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Best reading glasses

Which reading glasses are best? 

Reading glasses are a common form of non-prescription eyewear for people who have presbyopia, a common refractive error in one’s eyes that makes it difficult to clearly see objects up close. In particular, presbyopia causes difficulty when it comes to reading books or other documents with a small font.

A reliable pair of reading glasses is a good solution to this problem. There are various types of reading glasses, each for its own situation or situation. So, before heading to the store and picking out the first pair you like, there are some things to consider.

Prescription vs. non-prescription reading glasses

Reading glasses may have either prescription or non-prescription lenses. If you’re not sure which type you need, a trip to the optometrist may be in order. The optometrist can test your vision and determine what works best for you.

Unlike regularly prescribed glasses, non-prescription reading glasses do not offer vision correction. People who have common vision problems like astigmatism are unlikely to benefit from a non-prescription pair of reading glasses.

Types of lenses

Though multiple types of lenses for reading glasses exist, these are the types you’re most likely to see.

  • Single-vision lenses: Most over-the-counter, non-prescription reading glasses use single-vision lenses. These glasses help by providing correction to a single field of vision. They may help correct either distance or close-up vision.
  • Trifocal lenses: Typically offered by prescription only, these lenses have three optical focal points. Each focal point has its own distance correction. Options include distant, intermediate, and near vision correction.
  • Progressive lenses: Reading glasses that use these types of lenses can transition from close-up to long-distance vision. These lenses are custom-designed and require a prescription.

Lens strength

A standard pair of reading glasses offer low-level strength of correction. They range from +1.00 to around +6.00. The weaker your vision, the stronger the connection needs to be.

One way to find out which lens strength is best for you is to speak with an optometrist and have them conduct an eye examination for you. Another way is to go online and find a strength test for your vision. For these, you will need to print out the test and hold it a foot away from your eyes as you try to read each line. Wherever you stop will determine your vision strength.

Size and material

Most reading glasses are made from polycarbonate, Trivex, or high-index plastic.

Polycarbonate is lightweight and durable, meaning it is resistant to breaking. Glasses made from this material may cause the images to become slightly distorted.

Similar to polycarbonate, Trivex is also lightweight and durable. With these glasses, it’s less likely that any images will become distorted.

Polycarbonate offers a very durable, lightweight feel that is resistant to breaking. They may cause images to be slightly distorted, however.

Trivex, like polycarbonate, is also very lightweight and durable. They are less likely to distort images and may provide better peripheral vision.

For a higher strength lens, high-index plastic lenses are one of the better options. Reading glasses made from this material are typically thinner and lighter than others, which makes them more comfortable. They may break more easily though.

Tips on choosing a pair of reading glasses for any occasion

It may take some time to find the best pair of reading glasses for your unique situation and vision. This is partly due to the fact that you may need to take a vision test before finding the best magnification or lens strength for your eyes.

If you’re not entirely sure which reading glasses to choose from, here are some tips that may help.

  • Whether you’ve taken a vision test or not, consider testing out several pairs of reading glasses to see which magnification strength suits you best.
  • While testing out reading glasses, look for a pair that has a focal point that works well with your current vision and needs.
  • Consider choosing a pair of reading glasses with larger lenses and lower magnification to start. This can help you find the right prescription strength.

The right pair of reading glasses should feel comfortable as well. If the glasses don’t fit right or are too heavy for your face, they could dig into the bridge of your nose or ears. While this may not cause long-term problems, it may make wearing them unbearable.

Top reading glasses for any situation

ThinOptics Universal Pod Rectangular Reading Glasses

ThinOptics offers an amazing razor-thin pair of reading glasses perfect for people who enjoy reading and travel often. These non-polarized glasses have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and come with a case designed to easily fit into a wallet or shirt pocket. They have a unique design that allows them to simply sit on your nose without the need for arms.

Sold by Amazon

Success Eyewear Reading Glasses Set

This set of four unisex reading glasses comes in three different color options. Each pair of glasses has its own lens strength, making it convenient to choose a pair that suits your preferences. They have a classic shape and are durable and comfortable.

Sold by Amazon

Eyekepper 4 Pack Ladies Reading Glasses

These oversized reading glasses for women come in various colors, patterns, and magnification strengths, so there’s an option for virtually anyone who needs a pair of non-prescription reading glasses. The magnification tends to be accurate, making this a great choice for online buyers. Each pair of glasses has a scratch-resistant coating and has durable spring hinges. They are best for those with narrower faces.

Sold by Amazon

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses

Coming in a set of two, these reading glasses are convenient, lightweight, and sturdy. They each come with their own case, which easily clips onto clothing for those on the go. The glasses themselves have a minimalistic style and come with various lens strengths.

Sold by Amazon

CCVOO 5 Pack Reading Glasses

These unique reading glasses come in many colors and have different magnification levels. However, what sets them apart is that they offer a standard amount of blue light protection, which is particularly useful for anyone who regularly reads or works on their computer or phone. In addition to this, these reading glasses have UV400 protection and anti-glare lenses, which further reduce eye strain.

Sold by Amazon

ThinOptics Frontpage Brooklyn Reading Glasses

Coming in several colors, including tortoise, blue, black, and clear, these sophisticated-looking reading glasses come with various lens strengths and are lightweight. They offer an optimal fit for most wearers’ faces. Plus, they come with a carrying case that can easily attach to your phone, making them portable. Not only that but the glasses themselves are designed to be shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Sold by Amazon

Success Eyewear Folding Unisex Glasses

These reading glasses fold in upon themselves into a small, easily packaged pair for readers on the go. They come in a few different colors, are comfortable, and are designed to not slip from your nose even while looking down. These glasses are great for men and women alike, though they may be a little small for some people.

Sold by Amazon

JJWELL 3 Pack Blue Light Reading Glasses

Another great set of men’s reading glasses with blue light and UV protection, these lenses come in various strengths and are highly durable. They have a half-frame design, which gives them a more modern aesthetic. The nose rest is somewhat adjustable for a more precise fit.

Sold by Amazon

25DU Women’s Reading Glasses Set

For a fashionable set of reading glasses that provide eyestrain relief and prevent screen glare, check out this option. As usual, they come with different magnification strengths and offer built-in UV400 protection to prevent blue light. They also have a rounded frame that is both comfortable and sturdy.

Sold by Amazon

SIGVAN 3 Pack Reading Glasses

This three-pack of unisex reading glasses is convenient, durable, and comfortable. They come in a variety of colors and have a classic shape. With multiple magnification strengths to choose from, it’s not too difficult to find the right pair for your situation.

Sold by Amazon

Accessories for your reading glasses

If you wear reading glasses, whether they’re prescription or non-prescription strength, it may be a good idea to get a few accessories for them. Here are the essentials:

Reading glasses case. Some glasses cases are portable or have a clip that attaches to clothing or a phone. Others have the classic hard-shell design for those who keep their reading glasses at home.

Adjustable strap. Used for both prescription and non-prescription glasses, a glasses strap that goes around your neck is a convenient way to use the glasses on the go.

Cleaning cloth. A reusable microfiber cloth that fits right inside the glasses’ case or your pocket is a great way to keep the lenses clear of dust, fuzz, or lint.

Ultimately, reading glasses are meant to help the wearer see fine print and other written text more clearly and without eye strain. If you’re thinking about getting a pair for yourself, make sure you choose ones that work well for your vision and fit comfortably upon your face.


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