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Best sarsaparilla tea

Which sarsaparilla teas are best?

Sarsaparilla, which is a vine native to Central and South America, Southeast Asia and India, has been rising in popularity due to the many benefits it supposedly offers. It has been used in folk medicine in India and Asia for centuries. It has many uses, including improving urinary function, cleansing blood, improving liver health, improving skin health, etc. Though it is most famous for being a flavor in soft drinks, it is also available in supplement form. 

For those looking for a good sarsaparilla tea, the Buddha Teas Organic Sarsaparilla Root Tea is one of the best options. Not only is Buddha Teas one of the most reputable tea companies in the health and wellness scene, but their sarsaparilla tea has no additives and has a stronger flavor.

What to know before you buy sarsaparilla tea

The health benefits 

Sarsaparilla has too many potential health benefits to mention, but many people take it to treat skin conditions, improve liver and kidney health and cleanse their blood. Some studies suggest that sarsaparilla might play an active role in treating arthritis and cancer. Luckily, sarsaparilla is safe to consume daily. However, those taking too much will likely experience an upset stomach. Consult with your doctor before taking it as a supplement since most studies on sarsaparilla are inconclusive. 

Soft drinks made sarsaparilla famous 

People know sarsaparilla’s name because of the soft drinks, which became popular in the 19th century. Ironically, many of these drinks contain zero sarsaparillas. Instead, they use ingredients with a similar flavor profile like birch oil or sassafras. In the 19th century, these drinks were advertised as health tonics. Sarsaparilla is also a type of root beer, and sarsaparilla drinks are still popular today. 

Sarsaparilla comes in many forms 

Sarsaparilla comes in many forms, not just tea or soft drinks. It also comes in capsule form, oil (tincture) or powder extract. There aren’t many official studies documenting which form is better, but tea is a good option since it typically contains no additives and requires minimal processing. 

What to look for in a quality sarsaparilla tea

No additives

The sarsaparilla tea you buy should not contain any additives, just the sarsaparilla root itself. Other additives like sugar will make the tea less healthy, which could mean that the product is diluted. While many people like to mix teas, it is best to do this yourself at home and buy pure sarsaparilla with no additional ingredients. 

Organic and recycled ingredients/materials 

Being eco-conscious is a high priority for a lot of consumers these days. Luckily, companies like Buddha Tea and Celebration Herbals try to use recycled ingredients for their packaging and avoid processes like bleaching their tea bags, which can contain harmful chemicals. Getting certified organic products also ensure that you are getting high-quality ingredients that have been rigorously inspected. 

Stronger flavor 

Sarsaparilla doesn’t have a strong flavor. It is more comparable to an herbal tea than something stronger like black tea. People used to the taste of the root itself might be disappointed by how mild the flavor is. Sarsaparilla naturally has a licorice flavor with earthy notes and hints of vanilla. Some people will dislike the flavor, while others will find it more palatable. Ensure the tea bags steep properly in hot water before drinking the tea to get more flavor and health benefits. 

How much you can expect to spend on sarsaparilla tea

Sarsaparilla teas with pre-packaged tea bags typically cost $5-$10. The loose-leaf root costs between $15-$25, but you get more of the product, which offsets the higher cost so long as you are ok with preparing the tea bags at home. 

Sarsaparilla tea FAQ

Is sarsaparilla tea gluten-free?

A. As long as the sarsaparilla tea contains no additives, it is gluten-free. Gluten is a protein found in many grains, but it does not naturally occur inside sarsaparilla. Nevertheless, it is always wise to look at the box and make sure it is gluten-free.

How fast will I notice differences in my health after drinking sarsaparilla tea?

A. This varies. Some people notice almost immediately when they start drinking it daily, while others feel effects over time. Some of the early effects many people experience are having more energy, seeing their skin improve and feeling less abdominal pain. 

What’s the best sarsaparilla tea to buy?

Top sarsaparilla tea

Buddha Teas Organic Sarsaparilla Root Tea, 18 Bleach Tea Bags

What you need to know: This is a sarsaparilla tea with no additives and high-quality ingredients that comes with 16 unbleached tea bags per box. 

What you’ll love: The sarsaparilla flavor is mild but noticeable with hints of licorice. The box and materials are made from recycled materials, and the tea itself is certified organic. Buddha Teas usually makes very reputable products. 

What you should consider: The tea bags seem airier than some other tea bags that sink right into the water. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top sarsaparilla tea for the money

Celebration Herbals Sarsaparilla Root Organic 24 Bag

What you need to know: You get 24 tea bags containing only organic sarsaparilla root with a mild but delicious flavor. 

What you’ll love: This is sarsaparilla that comes from the Central American region. It is certified organic and contains no additives. There are 24 tea bags in each box, and the taste is mild but pleasant. 

What you should consider: Some people found the flavor too mild, and it is hard to figure out exactly what country the sarsaparilla is coming from. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Starwest Botanicals Organic Sarsaparilla Root Cut & Sifted (Indian), 4 Ounces

What you need to know: This loose sarsaparilla root can be used to make homemade tea, and it has a strong taste without being overbearing. 

What you’ll love: The only included ingredient is organic sarsaparilla root. It is looseleaf so that you can make your own tea with it. Hints of licorice come through without being too overpowering. 

What you should consider: This is more expensive than the pre-bagged options available online. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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