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Best computer case for gamers

Which computer cases are best for gamers?

Many PC gamers elect to build their own computer to help save some money without sacrificing hardware quality. While you can do a lot with the average computer case, not all cases are the same. Finding the best computer case for gamers can be an intimidating task, but as long as you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find the gaming tower that works best for you.

In particular, the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case is an excellent option with an efficient layout for maximizing interior space.

What to know before you buy a computer case for gamers

Motherboard sizing

Most importantly, the best computer cases feature plenty of room for all sizes of motherboards, but it’s important to double-check that the motherboard you buy will fit into the case you select. A computer’s motherboard holds all of its hardware components, so you don’t want to get stuck returning a case that doesn’t have enough room for the motherboard you purchased.

Computer components

It’s important to consider what hardware will need to fit into your case before you purchase a computer tower. Different computer components, unlike a motherboard, won’t tend to take up more or less space. However, the way your motherboard is laid out and the amount of storage, RAM or graphics card you plan to put into your computer will change the amount of space your case needs.

Specific hardware needs

Other specific hardware needs can also affect which computer case for gamers is best, including preferences like front-facing ports, room for added storage options or other things that are non-negotiable for your particular computer setup.

What to look for in a quality computer case for gamers

Efficient storage space for hardware

Most importantly, finding a computer case that effectively fits both your motherboard and all the hardware you plan to attach to your motherboard will make the most important difference to your setup. A computer case for gamers is best set up in a way that’s able to be future-proofed — or allows you to replace and add components down the line. This can be easily achieved by getting a computer case with plenty of internal, physical storage space for your hardware. Many buyers choose computer cases with built-in ventilation since this helps remove the need to add in aftermarket fans.

Built-in fans

Built-in fans are a well sought-after addition in a computer case for gamers, since they can help keep your computer cool without taking up extra space that’s necessary for storing all of your computer components. While some modern computer cases only include one built-in fan, others may include as many as three or four.

LED lights and other cosmetic features

Some of the best computer cases for gamers also include cosmetic features like LED lighting or clear glass panels for seeing your hardware at work. Many computer cases come with multi-color LED lighting that looks great from the outside, and others have had the added benefit of allowing you to see through to your computer components. These two features can be especially stylish and cool together.

How much you can expect to spend on a computer case for gamers

Computer cases for gaming are priced to work in the budgets of most buyers, generally costing somewhere between $40-$80. Still, a wide range of mid-tier and high-tier gaming cases cost upwards of $80, with some luxury computer cases even costing as much as $200-$300.

Computer case for gamers FAQ

Do computer cases come with screws?

A. While many computer cases do come with traditional Phillips or flathead screws, some newer cases actually feature convenient thumb screw mechanisms, which make it even easier for users to open and get into their computer cases.

Are computer cases universal?

A. While some features of computer cases are shared amongst different models, computer cases aren’t generally considered universal. Each computer tower also has a slightly different amount of space on the inside, making their functionality dependent on the computer components you’re hoping to use. Despite the lack of universality, there are typically three external sizes of modern computer cases for gamers: ATX, mid-ATX and micro-ATX, with the latter two being a bit smaller than the standard ATX tower size.

What’s the best computer case for gamers to buy?

Top computer case for gamers

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case with 3 RGB Fans and Tempered Glass

What you need to know: This beautiful mid-ATX case comes with mesmerizing RGB LED fans, and a mid-size interior space that will fit most motherboards without taking up too much space on or under your desk.

What you’ll love: Corsair’s Crystal model offers plenty of space for most computer component setup, with built-in fans and enough room to add even more, if need be. It includes an easy-to-remove, see-through side panel.

What you should consider: Some users hoped this case would have a slightly better cable management system.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top computer case for gamers for the money

ROSEWILL ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case for Gamers with Blue LED and 3 Fans

What you need to know: Not only is this mid-ATX computer case from ROSEWILL super affordable, it also has an efficiently-laid out interior for optimal space and airflow.

What you’ll love: This tower saves a ton of space with its three built-in fans and fits most motherboard and component setups. It also offers room for most users to install additional fans and/or water cooling systems.

What you should consider: Many users found the motherboard screws in this model to be difficult to take off on.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower with Magnetic Dust Filter and Fan

What you need to know: This micro-ATX tower is a great portable solution for gamers on the go at an.

What you’ll love: Along with its see-through panel, this computer case offers a built-in fan and convenient magnetic dust filters. This micro-tower is also an excellent external space saver, making it particularly suitable for desks or areas without much extra room.

What you should consider: This micro-ATX computer case may be too small for individual computer hardware setups.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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