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Starbucks just released 3 new summer drinks — and tips on how to customize


The end of summer just got a little sweeter. This week, Starbucks introduced its Summer Menu Remix featuring twists on three customer-favorite cold drinks. And to make things even better, each drink comes with a Starbucks-recommended customization you can add when you order online or in the app. We're feeling very thirsty all of a sudden.

These 3 drinks will cool you down during the last days of summer

The three new drinks all look delicious.

There's the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with Caramel Syrup, a twist on the fan-favorite Sweet Cream Cold Brew. This one promises to be much sweeter and more decadent, so try it out when you need a dessert or sweet treat. And to customize it, add "line the cup" to line your cup with an extra caramel drizzle.

Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with Caramel Syrup

The next drink is an Iced Chai Latte, a classic drink Starbucks lovers know well. But to remix it, customize the drink by adding Matcha Cream Cold Foam. That way, you get the flavors of two different teas — and a whole different texture experience that's especially refreshing on a hot day.

Iced Chai Latte

And finally, there's the Iced Black Tea Lemonade. This Arnold Palmer-style drink mixes refreshing iced tea with sweet lemonade. But to remix the drink, Starbucks recommends customizing it by getting it blended with ice. The result is a smoothie-style beverage that will cool you down even more.

Iced Black Tea Lemonade

These are the customizations that Starbucks recommends for the new summer drinks, but when you order online or by using the Starbucks app, you can customize your drink in tons of fun ways. Just click "customize" to start looking at the many options you have available. Who knows — you might discover the next great secret menu item.

Take your Starbucks creations on the go with Amazon's best travel mugs

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If you want the classic look of a Starbucks iced beverage but in a more sustainable cup, this is the one for you. The acrylic tumbler looks just like the plastic version Starbucks uses, except it's washable and reusable.

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If smaller drinks are more your speed, this 12-ounce travel mug is the perfect size to hold a Starbucks Tall. It's also insulated and leakproof and can hold both hot and cold beverages.

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There's a reason Stanley mugs are must-haves. They're hardy, reliable and stylish. This one comes in a variety of colors to choose from with a double wall that will insulate both hot and cold drinks. It's also leakproof and made to fit in a standard car cup holder, so it's great to take on the go. And at 16 ounces, it's the perfect size to hold a Starbucks Grande beverage.

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Civago 24 oz Insulated Coffee Mug with Lid

This stylish mug is a Stanley lookalike but smaller (because let's face it — no one needs 40 ounces of coffee). It comes in several colors and is well-insulated. It also features a straw for easier drinking and a narrow base to fit into a car cup holder. At 24 ounces, it's just the right size for a Venti iced beverage.

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