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Amazon may restock the PS5 and Xbox Series X this week

How to find a gaming console to buy

It’s no secret it’s hard to get your hands on electronics right now. Gaming consoles are remarkably rare due to both huge demand and massive manufacturing and supply chain difficulties. Nonetheless, rumor has it an Amazon restock could be imminent.

The great microchip shortage of 2022

Why is it so hard to get a PS5?

As you may be aware, the last two years have seen the availability of electronics drop like a rock while prices soar sky-high. The Covid-19 pandemic played a large role in both the high demand and low supply. With so many people stuck at home (whether working or simply with nowhere else to go), Americans’ appetite for advanced electronics grew massively. Additionally, significant industrial disruptions including raw material and manufacturing staff shortages mean many tech companies can’t possibly meet so much demand.

There are other factors, too. Complex electronic systems are making inroads into every sector in unprecedented ways. Cars, refrigerators and even the simplest kids’ toys have more microchips inside than ever, which takes away from the capacity of manufacturing facilities to produce advanced components like gaming hardware. Even the infamous March 2021 grounding of the container ship Ever Given in the Suez Canal contributed to the current supply chain difficulties.

But, all hope is not lost. Sony and Microsoft haven’t stopped making gaming consoles. You’ll just have to be more attentive and ready to act in order to take advantage of short-lived sales windows. With that said, what on Earth makes us think you’ll be able to buy a PS5 this week?

Evidence of a PS5 restock

It’s relatively common knowledge among tech publications that Amazon restocks next-generation gaming consoles between the 20th and the end of each month. This month, we’ve just seen some disc version PS5s hit Amazon UK — and promptly sell out within minutes.

Similarly, Target and Walmart also rolled out some shiny, new consoles online and in various physical locations across the country. Multiple industry-connected leakers have made bold claims about upcoming console drops on Twitter. We even noticed a minor update to the PlayStation 5 listing on Amazon, which only leads further credence to the rumor Amazon has a few units ready to unload soon. Until then, you can still find renewed digital consoles and ones from third-party sellers on Amazon.

In conclusion, if you’re reading this and Amazon US hasn’t yet released any PS5 digital consoles in February, the drop could happen at literally any moment.

Will there be an announcement?

No. For your best shot at getting a PS5, you’ll have to frequent Amazon for the next week or so and do your due diligence. This may involve refreshing the search page quite a bit. Good luck.

What about an Xbox Series X restock?

While it’s not unheard of that Microsoft would follow a similar schedule when dropping new high-end Xboxes, the rumor mill just hasn’t been churning much on that side. While we are hopeful you’ll be able to purchase an Xbox Series X close to MSRP soon, we don’t have the rumors and insights to suggest it will be the case.

We do have access to Amazon’s still-live Xbox Series X listing. Barring the release of any new units, though, you can get an Xbox Series S right now if you’re not dead set on the high-performance model.

PlayStation accessories worth considering

While you’re waiting on a PS5, there are some great accessories already available that will make your life easier and more fun once you actually have your console.

DualSense Wireless Controller

It’s one of the two best game controllers ever made (the other is the Xbox Wireless Controller). Make sure you have one of these for all the gamers in the house.

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DualSense Charging Station

This is a significantly safer and more convenient way to charge your controllers than plugging them into cables and leaving them sitting around haphazardly.

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Elden Ring

FromSoftware, responsible for blockbusters like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, delivers another high-energy action-RPG that’s easily the most talked about game of the month.

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PlayStation HD Camera

Streamers know that to really connect with your fans, they need to see your beautiful face on a regular basis. This Sony-made webcam is the perfect way to make that happen in crisp 1080p.

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PlayStation Media Remote

This good-looking and reliable remote gives you complete control over the wide range of media functions the console serves.

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