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Best Burton gloves

Which Burton gloves are best?

Burton is a staple in the outdoor market, particularly when it comes to sports like snowboarding. The company specializes in keeping you warm and dry on the slopes. Not only is it high on utility, but it's also become a part of the snowboarding style. Along with jackets, pants, snowboards, helmets and goggles, Burton produces a ton of high-quality gloves. For insulated, water-resistant gloves that you can use with your phone, the Snow Profile Gloves are the best choice.

What to know before you buy Burton gloves

Snowboarding gloves

Snowboarding gloves are the primary focus for Burton. They include several features that make them ideal for long sessions on the slopes. First and foremost, their gloves are warm. Burton’s Dryride layer is an ultra-wicking fiber that keeps moisture on the outer layer of the fabric and therefore away from your skin. The next addition is that they’re resistant to water and snow. The last thing you want to experience while you’re in the cold is for your clothes to become wet. Burton’s gloves often use Gore-Tex technology, which is waterproof and perfect for keeping your hands dry. 

Liner gloves

Some of the more comprehensive Burton gloves will already include  liners. If you buy a pair of snowboarding gloves, they’ll come with a second, much-thinner glove on the inside. This way, you can remove your outer layer and use your fingers for smaller tasks. However, Burton also sells liner gloves that are much thinner than snowboarding gloves. They’re usually made with fleece and Dryride fabric without the Gore-Tex shell. They’re great for daily use and situations where you won’t need to worry about falling in the snow. 


There’s a reason why your mom made you wear mittens on the walk to school when you were young. Turns out they’re much better at keeping your fingers warm than regular gloves. This is because your fingers are sharing an area of heat instead of being separated into their own sections. Burton makes mittens built for snowboarding and skiing that are very, very warm. It uses Gore-Tex’s waterproof shell along with Dryride lining for ultimate warmth and protection from the elements. The downfall of wearing mittens is that you will lose a lot of the dexterity in your fingers. 

What to look for in quality Burton gloves

Adjustable closure

Some high-quality Burton gloves use a strap at the base that closes around the wrist. If you’re a frequent skier or snowboarder, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is to get snow in your arm sleeve by way of a loose-fitting glove. Not only is this cold, but the snow quickly melts and you’re left with a wet sleeve. Adjustable closures allow you to close the opening in your glove, keeping them snugly against your wrist.

Gripped palm

On certain gloves, Burton uses Tough Grip material on the palm. This added layer not only adds extra protection from cold and snow but significantly increases your grip. Skiers and snow hikers will benefit from a gripped palm more so than snowboarders. This is because both sports involve holding poles for balance and better handling over the terrain. Very cold weather can decrease blood flow to your hands causing them to feel weak. For this reason, gloves with a gripped palm are extremely useful when the temperatures drop down. 


Look for the term “unisex” when shopping for gloves if you’re looking for a more universal fit. These gloves don’t cater to specific hand sizes and instead focus on generic sizing. Even though it may say unisex, you can still find sizes such as small, medium and even extra-large. In Burton’s case, many of the men’s glove sizing is also considered unisex. Expanding your options to unisex sizing will offer many more options when it comes to gloves.

How much you can expect to spend on Burton gloves

Burton gloves cost $35-$80.

Burton gloves FAQ

How do you wash Burton gloves?

A. It’s recommended that technical outdoor gloves from Burton never be washed in a washing machine. These gloves have special coatings, materials and linings that can be ruined if washed too roughly. Instead, hand-wash your gloves in warm water and mild detergent. 

Does Burton make gloves for kids?

A. Burton has an entire collection of apparel for kids. This includes gloves, pants, coats, boots and even snowboards. Burton’s kids gloves offer many of the same advantages as their adult lines including waterproof materials and Dryride fabric linings. 

What are the best Burton gloves to buy?

Top Burton gloves

Burton Men’s Snow Profile Gloves

What you need to know: The Snow Profile gloves from Burton tackle every issue you may encounter in the bitter cold outdoors.

What you’ll love: Thermacore insulation keeps your hands toasty while the microfiber interior lining makes things ultra-comfortable. The gloves are shaped to have an ergonomic fit that contours with your finger’s natural bend. Plus, they’re touch-screen compatible so you can send a text without removing the gloves.

What you should consider: These gloves are water resistant instead of waterproof.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Burton gloves for the money

Burton Screen Grab Glove Liner

What you need to know: These gloves can be used as a liner beneath your heavy-duty gloves or as stand-alone lightweight gloves during mild weather. 

What you’ll love: With a touch-screen compatible index fingertip and thumb tip, the Screen Grab gloves are perfect for daily use when you’ll frequently be pulling out your phone. They’re perfect for a winter hike, shoveling the driveway or simply running errands around town in inclement weather. They’re made with Thermaflex fleece and designed ergonomically.

What you should consider: These gloves are not thick enough for skiing or snowboarding.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Burton Gore-Tex Mittens

What you need to know: These mittens offer full coverage of your hands and are the toughest and most durable gloves from Burton.

What you’ll love: Gore-Tex is a fully waterproof material that Burton utilizes in these mittens. In fact, it guarantees they’ll keep you warm and dry. There’s a Dryride double layer and brushed microfiber layer which can be removed and worn separately. This way, you can use your phone without fully exposing your skin. 

What you should consider: The mittens make it more difficult to use your fingers for small tasks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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