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Heart-shaped jewelry everyone wants during Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes yet another season of giving. Except this season is more focused than the stretch of holidays in October, November and December. This season is all about romance. And what better way to signify romance than giving someone heart-shaped gifts?

Jewelry, specifically, is especially easy to find in heart shapes. That’s no surprise, though. After all, jewelry is among the most popular gifts to give come the day of love and affection.

In this article: Michael Kors Bracelet, Betsey Johnson Earrings and Youfeng Necklace.

Heart-shaped jewelry types

Jewelry comes in many forms, but some of the most common include anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and watches.

  • Anklets are an atypical piece of jewelry, as they’re harder to see and to pair outfits with. However, if they’re done properly, they can have a big impact on your look.
  • Bracelets are the inverse of anklets in that they’re among the most popular pieces of jewelry given, right up there with necklaces. There are many types of bracelets, too, such as charm or pendant.
  • Heart-shaped earrings are typically the dangling sort or studs. Studs are especially common and come in essentially every color imaginable. This makes it easy to get something that’s your recipient’s favorite color.
  • Necklaces, like bracelets, are a popular heart-shaped Valentine’s Day jewelry gift. There are countless kinds to select from, such as lockets and ones inscribed with personal messages.
  • Rings must be given with extra caution on Valentine’s Day as they’re easy to misinterpret as part of a proposal. If you’re already married, go right ahead, but otherwise, it’s best to not.
  • Watches that are heart-shaped can be tricky to give, as it’s easy for a heart-shaped watch to look kitschy. Often, the best watches have heart designs inside the face rather than a heart-shaped face.

Best heart-shaped anklets for Valentine’s Day

Pura Vida Anklet with Charm 

Jewelry doesn’t need to be all gold, silver and sparkles to make an impact. It just needs to look great on the person wearing it and be loved by them, too. Its diameter is adjustable between 3 and 6 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Sisgem 14-Karat Gold Heart Anklet

Unlike the sea of gold-plated jewelry you can find, this one is actually made of gold. Or at least, it’s 58.5% 14-karat gold. Its length is adjustable from 8.45 inches up to 10 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Stonefans Heart Anklet

This rhinestone-encrusted anklet comes in two sizes, 8.6 and 10.2 inches, and has a little heart in the center that can be perfectly positioned on the center of the foot.

Sold by Amazon

Best heart-shaped bracelets for Valentine’s Day

Amazon Collection Silver Heart Link Bracelet

This bracelet is made of many heart-shaped links and comes in silver or rose gold. The silver bracelet comes in an 8-inch size and the gold comes in a 7- and 7.25-inch size. 

Sold by Amazon

Michael Kors Heart Slider Bracelet with Crystal Accents

This cute little bracelet uses rose gold beads instead of links of chain and has a single heart pendant in the center. The heart has several rhinestones for some extra sparkle.

Sold by Amazon

Nine West Crystal Pave Heart Bracelet

The band of this bracelet stretches easily to accommodate most wrists and has a heart pendant in the center. The silver color pairs well with most outfits. It can also be worn as an anklet.

Sold by Amazon

Best heart-shaped earrings for Valentine’s Day

Betsey Johnson Stone Heart Drop Earrings

These earrings have a pink heart, yes, but the real draw is the adorable green insect that pops against the pink. A little flower with a rhinestone center completes the look.

Sold by Amazon

Dtja Dainty Love Heart-Shaped Earrings

When it comes to jewelry, sometimes less is more. These tiny loops are only half an inch in width and height, which is just large enough to make someone want to take a closer look.

Sold by Amazon

Wssxc Heart Stud Earrings

This collection of earrings includes six pairs of clear and six pairs of black cubic zirconia earrings of varying sizes. Those sizes are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 millimeters.

Sold by Amazon

Best heart-shaped necklaces for Valentine’s Day

Fettero Tiny Gold Initial Heart Necklace

This necklace has two versions for each letter of the alphabet. One is a plain gold heart and the other is a chain-wrapped heart, both with the chosen letter cut into the center.

Sold by Amazon

Tewiky14-Karat Gold Heart Necklace

This necklace has 13 heart-shaped designs to choose from such as a pink heart outlined in gold or four hearts in a circle that resembles a four-leaf clover. The chain is 17 inches long but adjustable to 19 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Youfeng Heart Locket Necklace

A heart-shaped locket that contains a favorite picture or inscription is a time-honored gift. This one has seven designs to choose from, split between plain color and exterior inscribed ones.

Sold by Amazon

Best heart-shaped rings for Valentine’s Day

Jude Heart-Shaped Jewelers Ring

For some people, the usual silvers and golds are played out. Boring. If that’s your recipient's feeling, try this dark ring with either a jet black or a deep purple heart. It comes in 10 sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Sac Sterling Silver Heart Halo Promise Ring

This ring is encrusted with rhinestones and has a heart center that can be one of 48 gems and jewels, such as rose quartz, sky blue topaz or simulated opal. It comes in 10 sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Thelanda Heart-Shaped Ring

This small ring uses moissanite crystals, which are essentially lab-grown diamonds. There are 30 total stones, including the large center heart. It comes with a small ring box and in 20 sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Best heart-shaped watches for Valentine’s Day

Ijahwrs Heart Watch

This cute little watch is styled for smaller wrists thanks to its thin strap and small face. It comes in three styles: one that’s all-red, one that’s all-pink and one that’s black and white.

Sold by Amazon

JewelryWe Heart Locket-Style Watch

Pocket watches have fallen out of everyday style, but that only makes them all the more impactful. This one has four designs to choose from and a 30-inch chain to use it as a pendant watch instead.

Sold by Amazon

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