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Best wireless power bank

Which wireless power bank is best?

Running out of battery life in devices while you’re out and about is one of the most frustrating experiences a modern human can have. Yet this problem led to the invention of the wireless power bank, a device users can charge in advance to take with them, containing a battery supply that can portably charge devices of all kinds.

While a wide range of handy portable charging batteries exists, the Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Portable Wireless Power Bank is one of the best wireless power banks available, getting the job done for the vast majority of buyers.

What to know before you buy a wireless power bank

Wireless charging power banks vs. regular power banks

An important distinction when considering the best power banks for your needs is the difference between a regular wireless power bank and a power bank that can charge devices wirelessly. The terminology can be a little confusing, but before making your purchase, consider whether you want to charge your device without plugging in any wires, or if you simply want a power bank that’s wireless in the sense that you can take anywhere. Either way, you’ll be able to charge your phone no matter where you are, although some buyers do prefer wireless charging.

Wireless power bank capacity

The more capacity a given model has, the longer you’ll be able to use it in between having to charge the unit itself. Wireless power bank capacities are measured in milliamp-hours (mAh), with units ranging from as few as 2,000 mAh to as many as 10,000 mAh.

Necessary charging outputs

Probably one of the most important things to consider is what type of charging outputs you’ll need for your wireless charging battery. Wireless charging devices don’t need to be connected with any output cables, while other wireless power banks typically include USB-A ports for cables to connect devices and USB-C ports for charging the unit, connecting a charging device or both.

What to look for in a quality wireless power bank

Long overall power capacity

A power bank is defined by how long you can use it to charge your devices without having to charge the bank. The overall battery life or power capacity in a given unit is literally what buyers pay for, although many cheap power bank units are useful for the average user. If you are looking to maximize the time between charges of the actual battery, however, look for a power bank with a 10,000 mAh capacity – or that advertises the longest overall battery life.

Wireless device charging

Some users specifically buy wireless power banks to use with their wireless charging devices. Those who do should double-check products to make sure they support this function. Power banks with wireless device charging often include ports for wired charging, as well as a designed circle to show where the user should place any wirelessly charging devices.

Charging time

Another factor to consider is simply how long it takes for you to charge the power bank itself. While you can charge some units within just an hour or two, others may take several hours to fully charge – or even to get half an hour of charging out of the device.

How much you can expect to spend on a wireless power bank

Wireless power banks span a range of costs, with cheap power banks costing $10-$30, while some power banks with specific features cost $50-$100.

Wireless power bank FAQ

How long does it take to charge a wireless power bank?

A. The charging time for wireless power banks depends mostly on which model you buy and how you charge the unit. In many cases, the top power banks may take only four hours to charge when plugged into the wall, while other more-standard models may range from eight to 12 hours – especially if plugged into a USB port.

What is the battery life of a wireless power bank?

A. Different models of wireless power banks have different overall battery lives, but most models offer between weeks and several months of ongoing charge use, depending on how often they’re used.

What ARE the best wireless power bankS to buy?

Top wireless power bank

Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Battery Pack Portable Wireless Power Bank With USB-A

What you need to know: Not only does this Anker wireless power charge come at a very reasonable price, it offers USB-A and USB-C ports and the ability to give power to wireless charging devices.

What you’ll love: Anker’s PowerCore wireless power bank lineup is simple to use with wirelessly charging devices, and it includes extra USB-A ports, which make it an option to charge with a wired connection.

What you should consider: Some users complained this unit’s USB-C port was only an input for charging the unit itself.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wireless power bank for the money

FOCHEW 15-Watt Portable Wireless Charger With 30,800mAh and USB-C

What you need to know: What sets this wireless charging bank apart from others is its simple digital interface, which displays the power level to which it’s currently charged.

What you’ll love: This model has one of the best ranges of features of any wireless power bank, including the ability to wirelessly charge compatible devices, and its large, brightly-displayed LED interface for keeping track of your charge.

What you should consider: Some buyers complained this unit’s battery life didn’t last quite as long as it claimed it would.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mophie Powerstation PD XL Portable Charging Wireless Power Bank

What you need to know: If you aren’t looking for a power bank with wireless device charging, this simple power bank from Mophie still is wireless and features simple USB-C and USB-A ports.

What you’ll love: This unit features a battery life of up to 23 hours and a total of 10,050mAh while charging to about 50 percent in just half an hour. This model’s simple design is easy to take on the go and can charge devices for long periods of time.

What you should consider: This unit isn’t suitable for those wanting a power bank for wireless charging devices, and needs to be plugged into the charging units to function.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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