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Best Polk soundbar

Which Polk soundbar is best?

If you’re a true cinephile, then it isn’t enough these days to just have a high-quality television set; you need high-quality audio equipment too. Soundbars are a great way to get started, as they can provide a vastly improved quality of sound compared to your TV’s built-in speakers while taking up the least amount of space possible. With Polk, you can find great quality soundbars for a lower cost than many other brands.

The best Polk soundbar is the Polk Audio Signa S3 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar and Subwoofer. This combo-pack bundles a Polk subwoofer with the Polk soundbar for a wider range of audio experiences, plus Google Chromecast is already incorporated for easy audio streaming from your smart devices.

What to know before you buy a Polk soundbar


Some Polk soundbars are sold in bundles, which include either a subwoofer or a subwoofer and small surround sound enabling speakers. Many Polk soundbars that include a subwoofer do so at no extra charge, though the quality of this subwoofer isn’t as high as one purchased separately. You can always purchase these extra pieces later, but they may cost more than if you’d purchased them in a bundle.

Expert assembly

Most Polk soundbars can be purchased with an expert assembly add-on for roughly $150. Every step of the installation is covered, including mounting to your wall if requested. This helps make sure the device is properly connected to your devices, and they can even assist in hiding all of the cables to protect the clean look of your chosen room.

Some extra fees might be added depending on how much assistance is required; this can be the cost of a mount should you not provide your own or any kind of extra unexpected work that may arise during installation.

What to look for in a quality Polk soundbar

Internet connectivity

Most of the newest models of Polk soundbars include at least some kind of internet connectivity. At minimum, this means an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, but Bluetooth connection is just as popular an addition.

Smart home compatibility

Some of the most recent Polk soundbars include native support for smart home services like Amazon Alexa and Google Chromecast. Amazon Alexa supported Polk soundbars typically use the connection to control your audio by voice, while Google Chromcast supported Polk soundbars make streaming music from your devices to the Polk soundbar easier. Polk soundbars typically only include one of these services built-in, so if you use both, choose the compatibility you use most often.

How much you can expect to spend on a Polk soundbar

The Polk brand can be compared to Vizio in terms of cost as well as quality. Most new, low-end Polk soundbars begin in the $200 range and rarely exceed costs of $300-$400. Some older models of Polk soundbars can be found at a discount of $100 or more compared to their latest counterparts while sacrificing little in terms of quality. Other Polk soundbars are available in bundles with subwoofers and/or smaller speakers to use for building a surround sound system. Depending on how new the bundle is and what’s included, they can potentially cost between a few hundred dollars extra or nothing extra whatsoever.

Polk soundbar FAQ

How does a Polk soundbar connect to a TV?

A. Polk soundbars can connect to your TV and many other devices in one of several ways depending on the model. The most common connection type is via HDMI cable, which most Polk soundbars will include in their package. The next most common connection is via optical audio inputs, though this option isn’t as good as HDMI. Some Polk soundbars also include 3.5mm and USB audio jacks to allow for more devices to connect to the soundbar. The newest models generally have Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection and some have smart home services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Chromecast built-in as well.

Do you need to have additional audio equipment like subwoofers or is the Polk soundbar enough?

A. That depends on you and how much of an audiophile you are. A Polk soundbar should be more than enough for most people to enjoy good sound with their TVs, but adding a subwoofer for more bass and additional smaller speakers for full surround sound can greatly enhance the audio experience. These extra pieces of equipment can always be purchased later, so feel free to try out having just the Polk soundbar first.

What's the best Polk soundbar to buy?

Top Polk soundbar 

Polk Audio Signa S3 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar and Subwoofer

What you need to know: This is a top quality Polk soundbar with an included subwoofer for a more well-rounded audio experience.

What you’ll love: Google Chromecast is built into this Polk soundbar for easy audio streaming.

What you should consider: You can find similar quality Polk soundbars for much less than the price of this newest model.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Polk soundbar for the money

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar and Subwoofer

What you need to know: This older model Polk Audio Signa is nearly the same as the S3 for a greatly discounted price.

What you’ll love: Bluetooth connectivity means you can still stream almost any audio you’d like directly to this Polk soundbar.

What you should consider: This Polk soundbar is incompatible with some Samsung TVs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Polk Audio React Sound Bar

What you need to know: This Amazon Alexa-integrated Polk soundbar is a great choice for those who want to cut down on the amount of remotes they need to use.

What you’ll love: This Polk soundbar is available on its own or in two bundles, one with subwoofer and surround sound speakers and one with just the subwoofer.

What you should consider: You’ll need to connect this Polk soundbar to a Wi-Fi network to take full advantage of its features.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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