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Hearty meals for happiness and health, according to a nutrition expert

Eating healthy is often associated with stingy ingredient lists and unsatisfied, if not downright unhappy, taste buds. But we don't eat only to sustain ourselves. We eat because food is delicious and a hearty meal can be as beneficial to your soul as it is for your body. We talked to BestReviews nutrition expert Molly Bremer about how to plan meals that are healthy, satisfying and a joy to eat.

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Planning healthy meals

There’s a reason diet culture is such big business. It’s hard to diet successfully and easy to fail. Plus, as Bremer put it, "Everyone has a different way of defining what 'healthy food' looks like to them." Instead of arbitrary rules and diets, Bremer tries to work with simpler and more flexible definitions of "healthy."

"For me, healthy food means not eating in extremes and including food in a balanced, satisfying and flexible way," she said. For example, one of her go-to meals is teriyaki salmon with rice and broccoli. "This meal is great for all seasons and it provides a balance of the macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates and protein."

Don't give up on your favorite foods

Bremer also takes cultural considerations into account when she advises her clients on nutrition.

"For example," she said, "if I was working with a client who was from Mexico and enjoyed tacos, I might make the recommendation that they include more whole grains in their diet in the form of a whole-wheat tortilla or brown rice." Since whole grains are more filling and nutrient-dense than refined grains, they’re a simple, tasty ingredient switch that can make your favorite recipes healthier and more filling.

Eating healthy shouldn’t require giving up foods that you love or that are important to you. And yes, this includes dessert.

"All foods can fit in a healthy diet," Bremer said. "When we are only telling people to eat grains, vegetables, fruit, protein and dairy, some people might take that too literally and eliminate any foods that do not fit into those categories." The key is simply balance.

Healthy meal ideas

"I am a huge fan of building different kinds of bowls," said Bremer. "Most recently, I have been enjoying a spinach and rice bowl with pork belly, cucumber, shredded cabbage and a soy-ginger dressing."

Grain bowls are not only filling, they’re easy to prep ahead of time and can help you use up leftovers.

To build a healthy, filling grain bowl, start with a whole-grain base, such as brown rice, quinoa or wheat berries. Top it with a protein such as sliced chicken or tofu and some raw or roasted vegetables. Drizzle with a salad dressing or salsa and add a nutrient-packed garnish such as nuts, pomegranate seeds or fresh herbs.

Try these simple ideas for hearty yet healthy comfort-food favorites:

  • Veggie fried rice made with brown rice, edamame, broccoli, bell peppers and cabbage
  • Cheesy broccoli or cauliflower gratin
  • Spiced lentil soup
  • Black bean and turkey chili
  • Enchiladas made with black beans and sweet potato
  • Veggie curry served over brown rice
  • One-pan roasted chicken and vegetables

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