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Festive face masks could be the New Year's party accessory for 2021. Here are our four favorites

With the world facing its second festive season with COVID-19, you might be wondering if you still need to wear a mask when you hit New Year's or other holiday parties. It's undeniably the most sensible choice, but festive face masks can make you look good at the same time. 

Festive face masks might just be the go-to accessory for New Year's Eve parties in 2021. Choosing the right one will help you stand out from the crowd.

Should I wear a face mask while socializing? 

Whether to wear a face mask is down to the individual’s preference unless your host or the venue you're visiting has explicitly asked you to wear one, but it will help reduce the spread of infection. With the omicron variant of COVID-19 spreading rapidly, not to mention a whole host of other winter viruses going around, it makes sense to wear a face mask when socializing indoors. 

You may feel comfortable without a mask when you're gathering with a handful of friends or family members, particularly if you know that they're fully vaccinated and have recently received a booster. When going to a larger party, however, you may not know everyone there or you might know everyone but not their vaccine status, so it pays to be cautious and wear a face mask.

What to look for in a face mask

Most festive face masks are reusable cloth face masks. While these offer ample protection in non-medical settings, you should look out for certain factors when choosing. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, you should pick a mask that's well-fitting over your nose and mouth, has an adjustable nose wire to help prevent leaks and is made from multiple layers of fabric. Avoid options that gape around the sides, contain vents or are a fabric that’s thin enough to see through when you hold the mask up to the light. 

Since you'll be wearing your festive face mask all night at a New Year's party or other holiday parties, it must be comfortable. Elasticated ear cords are generally comfortable, assuming they're not so tight that they irritate the backs of your ears. You might want a mask with adjustable ear cords for the most comfortable fit.

Festive designs

If you're going to a New Year's Eve party, Christmas is over, so you probably won't want a face mask that’s Christmas-themed. You can find festive face masks with generic winter designs, such as snowflakes, holly or stags. You'll also find some options that make a nod to Christmas but still wouldn't look out of place at a New Year celebration. Then you have sequined and other sparkly masks that aren't holiday-themed but could still be classed as festive. 

Best festive face masks

Glitz Cones Holiday Face Mask

Featuring three layers and an adjustable nose wire, this festive face mask ticks all the boxes when it comes to offering protection. The soft elasticated ear cords make it comfortable to wear all night and the design featuring a string of colored lights is festive yet not too Christmassy. 

Sold by Etsy 

Mural Wall Art Sequin Cotton Face Mask

If you want to add some festive glitz to your New Year's outfit without choosing an overtly holiday-themed design, this sequin face mask is the ideal choice. 

Sold by Amazon

Weddingstar Washable Cloth Face Masks

You can choose from a range of festive designs with this three-pack of face masks, including a polar bear Fairisle print, snowflake designs, baubles and plaid. Whichever festive option you choose, you get three unique designs in a pack. 

Sold by Amazon

Custom Curiosities Co. Green Grinch Mouth Face Mask

Are you not generally known for your festive spirit? This Grinch face mask might be the perfect festive choice for a New Year's party. 

Sold by Etsy


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