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Michaels' 'Big Halloween Sale' will warm your cold, black heart


Turn your house into the spooky lair of your dreams

With Halloween only a few weeks away, it's safe to say that spooky season is here. And if you haven't decorated yet, the time is now — Michaels is having a Big Halloween Sale that will let you turn your entire home (inside, outside and everything in between) into a spooky lair straight out of a scary story.

From haunting Halloween florals to witches' lair-themed décor, Michaels has all your Halloween decorating needs covered this year — and right now, it's all up to 60% off.

Shop this article: Skull Flower Arrangement by AshlandTombstone, Skull & Floral Arrangement by AshlandTouch of Nature 14-inch Frankenstein’s Bride Head

Buy all of these Halloween décor pieces from Michaels

Skull Flower Arrangement by Ashland

This spooky arrangement of white, purple, black and navy blue flowers is placed in a skull container, making for a perfect tabletop display for the Halloween season.

Tombstone, Skull & Floral Arrangement by Ashland

This arrangement makes a festive display for spooky season, featuring flowers, branches and leaves, plus a skull and tombstone — all arranged inside a stately flower pot.

26-inch Silver Skulls & Purple Roses Wreath by Ashland

From a distance, this 26-inch wreath might look like a normal arrangement of flowers and fall branches. Get a little closer, though, and you'll see that it's also peppered with skulls to celebrate spooky season.

Beware The Witching Hour Tabletop Accent by Ashland

This tabletop accent piece warns everyone to "Beware the witching hour." A raven poses on the text of this Edgar Allen Poe-inspired décor piece, which will fit into any haunted mansion this Halloween season.

8-inch Ouija Planchette Tabletop Accent by Ashland

Make your Halloween centerpiece a little spookier this year with this 8-inch Ouija planchette. It's the perfect accent piece to add to any display, bringing paranormal energy to your Halloween décor.

7.5-inch Creepy Test Tubes with Stand Tabletop Accent by Ashland

What creepy experiments have happened here? That's what guests will wonder when they see this test tube display — each tube is filled with mystery experiments that may have already gone wrong.

Touch of Nature 14-inch Frankenstein’s Bride Head

This Bride of Frankenstein bust will look right at home on any mantel, bookshelf or window ledge, bringing some stately décor to your home's Halloween display. In full color, this bust is suitable to use indoors or outside, so you can also use it to dress up your porch or garden.

Dark Gray Mum Bush with Sheer Petals by Ashland

Florals aren't just for spring and summer anymore. These creepy, dark gray mums make a perfect Halloween display. They aren't dead, but they look spooky — like they could have been picked right from the cemetery. Perfect for a spooky-season bouquet.


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