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Nintendo Switch accessories you need for travel

The Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 and quickly found mainstream success. As of the end of March 2023, more than 150 million devices have been sold.

Don’t leave home without these accessories if you want to game on the go

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best gadgets you can take with you while traveling. You can play some of the greatest games from the comfort of your seat — whether that’s by train, plane, bus or car.  

As with any electronic device, there are a few risks. However, there are plenty of accessories that will protect your handheld console and also make your journey a lot more fun.

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Nights with Nintendo

Nintendo’s primary goal with the Switch was to make a gaming console that can be used in three different ways: handheld, tabletop and docked. If you think about it, all three methods are perfectly suited for traveling. Handheld is an easy way to play games while flying, tabletop is perfect when waiting in a lobby and docked is the best way to play on a display at your destination.

While you can technically sling your console under your arm while traveling, it’s not advisable. To make the entire journey from start to finish easier and more manageable, there are plenty of accessories. These can help protect your game cartridges and console, spare cables and docks and additional storage for downloaded titles and save points.

Best Nintendo Switch accessories for travel 

SanDisk 128GB microSDXC Card Licensed for Nintendo Switch

Handheld video games have come a long way since the models of the ‘80s and require a lot more storage for the data files. This 128GB memory card is perfect for storing titles before you travel and is officially licensed for the Switch. It has read speeds of up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. 

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Ivoler Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Whether you're getting on a plane or taking the train, you must take care of your Switch. The delicate components can easily be damaged, which is why this robust storage case is a smart option. There's enough room for the console, the dock, two Joy-Cons, a controller and the charging cables.  

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Heiying Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch

Keeping your console safe is important, but it’ll be useless if you don’t have any games to play. This large carrying case ensures you’ll never be without entertainment — it has enough room to store 24 game cartridges and 24 microSD memory cards. 

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Hori Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack (Pikachu Edition) Travel Bag

You have a protective case for your console and a robust container for your game cartridges. The only thing you need now for traveling is a Pokemon-themed bag to carry it all. This shoulder bag features Pikachu’s iconic colors and has dedicated compartments for your Switch accessories.

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PowerA Nintendo Switch Car Charger

Never be caught without power for your console or a means to recharge it. If you're traveling by car, this USB-C cable connects to the car’s DC adapter to give your Switch a 5-volt, 3-ampere fast charge.

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amFilm Screen Protector (Compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED Model)

Protecting the body of your Switch is crucial, but it’s equally necessary to look after the display. This screen protector has 99.9% transparency and is made from tempered glass that’s scratch-resistant and only a 100th of an inch thick.

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Orzly VR Headset Designed for Nintendo Switch

Traveling can be stressful and tiring, so why not block out the world until you arrive at your destination? This VR headset is made specifically for the Switch and features a robust T-shaped head strap, durable housing for the console and an adjustable lens. 

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Wegwang TV Docking Station for Nintendo Switch

If you're concerned about your accessories such as charging cables or the dock while traveling, it’s best to buy a spare and leave the original at home. This TV docking station is perfect for that, and you can easily connect it to the hotel’s TV to game whenever you want. 

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Game Traveler Nintendo Switch Case

This robust travel case is a hard shell on the outside and soft fabric inside to keep your console and additional pieces safe. Each compartment is accurately cut out so things don’t move around, and the case closes with a sturdy zipper.

Sold by Amazon

YCCTeam Fast Charging Kit for Nintendo Switch

If you need a quick charge before you head to the airport, this kit is compatible with the Switch OLED, Switch Dock and the Pro Controller. It comes with a 5-foot power cable and is a handy option as a spare charger, too.

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