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Best star projector

Which star projector is best?

If you want a nightlight for your child that also provides educational value, consider a star projector. Simply plug in one of these devices, turn off the lights and watch as the comforting glow of the cosmos fills the room. 

Some star projectors show realistic constellations you and your child can enjoy together, while others project fun images of spaceships and astronauts in a cozy, soft ambiance. For a colorful, easy-to-use star projector that’s loaded with features, the ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp is the top pick. 

What to know before you buy a star projector

Benefits of star projector nightlights

Conventional nightlights usually feature a single bulb that’s plugged into a power outlet. This limits the provided light to one small part of the room, leaving the rest of the child’s bedroom in darkness. Star projectors improve upon this design by providing a soft glow that is projected upwards, creating a gentle light that fills the entire room. 

Unlike traditional nightlights, some star projectors also feature a slowly rotating light that can lull a child into sleep and a timer that automatically shuts off the device after a programmed amount of time. 

Other types of star projectors

Although the majority of star projectors are sold as nightlights for children, there are a wide variety of similar devices that can benefit users of all ages. Some advanced models project a realistic view of the constellations, making them the perfect devices for revealing the grandeur of the cosmos to a classroom of young learners. Other star projectors can be used as a sleep aid for adults living with insomnia. These devices usually incorporate timers and even aromatherapy to promote a natural sleep.  

Power source

Most star projectors either use batteries or a power cord that’s plugged into an electrical outlet. Battery-powered projectors are convenient if you travel frequently, but keep in mind that regular use can drain batteries quickly. Plug-in projectors are easy to use but less portable, and you run the risk of tripping over the power cord in a dimly lit setting. Some advanced models can also be charged via a USB cord. These devices are convenient but usually more expensive than other projectors. 

What to look for in a quality star projector

Colors and light source

The most affordable models typically use white lights to project a simple view of the cosmos, while high-end devices can showcase soothing shades of red, green, blue and yellow to cast a gentle, warm glow. Most modern star projectors use LED bulbs because they’re energy efficient and long-lasting, with some bulbs lasting up to 17 years before burning out. 


For additional sleep benefits, some star projectors incorporate various sound recordings that will play alongside the light projection. Natural sounds like wind and ocean waves are common, while some devices even play soothing instrumental music to guide you into a solid night’s rest. 

Remote control

Many star projectors come with a remote control. This feature lets you or your child turn the device on and off and even change projection settings without leaving the bed. 


Another important feature for sleep management, many star projectors come with some kind of timer. This feature automatically shuts off the projector after a certain amount of time, thereby saving energy and ensuring the device doesn’t keep you awake. Basic models simply turn off after a set amount of time, while more advanced projectors let you set the timer yourself and may even dim slowly before completely shutting down. 

How much you can expect to spend on a star projector

The cost of a star projector usually depends on the quality of the materials and any included features. Most consumers can expect to spend $10-$40 for a reliable device. 

Star projector FAQ

Can you use the star projector with the lights on? 

A. Certain advanced models may have a visible projection in regular light, but just like other types of projectors, star projectors perform best in low light settings. 

Where should you position your star projector?

A. For the most accurate view of the constellations, place your projector on a level surface and point it at a flat part of the ceiling. 

What’s the best star projector to buy?

Top star projector

ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp 

What you need to know: A popular star projector, it's battery powered and comes with 12 projection modes.

What you’ll love: Perfect for sleep management or simply decorating a child’s bedroom, this starry sky nightlight uses four LED bulbs and eight different color modes to provide a unique projection. It can be powered with batteries or via a USB cord. 

What you should consider: Some users felt the components didn’t seem particularly durable. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top star projector for the money

LuckKid Baby Night Light Projector

What you need to know: Although it’s better suited for babies and young kids, this affordable projector is loaded with impressive features. 

What you’ll love: You can mount this versatile and affordable star projector to a wall or place it on a flat surface. It comes with nine soothing light combinations that rotate, providing an extra relaxing environment. 

What you should consider: The rotating light feature is somewhat loud and can keep restless users awake. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Star projector worth checking out

OCDAY Galaxy Night Light Projector 

What you need to know: This star projector is durable and boasts a stylish and unique design. 

What you’ll love: This device takes up less space than other projectors and can produce eight different combinations of light, including a moon pattern mode and a nebula mode. The device can be charged via USB or power outlet. 

What you should consider: A few users reported the device wasn’t as bright as they expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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