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Best power-cable terminal

Which power-cable terminal is best?

Whether you are a PC enthusiast looking to build your latest overclocked rig, a professional electrician or a small business owner considering automating your processes, there's an excellent chance you are looking into whether power-cable terminals are the best option. Power cable terminals or terminal blocks are insulated, modular boxes that fasten two or more wires together. 

This process creates an electrical connection that is safely grounded while managing network connections, signal and data streams and other electrical needs. Suppose you decide to go with our top pick, MILAPEAK 6 Positions Dual Row 600V 25A Screw Terminal Strip Blocks, in your next electrical project. In that case, you will find that terminating and securing wires is much easier and safer than your previous methods.

What to know before you buy a power-cable terminal

One of the best options for terminating wires

If you are not familiar with terms of electrical construction, power-cable terminals are named due to their use of crimping or soldering electrical wires to terminate the connection and properly direct the flow of electricity. A terminal block or power-cable terminal comprises a long strip containing many electrical conductors or "terminals" that convey power safely between where it is needed and where it originates. As opposed to different methods of arranging electrical circuit components, using power-cable terminals in your project will significantly lower the chances of accident or injury by separating and grounding each element. Furthermore, power-cable terminals provide the user with several testing points for singular components. More advanced versions even offer finger-safe connections to avoid accidental shocks during the installation process.

Designed for enhanced physical performance and easy installation

Since working with potentially dangerous levels of electricity is best left to trained professionals, power-cable terminals allow users to make terminations and connections with little more needed than a standard screwdriver. This simple means of connecting or disconnecting makes problem-solving or upkeep easier by providing a way to determine the issue as quickly as possible. Power cable terminals use copper alloy, which significantly assists the accrual of any corrosion damage due to electrolysis from different kinds of metals interacting in close proximity.

The one major advantage that power-cable terminals have over other means of connecting and terminating electrical cables is copper alloy. This construction method provides several advantages, like fewer instances where wires are loosed on account of mismatched expansion rates since the coefficient of the power-cable terminals and the wires are identical. 

Always exercise caution as power-cable terminals

Power cable terminals are valued for their ease of installation because a connection can be created by just bending the electrical wire into place around your desired terminal. However, users should note that power-cable terminals could have wires dislodged from their correct location due to heavy vibrations or repeated jostling, even if the wires have been soldered into place.

What to look for in a quality power-cable terminal

Removable protective coverings 

For those who are unaware, a single shock of significant strength is all that is required to send your heart into a possibly fatal arrhythmia which can lead to strokes, heart attacks, fainting and even death from cardiac arrest. If an exposed wire has zapped you, you are aware of just how painful and even deadly such incidents can become. The best power-cable terminals incorporate protective plastic coverings which can be screwed in place to prevent accidents from occurring, as opposed to leaving wiring exposed to elements and any potential human error.


The last thing you need or want is a power-cable terminal to start becoming stripped or broken following a few strong rotations of a screwdriver. This fact is especially true if you are wiring an electrical circuit, which can be a dangerous and delicate activity at the best of times. 

Before you begin your project, it pays to ensure that any power-cable terminals you plan on using have flame-retardant materials like copper clad in nickel. Besides being more resistant against oxidation or rust and corrosion, higher quality materials let you rest easy, knowing that your screw will bite firmly on the wire and hold fast without worrying about causing accidental damage to the unit.

Ease of use

A power-cable terminal strip provides users with a straightforward method of creating an effective electrical circuit, rather than dealing with a tangle of clustered battery terminals and wires. All you need give a couple of twists of your screwdriver to render the wire stripped bare and wrapped around your pressure washer to secure the connection.

Furthermore, you can connect individual power-cable terminals with a pair of screws for a simple installation, making whatever project you happen to be working on that much easier. Since power-cable terminals have a wide variety of applications, it's up to you to decide whether your project would benefit from as many connections as your terminal allows or if a single electrical current through a row of connections would be best.

How much you can expect to spend on a power-cable terminal cost

Since you can use them in numerous applications across a spectrum of industries, power-cable terminals can cost $10-$15, making them a great value.

Power-cable terminal FAQ

What kind of projects can a power-cable terminal accomplish?

A. You can use power cable terminals for projects ranging from customized gaming PC to an upgraded sound system for your vehicle to home improvements and many other options. Since power-cable terminals are employed by many businesses, homeowners and corporations, the only limits are your skills and budgets.

What do you need to know about power-cable terminals capabilities?

A. Current and voltage requirements will need to be calculated along with the overall number of separate circuits, any physical distances between said circuits and the unit's capabilities to prevent damaging electrical surges and reduce heat overall.

What's the best power-cable terminal to buy?

Top power-cable terminal

MILAPEAK 6 Positions Dual Row 600V 25A Screw Terminal Strip Blocks with Cover

What you need to know: This is a great unit that works as expected in a variety of applications.

What you'll love: This option uses heavy-duty materials in its construction, an easy installation process and great safety features.

What you should consider: Some users have reported issues with amperage and cheap screws provided with the unit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top power-cable terminal for the money

Aigreat Compact Wire Conductor Connector

What you need to know: This is a great set of connectors for any automotive wiring project.

What you'll love: Each terminal features a connection detector for ease of use and works with both solid and flexible wires.

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with the lever blade not allowing easy connection of multiple wires simultaneously.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

GTSE 12 Way 5-32 Amp Electrical Connector Block

What you need to know: This is a fantastic universal connector for almost every kind of cable amperage and usage.

What you'll love: Each terminal is self-isolating for wiring purposes and can operate between 5 and 176 degrees.

What you should consider: Users have reported damage from screw pressure and screw heads being malformed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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