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LG portable air conditioner vs. De'Longhi portable air conditioner

Which portable air conditioner is best: LG or De'Longhi?

While the summer offers numerous ways to beat the heat outdoors, cooling down the temperature indoors usually means turning on the air conditioner.

In a house, apartment or office without central air conditioning, an electric fan can provide some relief. However, a portable air conditioner is much more effective in creating a comfortable space. They are easy to move from room to room, you can set them up wherever the cooling is needed most, and they don't block light from windows like the window-mounted units do. They can even supplement cooling in areas a central air conditioner can't reach.

LG and De'Longhi offer some of the best portable air conditioners on the market, but which brand is better?

LG portable air conditioners

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company that manufactures home appliances, including washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners.

The company offers portable air conditioners with Btu ratings suitable for cooling spaces from 200 to 700 square feet at prices from $340 to $700.  Many of its units support the company's ThinQ technology. The app lets you monitor and control your device from virtually anywhere. And for hands-free operation, you can activate the air conditioner with the sound of your voice using Google Assistant on devices such as Google Home, Nest and Amazon Echo.

LG portable air conditioner pros

  • Oscillating air vents: Circulating cool air in multiple directions throughout the room cools efficiently and eliminates hot spots.
  • LoDecibel technology: LG portable air conditioners with dual inverter compressors operate at nearly inaudible sound levels as low as 44 decibels.
  • LG ThinQ: This feature is available on smart Wi-Fi portable air conditioners.
  • User-friendly control panel and remote controls: Temperature adjustments can be made with a touch of a button either on the machine's control panel or the remote-control device.
  • Programmable timers: You can set the air conditioner to operate according to your schedule and begin cooling before you arrive home.
  • Heating and cooling: Some models offer both capabilities.
  • Warranty: The typical warranty covers one year, parts and labor.

LG portable air conditioner cons

  • Hot exhaust hose: Non-insulated exhaust hoses produce heat that goes back into the cooled room.
  • Installation: Some units may require the help of a professional.

Best LG portable air conditioners

Top LG portable air conditioner

LG LP1419IVSM Smart Dual Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

What you need to know: This 10,000 Btu smart portable air conditioner cools large rooms up to 500 square feet, operates at a quiet 44 decibels and saves up to 40% in energy costs.

What you'll love: LG ThinQ technology lets you set your air conditioner from anywhere using your smartphone, and voice control works with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google. You can create your own cooling schedule with the 24-hour timer and three cooling and fan speeds.

What you should consider: Some buyers report the unit was noisier than advertised, and it generates a faint mildew odor if the drain tank is not emptied properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top LG portable air conditioner for the money

LG LP0821GSSM 18-Inch Smart Portable Air Conditioner

What you need to know: For the budget-minded buyer, this 8,000 Btu portable air conditioner cools medium-size rooms up to 350 square feet and includes a 24-hour timer for creating a cooling schedule.

What you'll love: The three-in-one operation cools, dehumidifies and circulates air with a two-speed fan and offers power-failure auto restart. The air conditioner can be controlled by an LCD remote or LG ThinQ, and it works with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google. 

What you should consider: Buyers report the remote control needs a longer range for effective use. The stiff hose lacks insulation, letting heat radiate back into the room.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

LG LP0621WSR Portable Air Conditioner

What you need to know: This 6,000 Btu portable air conditioner is ideal for cooling, dehumidifying or operating in the fan-only mode for smaller rooms, up to 250 square feet.

What you'll love: The oscillating air vent circulates air evenly throughout the room using two cooling and two fan speeds. The unit comes with a window-vent installation kit, an LCD Remote control and a check filter alert that warns when it's time to clean the filter.

What you should consider: Some buyers say this air conditioner is noisy, and the exhaust tube remains hot.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

De'Longhi portable air conditioners 

De'Longhi is a manufacturer of small appliances based in Treviso, Italy, perhaps best known for its high-quality espresso machines. The company also produces gelato makers and Pinguino portable air conditioners.

De'Longhi offers basic portable air conditioners equipped with features including LCD control panels, timer setting functions and a single hose configuration. At the top end, the company produces the Pinguino Care4Me, which is fitted with Wi-Fi connectivity and an artificial-intelligence-supported thermostat to sense the room temperature and adjust accordingly.

De'Longhi offers portable air conditioners designed for cooling rooms from 400 to 700 square feet at prices from $375$ to 750.  

De'Longhi portable air conditioner pros

  • Comprehensive array of products: The variety of air conditioners offered makes it easy to find the unit with the exact features you require.
  • Three-in-one operation: Most De'Longhi air conditioners offer cooling, dehumidification and fan-only operation.
  • Artificial-intelligence-supported thermostat: This feature is offered on high-end models with Wi-Fi for temperature detection and regulation.
  • Quiet: While the average noise level of portable air conditioners is 56 decibels, De'Longhi offers the quietest units on the market, some at 46 decibels.
  • No greenhouse gas emissions: The portable air conditioners use R290 refrigerant-grade propane that reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional alternatives.
  • Easy installation: Most De'Longhi portable air conditioners only require simple assembly.
  • Warranty: Most are warrantied for two years.

De'Longhi portable air conditioner cons

  • Window kit does not fit all windows: Vertical sliding windows may require a custom fit.
  • Expensive: These are often more expensive than most other brands.

Best De'Longhi portable air conditioners

Top De'Longhi portable air conditioner

De'Longhi PACEX390UVcare Portable Air Conditioner

What you need to know: This 14,000 Btu portable air conditioner offers powerful cooling for larger rooms up to 700 square feet with a whisper-quiet sound that lets you sleep while staying refreshed.

What you'll love: The three-in-one cooling, dehumidifying and fan settings includes UV-C technology, which protects against viruses by eliminating 99.5% of dust particles from the air. The auto-evaporating system recycles residual moisture by expelling it through the exhaust hose, reducing the need to drain excess moisture manually.

What you should consider: The simple remote control does not illuminate, making it difficult to see the buttons in low light.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top De'Longhi portable air conditioner for the money

De'Longhi PACEM360 WH Penguino Portable Air Conditioner

What you need to know: This multifunctional portable system efficiently cools rooms up to 17% more than previous portable systems and dehumidifies or operates in the fan-only mode for rooms up to 400 square feet.

What you'll love: A low setting offers near-silent operation while cooling, and the unit can be operated with user-friendly controls and a handy remote. The portable unit takes only minutes to set up, and the front-facing lighted display that dims automatically makes changing settings easy. 

What you should consider: The window kit does not fit vertical sliding windows very well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

De'Longhi 14,000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner

What you need to know: This three-in-one portable air conditioner efficiently cools and dehumidifies a room up to 500 square feet, while the Arctic Whisper Extreme reduces typical fan noise by up 50%.

What you'll love: The Cool Surround Technology uses Bluetooth and a smart remote to monitor the surrounding temperature and auto-adjusts the unit to maintain comfortable conditions. The Eco Real Feel technology controls the humidity while saving up to 30% on energy consumption.

What you should consider: The included exhaust hose may be too short for some areas and need to be insulated to reduce the heat going back into the room.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Should you get an LG or De'Longhi portable air conditioner?

Both LG and De'Longhi produce excellent portable air conditioners. LG is backed by a massive electronics company and offers units with similar basic features to the De'Longhi models at a slightly lower price. But De'Longhi units are at the forefront of portable air conditioner innovation with quiet operation, an artificial intelligence feature and reduced environmental impact.

For the buyer willing to spend a few bucks more, De'Longhi is the better choice.

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