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Our tech expert shares technology to help you overcome your fears

Everyone fears something, and often those fears are entirely rational. Whether you’re scared of heights, dark environments or losing track of your kid, technology can help. We sat down with our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about electronics that can help you manage your biggest fears.

In this article: Apple AirTag, TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulbs and Amazon Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System.

Fear of losing your belongings or kids

Location trackers like the Apple AirTag or Tile Mate are ideal solutions for keeping track of your belongings, pets and children. Generally speaking, an Apple AirTag is a better solution than a Tile since they utilize the "Find My" network to extend their range. With the Find My network, AirTags can piggyback off other people’s Apple devices if they’re within the tracker’s Bluetooth range. 

To get the most out of your AirTag, you’ll need an iOS device with the Find My feature turned on. If you aren’t sure if this feature is enabled on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to open the Find My app and ensure your phone is connected to your AirTag. 

Security cameras are another ideal way to protect your family and belongings. Many outdoor security cameras have built-in motion sensors so the device can send an alert to your phone when motion is detected. Some smart cameras don’t require a monthly fee and have night-vision features that let you monitor your yard when it’s dark.

Fear of the dark

Smart plugs make it easy to turn lamps on and off with your phone or voice commands. Smart bulbs offer another excellent way to turn lights on with ease. Most smart bulbs let you set the light color and brightness for added versatility. In most cases, you’ll need a virtual assistant device like the Echo Dot to use voice commands with your smart plugs and bulbs.

If your kid is afraid of the dark, giving them a stuffed animal that lights up may be best. Still, numerous smart speakers for kids let them turn their lights on and off with voice commands. 

Fear of heights

Virtual Reality headsets and video games offer a safe way to experience the sensation of being high off the ground. If you’re afraid of heights and decide to use VR to face your fears, it may be a good idea to have a friend or family member nearby. 

Although games like Spider-Man: Far From Home let you fly through the sky at high speeds, others allow you to ease your way into experiencing heights. For example, researchers at the University of Basel developed a VR app called “EasyHeights” that makes it appear as though you’re slowly being lifted into the air.

If VR sounds too intense, you can always try to experience heights with traditional video games. 

Keeping your kids safe online

The internet can be a scary place, so it’s natural to worry about what your children do online. "You can take the hardware or software route to protect your children online," Vazquez said. "The hardware route will likely involve a router with built-in parental controls, whereas the software route will rely on apps like Net Nanny.”

Routers like those made by Eero have easy-to-use parental control features that let you limit the sites your child can visit or set time-of-day restrictions. In many cases, these features require a monthly subscription fee.

Fear of losing your phone

Smartphones have become an essential part of many people’s lives. “For many, their biggest fear is losing their digital life,” Vazquez said. “Consider a device warranty if you spend over $500 on something.” Device warranties will make it easier and cheaper to get a replacement phone if yours gets broken. Having a secondary phone is another easy way to bounce back if you happen to lose your primary device.

Electronics our tech expert recommends for managing your fears

Apple AirTag

This is ideal for finding lost belongings or keeping up with your kid. It has a sleek design and extends its range using the Find My network. Many people buy silicone cases to attach these to their pets’ collars. 

Sold by Amazon

Tile Mate

This tracker makes it easy to find nearby items. It’s available in black or white. You can use it to find your phone, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

Sold by Amazon

Eufy Security Cameras

These cameras have night-vision capabilities and don’t require a monthly subscription. They can accurately detect humans to avoid false alarms. 

Sold by Amazon

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs

These smart plugs are easy to set up and compatible with numerous devices. They make it simple to turn lamps on and off. They are compact and affordable. You can schedule when you want your appliances to turn on and off. 

Sold by Amazon

TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulbs

These can switch among 16 million colors. You can control them with your smartphone or voice commands. You can set daily schedules for when the bulbs turn on and off. 

Sold by Amazon

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

You can pair this with smart lights, cameras and other smart devices. It is easy to set up and features a mic-off button for added privacy. It’s compatible with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM and Audible. 

Sold by Amazon and Dell

Echo Dot Kids (5th Gen)

This smart speaker is available in two fun animal themes. It features privacy controls and includes a one-year membership for Amazon Kids+. 

Sold by Amazon

Meta Quest 2

You can purchase this with 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage space. You can use this headset to experience heights and other fears in a safe environment. It doesn’t require a PC or gaming console. 

Sold by Amazon

Amazon Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System

This mesh Wi-Fi system features easy-to-use parental controls and ad blockers. You can manage internet access using your Amazon Alexa device. Many said they were impressed with the signal strength. 

Sold by Amazon

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