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Best cheap XBOX controllers

Which cheap XBOX One controllers are best? 

Gaming is a rapidly growing hobby, with better devices and consoles coming out all the time. One of the most popular consoles is the XBOX One, which is equipped with high-quality graphics and exciting brand-exclusive titles. Unfortunately, the console only comes with one controller, meaning that another one is needed to play with friends. These controllers, especially ones made from the original manufacturer, can be expensive, so finding one within the right budget can be a big decision. Fortunately, there are several different XBOX One controllers available on the market for affordable prices. 

Features to consider before buying a controller

Wired or wireless XBOX controller

Nearly all XBOX controllers have wireless connection at this point in time; however, there still are some controllers available that offer a wired option. With a direct plug-in to the console, some controllers can work comfortably without having to connect through wireless pairing. A wired connection may work better for users that do not want to worry about ensuring the controller is properly paired or paying attention to battery life.

XBOX controller battery life

The battery life of any controller is a very important factor. With most gamers playing anywhere from one to several hours at a time, having a controller that can maintain a charge for that entire session and more in the coming days and weeks is a major advantage. Most XBOX controllers come with impressive battery life and are fully functioning while charging, so battery life may be an area to potentially compromise on.

XBOX controller headphone jack

For playing games online or even trying to stay quiet when playing at night, having a pair of headphones to plug directly into the controller can help communicate with teammates or reduce the noise in a house. Many controllers have headphone jacks built directly in for this purpose, but it is not standard across all devices. So, if late-night gaming or online play is important, so should having a headphone jack. 

Licensed XBOX controllers

One possible important detail for any XBOX controller is if it is officially licensed by Microsoft for use on the console. While it may not make a difference, having an officially licensed controller will make it easier if something goes wrong and should also ensure that the controller seamlessly connects with the console without an issue. 

XBOX controller quality

The design of a controller is a far more subjective place of judgment. Controllers come in all sorts of different colors with different styled outer shells that are entirely up to the taste of the buyer. Deciding what kind of controller look and feel is wanted is the most personal choice available when buying one. 

What's the best cheap XBOX controller to buy?

Top cheap XBOX controller

Xbox Core Controller

What you need to know: This is a Microsoft-designed controller with wireless compatibility on all Microsoft gaming devices designed with a clean, ergonomic style.

What you’ll love: It’s built with a headphone jack for easy online gaming communications or quiet late-night play. The controller also has a 40-hour battery life for easy use for several days at a time. 

What you should consider: At $60, the controller is on the more expensive side in comparison to other available options. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cheap XBOX controller for the money

Hyperkin X91 Wired Controller

What you need to know: Affordable and officially licensed, this controller has a wired connection and a built-in headphone jack. 

What you’ll love: The device is compatible with multiple Microsoft gaming devices and has a unique, retro design with precision analog triggers that are particularly reactive.

What you should consider: The controller lacks any kind of real durability, with multiple users reporting that it breaks down after just a few months of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

What you need to know: This is an officially licensed wired controller with an ergonomic design and a nearly 10-foot USB cable that makes it easier to game from anywhere. It comes with a 2.5-year warranty in case of an issue. 

What you’ll love: Built with dual rumble motors for immersive gameplay action, you also get a built-in headphone jack and compatibility on new XBOX models.

What you should consider: Much like other more affordable controllers, it lacks the same level of longevity and durability that more expensive models have. Some users report issues after a few months of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Afterglow Prismatic LED Wired Controller

What you need to know: An incredibly affordable, officially licensed wired controller, this model has LED lighting for a stylish look and a built-in headphone jack. 

What you’ll love: It’s designed with a clear outer shell and adjustable volume control on the device. It comes with a 10-foot micro USB cable. 

What you should consider: The detachable cord has some issues once removed and put back on a few times, leading some users to leave the cord in permanently to prevent damage. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


PDP Gaming Wired Controller

What you need to know: This is a stylish controller that comes in several different colors and with a non-slip grip on the handles. It also has a built-in headphone jack. 

What you’ll love: The controller is compatible with multiple different XBOX and Windows gaming devices. The controller can be customized on the free PDP app.

What you should consider: Some users report issues with the analog sticks not being as responsive after extended use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Chasdi XBOX One Wireless Controller V2

What you need to know: As a well-designed, ergonomic controller, it has easy wireless compatibility with multiple XBOX consoles and Android devices.

What you’ll love: It’s equipped with dual rumble motors for more reactive gameplay and incredibly low latency. 

What you should consider: This controller does not come with a headphone jack. It also has been shown to be unresponsive to connection after a few months of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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