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Best camera suction mount

Which camera suction mounts are best?

A good camera suction mount can be leagues better than most other types of camera mounts, simply to the fact that no tools or gunky adhesives are required. You can install most suction mounts anywhere as well, from car dashboards to helmets or perhaps a boat. Not all camera suction mounts work with all cameras, so make sure you’re double-checking for compatibility.

A strong option that works with many different cameras is the Panavise ActionGrip 13130 Double-Knuckle Mount. This is an industrial-quality camera suction mount and, as such, is built to withstand the rigors of the roughest road conditions while staying firmly in place.

What to know before you buy a camera suction mount

Mount material

Camera suction mounts are light enough for maximum versatility but strong enough to hold both the weight of the camera and the weight of the mount itself. Commonly used materials for this purpose are aluminum, anodized zinc, ABS and PC or a composite.

Aluminum: A durable and rust-resistant material, though it is one of the heavier options.

Anodized zinc: Frequently combined with aluminum for extra sturdiness, anodized zinc is incredibly sturdy.

ABS and PC: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polycarbonate are perfect for high-speed activities like boating and biking thanks to their extreme ruggedness.

Composite: A combination of materials designed to find a balance between weight, durability and price.


Not all cameras use the same method of attaching to mounts. Many will use a .25-20-inch mounting screw, but popular cameras like GoPros use their systems for attaching. Some camera suction mounts will include various adapters, while others might include a list of compatible cameras. At the very least, most camera suction mounts will have adapters you can buy separately later on.

What to look for in a quality camera suction mount

Weather resistance

For most camera suction mounts, once a seal has been made, you shouldn’t have to worry about any weather conditions except changing temperatures. Rain and wind, for example, won’t dislodge a good seal, but if the temperature drops, then the material of the seal will be affected, leading to a disconnection. Camera suction cups should include temperature ranges that at which they will remain effective.

Suction cups

The piece of your camera suction mount that does most of the work. Some camera suction mounts use more than one suction cup for greater strength, but that means you’ll need a larger surface area on which to stick them.


Different camera suction mounts have different maximum rotation angles, with the very best offering full 360-degree rotating movement. You might not need full 360-degree rotation, but if you can’t point your camera, the direction you want to point it after it has adhered to your chosen surface, then you’ll wish you had gone with a 360-degree option.

How much you can expect to spend on a camera suction mount

Camera suction mounts are fairly affordable compared to the possible prices of the camera they’re mounting. You can find a low-end camera suction mount for as little as $10, but generally, you’ll want to spend $15-$30 for a solid quality option, while high-end camera suction mounts can get up to around $60.

Camera suction mount FAQ

Can I use my camera suction mount with my helmet?

Generally, camera suction mounts adhere to flat surfaces. However, some camera suction mounts with small-diameter suction cups with strong suction quality can and will stick and remain stuck to helmets. If you’re shopping specifically for sticking to a helmet, keep your focus on the smallest possible suction cups.

How heavy of a camera can the average camera suction mount hold?

Most camera suction mounts can hold cameras weighing between 4 and 10 pounds. However, depending on the specific camera suction mount in question, maximum weight bearing can hit maximums of 30 or more pounds with ease.

Will moistening the suction cup with water help to create a tighter seal?

Water will not help create a tighter seal. It can also lead to weakening the seal if the temperature around the seal and water changes. What does help if you want to strengthen the seal is to use a tiny amount of oil, just enough to dampen the surface.

What’s the best camera suction mount to buy?

Top camera suction mount

Panavise ActionGrip 13130 Double-Knuckle Mount

What you need to know: This industrial, double-knuckle suction camera mount works with almost any camera.

What you’ll love: this camera suction mount also includes a GoPro mount and .25-20-inch tripod mount.

What you should consider: This camera suction mount won’t adhere to a car dashboard due to its textured surfaces, but you can purchase a separate adapter to bypass that fact.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top camera suction mount for the money

iSportgo S30 Suction Mount

What you need to know: This camera suction mount is both incredibly versatile and incredibly affordable.

What you’ll love: Includes five different mounting adapters, which nearly ensures your dashboard camera will attach successfully.

What you should consider: This camera suction mount is meant to work with dashboard cameras instead of action cameras.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Delkin Fat Gecko Mount

What you need to know: This is a perfect camera suction mount for those who need to adjust the angle and height of their mounted camera quickly.

What you’ll love: A full 360-degree tilt and a rotating arm make angling your up to 4-pound camera an easy task.

What you should consider: You must use this camera suction mount on a perfectly flat surface. Otherwise, it will not stay stuck.

Where to buy: Amazon


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