrance oils and high-quality wax ensures that the scent is strong and long-lasting too.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Hot Toddy Hourglass Candle

This classic candle has a warm, cozy scent with hints of caramel, apple and maple wine. It also has a Pluswick Innovation wick that provides a crackling sound and flickering flame that makes you feel like you’re sitting fireside.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Applewood Hourglass Candle

If you’re a fan of apple pie, you’ll love this fruity candle with notes of tart green apple and spicy cinnamon. The organic wood wick also creates a lovely glow that can help make your home feel warm and cozy throughout the fall.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Smoked Walnut and Maple Ellipse Candle

With rich notes of smoked walnuts, sweet maple and burning woods, this candle can make any room instantly feel like fall. The low, wide glass vessel lets a large pool of wax develop, so the scent is stronger than other candles.

Sold by Amazon

Best WoodWick candles for fall with outdoorsy or natural scents

WoodWick Warm Wool Hourglass Candle

Feel like you’re wearing your coziest fall sweater with this fresh-scented candle. It has notes of warm merino wool and some floral hints, plus sandalwood and patchouli to warm it up. It’s ideal for those who prefer a lighter fall scent.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Fireside Hourglass Candle

This warm, cozy candle captures the feeling of sitting around a fire. It has notes of bergamot, amber, woods and musk to give it plenty of warmth, and it can burn for up to 100 hours.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Evening Bonfire Hourglass Candle

Enjoy the relaxing scent of a smoldering fire in the woods with this lovely fall candle. Its wick also allows it to crackle like a bonfire, and the highly fragranced wax ensures your home smells warm and cozy for hours.

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WoodWick Warm Woods Trilogy Ellipse Candle 

With layers of the brand’s Fireside, Redwood and Sandalwood Clove scents, this candle has notes of bergamot, amber, musk, sandalwood, redwood, amber and clove. They all blend into one another as the candle melts for a truly unique fall-appropriate fragrance.

Sold by Amazon

WoodWick Cozy Cabin Trilogy Ellipse Candle

This layered candle features the Evening Bonfire, Wood Smoke and Oud Wood scents to create an evolving fragrance with hints of smoldering wood, amber, oud wood, vanilla, incense, cedar and more. It can burn for up to 40 hours.

Sold by Amazon 


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