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Best outdoor TVs

What are the best outdoor TVs?


Summer is right around the corner, meaning many folks are getting their patio furniture from their hibernation chambers. There’s nothing like enjoying good food and drinks outdoors with your loved ones, but how about enjoying some entertainment on the tube?

You may have thought about bringing your TV from your living to enjoy sports or movies in your backyard, but it’s better to use an outdoor TV. Outdoor TVs are designed strictly for outdoor use and can be a great addition to any patio setup.

What should I know before getting an outdoor TV?


It’s not a good idea to move a TV from inside your home outdoors because they’re not built to withstand the elements. Outdoor TVs can withstand extreme heat and cold and are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damage from rain or snow.

An IP rating indicates how protected a TV is against water and dust. For example, an IPX7 rating suggests that it hasn’t sufficiently been tested for dust protection but can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes before it’s damaged. Consult an IP rating chart if you’re unsure about how protected a TV is.


You’re probably aware of how difficult it is to use your phone when under direct sunlight. If you were to place a regular TV outdoors on a sunny day, you would experience something similar and wouldn’t be able to see much. Outdoor TVs have increased brightness capabilities that let you see the picture clearly even on the sunniest days with little shade or covering.

Speakers not included

It’s no secret that built-in TV speakers are mediocre at best. Many outdoor TVs don’t have any built-in speakers, and if they do, they’re generally not loud enough to deliver decent audio quality in areas other than yards and decks. If you purchase a TV without built-in speakers, you’ll need an external soundbar as well.


Outdoor TVs are comparable in price to 4K models by high-end smart TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Sharp. However, remember that the larger the TV and the more built-in features, the more expensive it is. You can expect to spend $500 to $1,500 for a 32- to 40-inch outdoor TV, while larger models can cost up to $4,000.

What are the most suitable locations for an outdoor TV?

An outdoor TV goes great as part of a traditional backyard patio setup, a hot tub area, or even a garage. Partial sun TVs have internal protection against extreme cold and heat, but full-exposure models are more rugged and have external protection against the elements. Partial sun TVs go great under a porch or veranda. In contrast, you can place a full-exposure TV under direct sunlight thanks to the calibration features you can use to optimize brightness levels based on the environment.

Additional outdoor TV features and considerations

Smart TV

The best outdoor TVs have smart features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and quick-access buttons for watching content from popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Many outdoor TVs also let you access virtual voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa for performing hands-free tasks such as changing settings, controlling music playback and launching apps.


Unlike inside your home, where it’s more practical to have a dedicated stand or table for your TV, an outdoor TV is best when mounted on a wall. You can use several kinds of mounts, including space-saving ceiling mounts, but ensure that whichever one you use is weatherproof. Otherwise, it may become damaged by the elements and could potentially break and cause your TV to fall.

Best outdoor TVs

Best 55-inch outdoor TVs

Samsung Outdoor TV The Terrace Partial Sun QLED Smart TV

This Samsung TV has a 120-hertz refresh rate and delivers 100% color volume for vivid visuals. It has an IP55 protection rating, smart features, and an impressive dust cover that helps protect it from dust, fingerprints, and static.

Sold by Amazon


SunBriteTV TV Veranda Outdoor TV

This waterproof 4K TV is pricey but delivers stunning visuals and has an LED backlight that’s 50% brighter than a standard indoor TV. It’s full shade, so it’s well guarded against direct sunlight and humidity, and it has built-in speakers.

Sold by Amazon


Best 43-inch outdoor TVs

DuraPro Outdoor 4K UHD LED TV

This 43-inch TV has a tempered glass frame and a vivid 4K display that’s 60% brighter than standard indoor TVs. It has an IP54 protection rating and includes a wall mount and built-in speakers.

Sold by Amazon

Furrion Aurora Full Shade Outdoor TV

If you want a TV with crisp visuals, this TV is an excellent choice. It uses HDR 10 technology for better contrasts, delivering 70% brighter images than the average indoor TV. It boasts an IP54 protection rating, built-in speakers and three HDMI ports.

Sold by Amazon

Hisense 43A6G 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV

This TV is an excellent bargain pick that delivers on picture quality and comes loaded with several smart features. It supports Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10 and has an auto-low-latency gaming mode. Also, it supports access to voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Sold by Amazon

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