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A tick removal tool kit should be a staple in your house this spring

Expertly reviewed by Michael Huynh
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Tick season is a bit less frightening when you’re prepared with a tick removal tool 

Spring may be the season for warming weather and blooming flowers, but that’s not all that emerges this time of year. Unfortunately, it’s also when ticks are extremely active, particularly in wooded areas. Not only do these parasitic arachnids give you the creeps, but ticks can carry an array of diseases. 

You may not be able to avoid ticks this spring, but you can be prepared if one does bite you or embed itself in your skin. We turned to BestReviews medical expert Dr. Michael Huynh for advice on the steps you should take for treatment and the right tick removal tool for the job. 

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Risks posed by ticks 

If you think ticks are frightening, understanding the possible ramifications that can occur once a tick bites or embeds in the skin will heighten your awareness. Huynh warned of the diseases that are carried by some ticks. 

“Tick bites are often quite scary. There are many tick borne illnesses that arise from a tick bite such as anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and the most well-known, Lyme disease,” he said. The types of ticks that you may encounter depends on where you live, he continued. “Different types of ticks in different parts of the U.S. carry certain diseases, and it is important to know which disease is endemic to a certain area.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ticks are commonly found in the U.S. in Atlantic coastal regions and the Gulf of Mexico. The agency provides detailed information on its site about the common types of ticks and where they are typically found throughout the country. 

How to treat a tick bite

Occasionally, tick bites will happen. Huynh provided the procedures that are necessary for safely treating a tick bite.

“To minimize the retention of tick parts onto the skin during removal, you should use fine-tip tweezers to grasp the tip as close to the skin surface as possible where the tweezers should grasp the head of the tick and avoid compressing the tick's body in order to prevent pushing bacteria into the skin and bloodstream. Use steady pressure but try not to squeeze or crush the tick and try not to jerk or twist the tick. After removing the tick you should wash the area with alcohol or soap and water.”

After removing ticks from your skin, there are still some steps to take to catch any further issues that may occur.  

“Close monitoring of the bite area should be done within the next 30 days to see if there's any development of a rash, especially a rash that looks like a target lesion, also known as erythema migrans commonly seen in Lyme disease,” said Huynh

“After removing a tick, he continued, you should consult your physician to determine whether you will need prophylactic antibiotics, as treatment usually starts within the first 72 hours of removal.”

Best tick removal tool kits and treatments

TickCheck Premium Tick Removal Kit

Huynh likes that this kit comes with a tick identification card to help you identify different types of ticks. It includes a tick removal tool for grasping ticks, tweezers with precision tips for ticks of different sizes and a storage case to keep the tools protected when not in use. 

Off! Deep Woods Insect Repellent

According to Huynh, covering as much of the skin as possible when outdoors is the best defense against tick bites. However, he advised that carefully applying a DEET-based insect repellent is an alternative that is also likely to prevent ticks from biting and embedding. 

Zodiac Flea and Tick Carpet Powder

Part of keeping ticks off you is keeping them out of your environment. Made by a trusted brand, this carpet powder works quickly and provides long-lasting protection when applied directly to your flooring. This flea and tick treatment is available at a low price. 

Raid Flea Carpet and Room Spray

You know the name Raid for its bug-killing formulas that are highly effective at doing their job. This spray by the brand is formulated to kill ticks, fleas and other indoor pests on contact. It’s made for indoor use so you can keep these parasitic creatures out of your home.


K9 Advantix II Dog Flea and Tick Preventative

A top-selling dog flea and tick prevention is a reliable option that kills pests quickly and keeps them away for four months or a bit longer. It’s an easy-to-use treatment that’s recommended by veterinarians. 

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Preventative for Cats

Cats get ticks too, but you can keep them off your furry friend with Frontline for cats. This topical cat flea and tick prevention lasts for up to four months. It kills and prevents both ticks and fleas for happier, healthier felines. 

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