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Best cable cover

Which cable cover is best?

Cable covers offer varying levels of protection for electrical cords and wires. Depending on what you need to cover a cable from, the level of protection needed will differ. If you need to cover or organize a large number of cables in the same area, there are also cable management boxes suited to such a task.

If you want an adaptable cable cover system to direct and protect your cords indoors, the top choice is the A+ ELECTRICS 315-inch Cord Cover + 32 Pcs Connectors. It has a variety of connectors that allow users to direct cords through an indoor environment and make them completely safe for children and pets.

What to know before you buy a cable cover

Do you need to protect your cables?

There are cable covers and protection systems designed to keep cords safe. There are also simple mesh tubes or cable organizational devices that do not offer additional protection for your cables but make it easier to organize and manage all your devices. 

In what kind of environment is the cable located?

If a cable or wire can be tucked behind furniture, a desk or other objects, you may not need a cable cover. If your cable needs to cross a room or is in a space that is occupied by lots of people, children or pets, then a cable cover might be crucial for maintaining the integrity of your cords. If a cable needs to be in an environment with kids and animals, it could also be potentially unsafe for them if a cable is not tucked away securely. 

How much protection do you need?

Many cable covers will prevent accidental damage and keep cables organized, but if you need serious protection on an extension cable in the outdoors or an environment with heavy machinery, not just any cable cover will work. Industrial cable protectors that can hold up to vehicles and machinery rolling over the top can be useful in specific situations. Most people will probably not need that sort of cable cover for general use in the home or office, however.

What to look for in a quality cable cover


The important size measurement for a cable cover is not only the length that it can span. The number of cables that fit inside a cable cover is also very important. If you have a device like a PC or TV that has many different cables connected at any given time, it is important that your cable cover can safely hold all of the different cords in place.


Some cable covers are only intended to protect a singular extension cord or a cord bundle that moves from point A to point B. If your electronic setup is unusual at all, or just requires a different type of cable management than the generic designs available, you need a cable cover that can adapt to your setup. 

The best cable covers provide users with the tools to adjust and design their own cable cover system that will work for their electronics specifically. One size fits all is not the optimal design choice when it comes to cables.


Cable covers should provide the amount of protection required for a given environment. There is a huge difference between cable covers safe for indoor use and industrial level covers, but the best option is the one that works well for your space. Consider what type of cable cover would work best for your devices and cable layout, because there are many different options.

How much you can expect to spend on a cable cover

For under $20, you can find simple cord covers for up to several feet in length. For longer cable covers and industrial strength protection, expect to spend over $50.

Cable cover FAQ

What if my electrical cables get hot?

A. If your cables give off a lot of heat, it is important that cable covers are able to safely contain the cord without becoming a fire hazard. Consider that thick plastic and rubber may not be a fire hazard, but ventilation is important too. If your cables get hot, it is important that you keep the area well ventilated and limit the heat as much as possible. Cable covers may help to protect cords from the outside world, but they can still be damaged if they overheat.

Can cable covers keep kids and animals safe from electrical cords?

A. It depends on the situation. Placing a cable cover or cable management box over loose cords will prevent them from being easily accessed. Remember that an outlet being exposed is likely more of a danger to children and pets than a sealed cable, though. If you need to completely childproof your electronic setup, it will require more than a simple cover on the wires, but a cable cover is a good place to start.

What’s the best cable cover to buy?

Top cable cover

A+ ELECTRICS 315-inch Cord Cover + 32 Pcs Connectors

What you need to know: This adaptable and affordable cable cover system serves as indoor protection and organization for people with chaotic cables.

What you’ll love: The kit comes with enough plastic cable covering to span up to a 315-inch distance. The cable cover can be easily cut to any desired length. The cover is self-adhesive, so you can pull off the tape and stick it onto almost any surface. The kit features five different types of connectors to piece together a unique cable covering system that adapts to varying indoor environments. The cover locking system also allows it to be secured to walls and the ceiling if cables need to be directed over longer distances.

What you should consider: The cover is only large enough to house about four cables at the same time and it will take some work to set up the cable covering system.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cable cover for the money

Hikig Cable Management Sleeve

What you need to know: This affordable cable management sleeve zips all of your cords into one secure bundle, ideal for organizing computer and TV cables.

What you’ll love: It is 19.5 inches long and zips open and closed for easy access to wires. Each kit comes with four sleeves made of durable nylon material that is waterproof and dustproof. The cover is flexible and easily adjusted. If some cables need to exit the management system in different locations, users can easily cut small holes for those individual cables.

What you should consider: Some users have had issues with the zipper. The soft design of the cover means that it will slide around a little bit and it cannot hold cables up against a wall or vertical surface because it has no adhesive ability.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

D-Line Floor Cord Cover

What you need to know: This cable cover protects cords that need to run across the floor and lets users link as many pieces together as needed to cover large distances indoors.

What you’ll love: It comes in three colors and two lengths: 6 feet and 30 feet. The cable cover can be cut to adjust to varying spaces. The cover keeps cords contained and prevents tripping hazards, allowing cables to safely run across whole rooms and stay safe in high foot-traffic areas. It does not require tape or adhesive of any kind to remain stable and secure on a flat floor.

What you should consider: It can hold up to people stepping on the cable cover and basic wear and tear, but it is not intended for extremely heavy industrial equipment. It can only cover cables in a straight path.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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