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Yes, Aura Digital Picture Frames are worth the hype

Bring your home decor into the future with these easy-to-use digital picture frames


Photography using traditional film and developing the negatives onto special paper is somewhat of a lost art. But as with most things in the highly-connected era, there comes a time when the physical switches to the digital. While most people use smartphones to take photos, those images don’t go beyond the device and social media. However, Aura digital picture frames make it incredibly easy to showcase your creations. 

Lovingly display your memories

A digital photo frame can easily be classified as one of the gadgets you didn’t know you needed until you started using it. It replaces the need to print out physical photos, frame them and find the perfect spot for them on the mantel. Through a Wi-Fi connection and an accompanying mobile app, you quickly add as many digital photos as you want, and the frame then cycles through them. The BestReviews Testing Lab put some of Aura’s digital frames through their paces and can confirm they are worth the hype.

Best Aura Digital Picture Frames 

Aura Mason Luxe Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

The 9.7-inch digital display has a maximum resolution of 2048 pixels by 1536 pixels, giving you crystal-clear 2K images. Connected to the Aura mobile app through Wi-Fi, you can choose which images from your phone should be displayed. Our tester found it to be the perfect outlet for your photos beyond living on your phone. It brings pictures back into the physical space of your home rather than being another internet-based sharing method. According to the tester, It’s thoughtfully designed, easy to use and understand, and the feature allowing you to add users makes it a perfect gift.

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Aura Mason Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

The Mason is a 9-inch digital frame compatible with Android and iOS devices through the Aura app. You can easily line up photos and videos to shuffle through, and you can share access to the picture frame with others so they can also add photos. According to our tester, this feature makes it the perfect gift for families. However, the tester also notes that the display is glossier than other Aura models, which can be annoying.  

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Aura Carver Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

Coming in four colors to suit your decorative theme, the Carver is the largest digital frame from Aura, giving you a full 10 inches of photographic real estate. It functions similarly to other Aura models, letting you send photos and videos to the frame through the mobile app. It features a color-calibrated HD display, automatic screen brightness and turns off at night. The digital frame, like the others, has a built-in speaker to hear the audio from videos.

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Other Aura Digital Picture Frames to consider

  • You can orient the Aura Smith in portrait or landscape mode, and it has a 9.3-inch 2K display.
  • With a built-in speaker and Photo Match feature, the Aura Carver Luxe has a 1920-pixel by 1200-pixel display.


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