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Pop-up paper flower bouquets are fun, whimsical and perfect for Valentine’s Day


Paper flower bouquets are so impressive and should be more of a thing

Sending your valentine a bouquet of flowers is the go-to romantic gesture, but what if you don’t have the budget for it? What if your special someone is allergic to flowers? Enter the pop-up bouquet, a symbol of love that will never wilt. Lovepop designs beautiful Valentine’s Day cards that transform into intricate 3D bouquets. The brand offers an incredible array of romantic centerpieces, from classic red roses to those with pop culture themes, such as this gorgeous purple arrangement inspired by “Bridgerton.” We selected our favorites to surprise your loved one with this Valentine’s Day.  

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Do you want the card personalized? 

Lovepop gives you two options when purchasing a bouquet: you can either receive a blank note and handwrite your message or personalize it for an additional $5. With the personalized option, you can add a custom message, photo or gift card, and they’ll print it out for you to include with the bouquet.

Classic and pop culture-inspired Valentine’s Day bouquets

Lovepop Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet 30% off with promo code

This elegant display is your traditional bouquet of red roses with hints of white baby’s breath for a pretty color contrast. The yellow vase is decorated with a gold ribbon and a note card that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day” in black cursive.

Lovepop Sweetheart Flower Bouquet 30% off with promo code

This sweet bouquet features red roses and baby’s breath, with pale pink and gold hearts to match the modern octagonal vase. It's a more colorful and cutesy take on the traditional rose bouquet.

Lovepop "Harry Potter" Love Potion Bouquet

“Harry Potter” fans will adore this enchanting pink, purple and gold bouquet accented with potion bottles. It contains a swirling, bubbling mixture that emits hearts and a vase labeled “Amortentia,” the most powerful love potion in the wizarding world. You can also spy a fitting quote from the sixth novel on said potion, “It is impossible to manufacture or imitate love.” 

Lovepop Disney "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Seriously Spooky Bouquet

Valentines obsessed with “The Nightmare Before Christmas” will appreciate this creepy yet cute bouquet with a striking red, green, black and white color scheme. The rose and thistle bouquet has a Halloween Town twist with Jack Skellington heads, a spiderweb and skeletal hand details. The vase’s pinstripe pattern mimics Jack Skellington’s outfit with bat wings in place of decorative ribbon.

Lovepop "Star Wars" Death Star Love Explosion Bouquet

Have you ever been so in love that it feels like your heart will explode? This galactically mushy bouquet is perfect for conveying that to a “Star Wars” nerd. The Death Star-themed vase explodes into a pink arrangement of hearts and starfighters — you can even spy Leia, Luke and Chewbacca zooming away.  

Lovepop Disney’s Mickey Mouse Colorful Blooms Bouquet

This vibrant bouquet celebrates Disney’s most iconic and beloved character. The charming arrangement features multicolored cartoon flowers with Mickey peeking cheekily out of the blossoms. The red octagonal vase is decorated with hearts and two dots representing Mickey’s eyes.

LovePop "Stranger Things" Demogorgon Valentine Pop-Up Bouquet

This “Stranger Things” bouquet is a fun gift for fans of the sci-fi show. The colorful arrangement contains traditional roses intermixed with Demogoron-inspired flowers, main characters including Eleven, Dustin and Mike, and quotes from the series encased in hearts. The vase pattern is a nod to the string light alphabet wall from Season 1. 

LovePop Marvel's "Spider-Man" Super Valentine's Day Bouquet

If your loved one is devoted to the “Spider-Man” films or comics, this bouquet is a must. The red and blue display contains hearts, spiderwebs, Spider-Man himself and silly puns like, “Let’s hang.” The vase has heart and spiderweb imagery with “have a super Valentine’s Day” text.

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